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Autumn transformation or How to make toilet in 14 days?

There now it also rushed into our life... Unpredictable and whimsical, sometimes rainy and rainy, and times warm and gentle, and at the same time incredibly beautiful. She is a Her Majesty Ledi Gold - Indian summer...

“Ah and... - will tell many. - Time sated with depressiveness and a dullness, what here transformation began?“ And, strangely enough, will be mistaken. So it was moved that we seek to make toilet in the spring, and in the fall we are overcome by the mother - laziness, well and to despondency indulge somehow more often. And in the fall our organism is completely prepared for fully to change and turn our appearance into real “candy“. Also it is required to us for this purpose neither more nor less, and 14 days, plus performance of absolutely simple and pleasant nine steps of our program. You do not trust? I am ready to convince you of the return. So, we will begin.

For anybody not a secret that in the fall we do not test absolutely any lack of the vitamins which are skillfully hidden by the mother - the nature in juicy berries, fragrant fruit and tasty vegetables. A sin not to seize this opportunity: if on your table these delicacies become “highlight of the program“ - the first step to your autumn transformation is already taken. And if since the morning you present to the organism a draft of not refined olive oil, having washed down it with a glass of clear water - you already implement the second clause of our program.

You love walks on foot on the autumn streets which are generously covered it is yellow - crimson foliage? You adore inhaling blissful aromas of autumn park? I will please you: the third point of our program will be pleasant to you especially! 14 days in a row, despite of weather and attacks of laziness, are obligatory at least 1 - hour walks! When it occurs - not very well: whether in the morning, on the way for work, in a lunch break, in the evening - the main thing that such walks became to you a habit. So prepare convenient waterproof footwear, a plashchik and an umbrella - they will become your indispensable satellites soon.

Now let`s glance in your refrigerator. You love yogurts? It`s cool! Eat to yourself on health, and at the same time and implement the fourth clause of our program under the name “Yogurtovo - Fruit Masks“: a half of a glass of yogurt is safely eaten, and we add any fruit to the soulmate - berries which at you will appear near at hand, properly we mix this mix and we use as a face pack and a neck. Such masks can be done every other day, there would be a desire!

Under the fifth turn of the programme I offer Onions Miracle masks. Yes, quite so. In the fall this wonderful vegetable is capable to make miracles, turning our skin into real “peach“! So, we take an onion, we crush it in the blender or we rub on a grater and we act, according to requirements of our skin. If it at you dry, then we add a little cream and a crude yolk of egg taken in proportions 1:1 to onions gruel. If your skin rather fat, than dry, then you need to add the beaten egg white to a bulb. There is also a universal recipe of an onions mask all-type skin and for all age: we add a honey spoon to the crushed onions, carefully we mix - and on the person. To put these a miracle - mixes for 15 - 20 minutes then to wash away cool water.

The sixth hang-up of the program of beauty carries the name “Rejuvenating Apples“. Autumn apples are urged to help us to look faultlessly! So, as well as in a case with onions, we crush apple. For the mask intended to dry skin we add a yolk, sour cream and a droplet of vegetable oil; for fat - the egg white beaten with lemon juice. If your skin is obviously dehydrated - the mask from simple apple gruel left on skin for 20 minutes will help.

In the fall often our lips suffer: are weather-beaten, shelled and “are unpleasantly pulled together“. Will help again - apples. Wipe lips with a svezhesrezanny piece of apple - and problems will be solved in the shortest terms.

At happy number seven at us vinogradik - it is that much on our tables till latest fall. And grapes are excellent antioxidant, and regular masks from grape juice will serve as essential help to expensive creams and serums.

There now also the eighth point of the program came, and it is devoted to our precious body. Throughout all hot summer our skin repeatedly was exposed to influence of an ultraviolet, lost moisture, became covered by pigmentary specks... Why not to help it to be restored? For this purpose we will take ground coffee in a palm, we will add a little heavy cream - and we will receive super - a srub which, in turn, not only will humidify and will help to peel the horny skin particles, but also will give to a body an attractive golden shade.

Well, I think of advantages of the healthy lifestyle excluding smoking, abuse of coffee, sweets and alcohol, you also know. This way of life very much is useful to you for successful performance by ours of “The autumn program“.

And finally about the ninth point. It would seem, the simplest, but sometimes and the most difficult. This your good mood. Look for a positive in all events: leaves fall - it is beautiful; the rain drips - it is romantic and so on and so forth. Do not forget that, except external beauty, there is beauty internal which you will not forge in any way and you will not tint!

I adore fall and I assure you - this is time so bright and fine, as well as spring! Be beautiful and surely happy, and the program of transformation read by you by all means will help with it.