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By what dish Hungarians meet New year?

Tell, in the classical cookbook of Elena Molokhovets (1861 of the edition) only four lentil dishes. In total - navsy.

What you will tell here? Yes only what was not in a century of the Internet before last. Was not! And now is. Here and all narration.

Somehow wrote about this lentil. And the people read and as let`s share with me... The. The most intimate. Recipes lentil. And so much they appeared!

If to gather everything, to process a little, to group - so quite will be enough for a good weighty small volume of average thickness. And if to add step-by-step illustrations to each recipe And on full lentil collected works it is possible to threaten. In several volumes.

One of those recipes that did not enter future cookbook yet, from Hungary sent me. And together with it and an interesting story. Which I also am going to tell today.

It appears, lentil in Hungary is held not only the deserved respect, but also general love. For Hungarians it not just bean plant, but the national mascot bringing wealth and prosperity under each Hungarian roof. Therefore also the relation to lentil in Hungary special.

In this country not to find the house where on New Year`s Eve there would be no lentil dish on a table. In any case house! Even if New year meets in the public place - in cafe, restaurant, then right after beat off hours the requiem to the expiring year, and all hall in a uniform rush will rise and will execute the national anthem

Here right after it whatever super - the puper - respectable was restaurant, waiters, even without asking - whether there was the corresponding order or not, begin to carry on all tables the same equally modest dish. Lentil with smoked sausages. Which nobody ever refuses. The Hungarian has even such thoughts does not arise. Yes as it is possible? Most to refuse own happiness?!

The special New Year`s lentil dish - lunch fyyuzelek - without fail has to stand on each Hungarian table.

Not only children, but also adults - all trust: as you will meet New year, so it will go further, will run, there will go the traditional engine behind which only once in four years 366 days - cars, and all rest of the time - standard 365.

Hungarians - not an exception. They trust too. In that, for example, that in your personal pocket in the come New year will be at least (!) as much gold how many lentil grains lie at you on a plate right after midnight. What you will celebrate a holiday by, he also will present you with that. One in one.

Here also they cook lentil. Each New year. Perhaps and to us to risk? I do not know to whom as, and personally to me, even a two-three gold, and they are will not prevent.

As? We cook?!

Then it is desirable that for New Year`s lunch fyyuzelek near at hand were:

of half a kilo of lentil, gram of the 300th smoked ham or gammon, one average lukovichka, couple of garlic gloves, grams on the 30th sour creams and sugar, on couple of tablespoons of pork fat and flour, one - mustard, 2 - 3 bay leaves and a teaspoon of a sweet (fragrant) paprika. Salt and vinegar, naturally, - to taste.

First of all we cook lentil. With bay leaf and the ham cut with small cubes. Or gammon. It is desirable - smoked. But For the lack of stamp, it is possible to manage also usual, not smoked option of these meat products. Or to take smoked ribs in an equivalent. It is clear, this derogation from classics. Especially, you will not cut ribs with cubes. But, I think, Hungarians for that will not take offense at us. Well, and if gold in our pockets is slightly less, than lentil grains on a plate Anything, in principle terrible. If only they were. Not in quantity happiness. And even not in money.

We cook lentil to readiness.

For now it gurgles in a saucepan, slowly talking to itself, small - small we cut onions. Behind it in the same way - garlic. I We postpone them away. Time of onions and garlic did not come yet.

It will come when we rantash make . And for this purpose, first of all, we warm pork fat on a frying pan. Pork, pork Did not forget yet that broad application at heat treatment of products of fat of an animal origin - one of characteristics of Hungarian cuisine?

Warmed pork fat, we put in it couple of tablespoons of flour without top and we fry thoroughly it till golden color. Then we disconnect fire under a frying pan and we pour in it in cold water, stirring slowly with flour (that lumps were not formed!) and parting it to a consistence of dense sour cream. Everything, rantash - the flour fried on fat and divorced cold water or milk - it is ready.

We add to it the cut onions, garlic, and, carefully stirring slowly with lentil, we spread all contents of a frying pan in a pan. By plus it is put in it sour cream, a paprika and as liquid will begin to boil, we cook even minutes five. Then sugar, mustard and vinegar have to get to a pan with lentil (or lemon juice). And as will get, liquid needs to give chance to begin to boil still razik. And right after it fire under the container with already almost ready lentil can be disconnected. And I observe to give the chance still of a half-hour to potomitsya under a cover.

After that lentil is really ready. Finally and irrevocably. If the dish turns out quite dense, and so it - without habit, will not fill a hand and an eye yet, - quite often and happens, at the very end of process of preparation in a pan it is possible to add a little water and once again lentil to boil. Nothing terrible in it will be.

It is much more terrible if you forget about smoked sausages. They - indispensable attribute lunch fyyuzelek.

How, did not forget? Then, while lentil pines, we boil them - and:

- The place on a table for a traditional Hungarian New Year`s dish!

That in the coming year at everyone in a pocket was as much gold how many lentil grains at it in a plate at once after midnight