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Independent trainings: how to follow safety rules?

Many independently training people do not pay due attention to observance of safety measures. By the way, not only the concept of correctly carried out exercise, and also the choice of a suit, time and the place of occupation, duration and degree of loading enters here.

The neglect, apparently, simple things, can put out of action for several months. And it is good if simply refusal of full trainings. And if - a work truancy, holiday loss?

So that the people who are independently training for themselves, “for health“ need to remember and observe when trainings.

1. Pass medical examination . Periodic medical examination will help you to know an exact condition of the health and to prevent development of any sort of prepathological states. Do not train sick, tired or after active “rest“ with alcohol acceptance. If you train in the morning, drink at first a half-glass of hot tea and eat cookies. It will renew uglevodno - a power stock in an organism. Regularly measure the heart rate (pulse). Normal rate of pulse of the healthy adult of about 60 - 80 beats per minute at rest. When performing exercises try not to lead up it over 150 beats per minute. And limit when performing loadings it is better to check your individual optimum frequency at the doctor.

2. Before each training surely of you do careful warm-up . As they say, “warm-up without training, than training without warm-up is better“. The general warm-up at the beginning of training including various moves, inclinations which are dragging out exercises will warm muscles, will increase elasticity of sheaves and sinews and will prepare an organism for work. Besides, before each exercise special warm-up has to be done. At the end of training, by especially evening, it is necessary to do hitch, breathing exercises on relaxation, an extension.

3. Carefully control technology of performance of exercise . For example, when trainings with weights at development of any new exercise surely begin with the weight which will allow you to execute not less than 20 repetitions in approach. You do not hurry to increase working weight. When learning blows do not beat at once at full capacity. When learning a difficult element of a break, parkour use safety mats and protection in the form of kneecaps, etc. Surely you ask the instructor (expert) to check technology of performance of exercise. Further you will be able to carry out it independently. Owing to not developed intermuscular coordination at development of new exercises there can be injuries, first of all, stretchings and ruptures of muscles, sheaves, sinews.

4. Observe the correct technique of trainings . Ask to develop it especially for you or use already ready program for beginners. In the latter case the program has to be developed and recommended by sports experts in sports editions (textbooks, magazines). Observe the principle of sequence and gradualness in building of loadings. Even if you feel that you can lift bigger weight, it is more kilometers run - do not force an event, you do not pursue result, tomorrow to you still to get out of a bed and to go to work or study. It is unlikely your administration will estimate your gait, as at Buratino. Incorrect selection of exercises, without a state of health, too hasty admission to renewal of occupations after the postponed disease or a trauma - a right way to a trauma or its recurrence at more serious level.

5. Do not do risky exercises alone . When performing a number of exercises of acrobatic character or exercises with heavy scales surely use the help of insuring. Only the skilled, able to insure correctly partner or the instructor has to carry out an insurance.

6. Observe an order . At occupations with weights do not scatter disks and dumbbells. When performing exercise put a shell into place. Sorting the bar standing on racks, remove disks alternately (one disk on the one hand, then - one from another). Otherwise the disks which remained on one end of a bar will move a signature stamp and will lead to a turning and falling of a bar.

7. Observe hygiene . Train in convenient replaceable sportswear and footwear which at once after training needs to be removed not to catch a cold in crude clothes and not to cause irritation of skin. The good sportswear should not rub skin, hinder the free movements. Also after training it is necessary to take a shower and to be rubbed off dry by a towel. It is necessary to erase a form at least every two weeks. It is necessary to train in well aired light rooms. On the street it is necessary to train far from the carriageway, productions - in park, the wood, the field. On the platform there should not be a garbage, beaten glass, etc.

8. Time of occupations . It is not necessary to give to an organism in the morning big loading as heart is not ready yet and can not sustain. If to do jogs, then it is no more than 2 km at quiet speed. It is necessary to train or for an hour to food, or in 2 hours after food. At combination of sport with study or work no more than three are optimum to train - four times a week for 1 - 2 hour. To sleep not less than 8 hours a day, there are not less than three times. Evening trainings have to take place in 4 hours prior to a dream.

Successful to you trainings!