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How to marry the prince?

the question Specified in heading a female half of mankind begins to suffer literally since that moment as it begins to realize accurately the belonging to this half. Also these torments only on the deathbed when already, generally, all all the same who to what half of mankind treats come to an end.

To answer a question, it is necessary to understand others at first.

- Whom to consider as the prince?

If only the person of officially recognized royal family, then princes in the world on fingers can be counted. Chances the spouse of such prince to become so insignificant that you should not spend precious minutes of life for searches.

And what else princes are? Anyway all other princes are associated with success in some area. In certain cases the success belongs not to them, and parents. Such it is better to sweep aside at once. It is pleasant to spend money of ancestors, of course, but princes who can comfortably live all life, anything without doing, it is not much more princes of royal blood. Too unrealistic option. And it is possible to go mad near the husband who is not busy.

The princes who achieved success independently see each other the most suitable. Most often it at them turns out by means of parents, but what bad that in a family all are amicable and help each other? Eventually, if you are going to become the member of such family, then it is possible to count on the similar relation.

We turn to the following question.

- Why to marry the prince? Also we will in passing consider a question and why princes marry?

of People, already risen in a rank of the prince, a lot of things are able to afford. As sadly to hear it much, but when the material issue is resolved, to care the easiest for soul. Petty vanity, housing problems and t does not distract from high thoughts and feelings. etc. of

the Prince can choose by to himself in the wife that woman who is necessary to it. It has a choice, there are enough persons interested in marriage for it. Remember the fairy tale “Cinderella“: only reported about shows - the full palace of persons interested jammed. The prince, absolutely precisely, does not wish to take in the wife that which only his financial position and advantages which can be taken from this interests. We draw a conclusion that the princess for whom high feelings as financial issues at it already too are resolved are important can be worthy couple to the prince.

In general, somehow itself most it is meant that the prince has to marry the princess. Happened, of course, in the history of an exception. But in general hardly it is represented how the peasant even if very pretty and with exclusively kind soul, looked on a ball with foreign ambassadors. She, of course, both was dressed up, and brushed and here fashionable she was not trained in dances and foreign did not know words! In fairy tales usually do not tell about how further happy life of such couple specifically proceeded.

It is no secret that many modern princes marry peasants to have free servants. And the peasant agrees if only to the remote village not to come back. The prince - on balls where princesses, so far the wife conducts economy on its money, and therefore keeps mum. Such option suits you? Is not present? Means, then in the wife of the prince it is necessary to apply in the rank of the princess who needs to become until acquaintance. The prince, he has to realize accurately that to it happiness privalit that he met such princess. From the moment of acquaintance already the prince has to make efforts that to marry this princess!

So how to marry the prince? As a result of so long reflections we come to a conclusion. You want in marriage for the prince - look in a mirror and estimate whether you pull on the princess? And here is how it to become is already another story altogether and a subject for article which teachers of various useful sciences, the stylist, the cosmetologist, the fitness instructor and couple more of experts have to write through joint efforts.