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How we treat the body? I want to discuss

Today with you why the body sometimes so persistently resists to give kilograms, superfluous in our opinion.

By world psychology it is proved for a long time that all our feelings, emotions, experiences are reflected in features of our mimicry, corporal clips, habitual pains, shapes of a body … The less we are able to live the feelings in process of their emergence, to direct the negative emotions - fear, the anger, offense - to the one who causes them - the more than such incomplete situations and actions collects in a body … As a rule in the form of diseases … Often - in the form of excess fat … And ours “to get rid of excess weight“ often (in unconscious) bears still idea of dumping of the collected incomplete negative. As to fall in love with the body and to become more harmonous?

To achieve it only by mechanical methods - reducing food, exhausting a body with excessive trainings, etc. - it to drive our body - and mentality - into a bigger stress … There is healthier and sparing method - together with the program of improvement of corporal forms to begin to master the program of sincere healing. To try to finish “here and now“ traumatic situations which traces spoil our symmetry and beauty. It is, of course, work. Sometimes long … But pleasing with the results.

The way to itself can be begun with recognition that my body is I! I love the body. I respect requirements of the body. I am grateful to the body for its honest work. If I want that my body changed - I validly ask it about it. I encourage the body every time when it obeys me. I with understanding and sympathy treat its resistance. Resistance of my body - a clue of my development. As all this to begin to realize


1. Every morning, standing in front of the mirror, we pronounce aloud or written by me above, or the text - but without NOT prefixes which unconscious are ignored.

2. We feed a body on his biological requirement.

3. We work with the fears, emotions, incomplete traumatic situations - as independently, and with the professional help to resist draft “to jam“ all above-mentioned.

So why our body sometimes so persistently resists to give saved up?

the View of the ordinary average woman of the body - on materials of researches of the American psychologists - otsenochno - critically - dissatisfied. When we look at ourselves in a mirror, in most cases we are busy with calculation of wrinkles, folds, hillocks, hairs, etc.

And when we begin to use the efforts that to improve the body in compliance with the tastes (which usually are a remark of tastes of society), our discontent increases in degree … “As it so?! - we hiss on a body, standing in the morning on scales. - I at the price of huge efforts refused yesterday a dinner, and the shooter of scales on the former place???!!!“ Etc., and t. p …

Imagine such situation for a minute: you work at a limit of the opportunities, try, give all the best every day “on full“, and your chief constantly is dissatisfied with you. Instead of - though occasionally - to praise you, to encourage, thank, it constantly increases turns of the requirements, compares you to Claudia Petrovna from planned which has all “perfectly well“, and here at you … You count on an award - and he fines you in any, most trifling occasion. At the same time “incredibly“ operates, neglecting your needs for good rest. I think, each of you is what to add to such picture … Long you in such mode will stretch

? And how you will treat such chief? I think that degree of your resistance to such relation will be directly proportional to its pressure upon you …

I Hope that this sketch to you which - that reminds. If you and the truth treat the body in a different way - very much is glad for you! But for those who approached this line having reflected... We go further.

When comes alienation from the body?

It seems that at many of us - in the early childhood. When parents often swear, for example: “Dirty creature!“ or “Look how you look! All children as children, and you …!!!“ When we are driven at the slightest pretext into shame. The shame is a feeling which appears at the message from the significant adult: “You - another! To a sheetrock, more dirty, more silly, urodlivy, less perfect, than we“ the Shame does the person lonely: here they - such perfect, and here I - such disgusting … How to a small being to cope with it? One of ways - internally to be alienated from a body which creates all this outrage. And to a body what to do? To contract, stoop, hide under a grease layer … And to be consoled in something tasty … And alone, secretly from an eye of Omniscience of the adult …

A when we grow up, often we copy behavior and installations of the parents in the attitude towards ourselves. For example, in the relation to a body. The body and so has not enough chances to please us with the perfection - standards of corporal perfection, painfully perverted, far from physiological norm, in modern society … And here also a children`s habit to be ashamed of the body, to punish it, to ignore his requirements … But the body is I! Means, we are ashamed and we ignore ourselves? Similar to that …

How to agree with the resistance to changes?

How to leave this circle? Step by step, restoring the internal communications crumpled by education and pressure of “ideal standards“ spiritual and corporal. On our culture, even to touch itself once again it is similar to a perversion. And touches are necessary for a body … Through them communication and unity with soul, with by itself …

Here is reestablished that can precisely be done without shame for “perversions“ - to buy a manual masseur - or as a two-handled bast, or “handheld“ - both in the morning and in the evening of to mass. Sentencing about itself: “I am a beauty, I am a clear head what legs at me, a tummy, handles, etc.“ if you have children - remember how you with them in their infancy cooed - here also now and with yourself.

And still - under a shower, on a bast - a fragrant mylets - and the tender movements, carefully, with love … And still it is possible to connect imagination and to represent how water washes away all superfluous - up to fatty accumulation of which the body so is eager to get rid …

Well and cream, of course … We are smeared and represent how comes back - or is confirmed - elasticity, a muscular tone, we form that body which so we want.

Be ready to meet resistance. With the fact that there will be enough “enthusiasm“ a maximum for about five days then everything will try to return into place. And it - is normal! You the body generally ignored all life and shamed, it got used to your treachery and “arrivals“ - and what you want “guide for few weeks bridges“ and to receive forgiveness for years of treachery? Well, it hardly … Treat also resistance with understanding … Make a pause … Only without grumble and charges … With sympathy and acceptance … You in a mirror at least few times in day look? Just smile to yourself or wink, or somehow still let know that you - are uniform …

Every time, being risen to themselves with care, love, a bast, a masseur or cream, you remember that you are free at any time these “advances“ to stop and become themselves again the severe judge and the rejecting, strict appraiser. Over time you will precisely orient that it is more pleasant and more useful to you.

And here still that in the help: any habit can be created in 40 days - the fact proved by psychological science. The choice - it is always yours …