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How to make the stuffed tomatoes? A kiss of the leaving summer of

Lyrical digression which has no relation to actually recipe.

Has to admit to you, friends that I perfectly understand and I realize that my lyrical digressions cause very notable loss to my materials. That to advance them, it is necessary to announce new subjects, and the summary of a subject is, as a rule, the first several lines of the main text. Behind an example far it is not necessary to go - these first several lines of my post about the stuffed tomatoes begin vast reasonings on harmful tendency of your obedient servant to begin the description even of the simplest recipe with abstract, though distinguished - lyrical, retreats. What relation it has to the stuffed tomatoes?!

Of course, not everything is as simple as it seems at first sight. And all my retreats - introductions have deep internal communications with the main subject which does not allow to open to me, alas, a format of this edition (in other words - if I begin to prattle on this subject, then you will definitely not wait today for the recipe).

And here in the introduction I only wanted to explain why I so late rushed to submit the recipe of the stuffed tomatoes. All the matter is that, it seems to me, especially in this season, there were so many recipes of everything stuffed that to me with the wrinkled tomatoes moreover and with a suspicious fish smell, somehow and there was no place to be stuck. Nevertheless, I do not know, maybe, where passed, but the similar recipe did not get to me. It is also that main reason for which I represent the masterpiece with some delay.

And I will write all - with lyrical digressions, even let at a loss to myself, but is not dull. To me it is simple differently and uninteresting. There now, safely also the tomatoes stuffed with seafood , so in a basis - fish reached

the recipe

us by

U. Or fish with shrimps. Fish, is more faithful than her to fillet, practically any will approach - it is possible a modest hake, of course, even better than an overseas halibut. However, the salmon will approach too.

Take grams 300 - 400 such fillets and cut on small pieces - 121 cm, salt, pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil. Put in a plate and let`s stay at rest half an hour.

Small cut 2 - 3 bulbs and fry on olive oil. Add a pinch of a polished root of ginger to onions. While onions with ginger are fried, we are engaged in tomatoes. We cut off 揵ottom of tomato and accurately we choose as a spoon interiors which we put in a separate plate (they will be useful to us).

While you pottered with tomatoes, onions reached the necessary standard and time to add those tomato interiors came. Except them, we will add also spice - half a teaspoon of black pepper, a quarter of the same spoon of a curry, salt (adjust to the taste) and two teaspoons of sugar. Let it is extinguished until sauce thickens.

A half-glass of rice to wash out and weld. To weld - means, it has to be dampish, inside grain has to remain dense. And when sauce will reach readiness, to add to it rice, to mix, clean from fire and to put to cool down.

We will mix the cooled-down rice with already tired to wait marinated fillet, two egg yolks and small cut parsley greens (the full handful will be just right). At last, we will fill with this mix tomatoes. Let`s lay them on a baking sheet and we will send to an oven for 30 - 40 minutes, with a temperature of 180 - 200 degrees. the Kind parting word to adherents

in conclusion I want to add

: have not complex, safely experiment with different seafood, create different combinations of spices, and you will find the, unique recipe.

Perhaps it will be pleasant only to you any more to nobody, but what difference, the main thing that it was pleasant to you. As one hero spoke - at first think of yourself, and then of Russia.