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Whether there is in life a Truth? Arguing on phenomenology of

How to live if to take for an axiom that there is no truth about the World surrounding me and about Another - and what reality - and washing, and Another - it is given only in my feelings / emotions / meanings? Which I also try “to issue“ the life experience? Here, it seems to me, in attempts to orient “who I am what I who all these people“ come to the forefront qualities of contact - with themselves, with my environment, with the world …

A what is the truth? The knowledge it it … fixed, once and for all established. Which is irrespective of my feelings at present … For which it is possible to be taken, as for an anchor buoy if suddenly covers“ with fear and uncertainty.

If there is no truth - what to me to hold in this life? It turns out that generally for. I become the center of the Universe. Which is inhabited by phenomena of my consciousness. Alone somehow at once … But it is it seems transferable.

What in itself to hold - that? For the feelings, emotions, representations, projections. Only instead of habitual “I know that you - such, and you - such“ to speak: “When you tell it to me - do so or so, I feel (I see, I hear) you by it“. It is honest. And it is valid can well support. If there is a lot of trust to itself. If you feel it … strong, perhaps … Steady.

Knowledge which for a profession of the psychologist you collect at such approach instead of yours “the firm basis“ become one of possible ways to be guided. For example, knowledge of psychiatric symptoms / syndromes / diagnoses or psychoanalytic approaches, or geshtaltistky.

But the main criterion of mental health - “adequate testing of reality“, becomes undependable … As there is no truth, identical to all, about reality - at everyone reality - the.

And to the forefront there is an opportunity to rely on quality of my contact with itself and with the world.

Reality - what occurs on contact border. Border phenomena - what is given me in feelings. And my reality - with what meanings I allocate these phenomena. And meanings are formed of memoirs, imaginations, steady representations, my actual “on now“ hunger …

I then therapy of contact is a supervision over a meeting or joint “life“ of people with different meanings and behind attempts and ways of their interaction. The one who observes (psychologist) is also a direct participant. Likely, for this reason he receives money here. Because to watch itself / contact client / development of the situation, to make decisions that to introduce in contact and what to hold, at the same time to remain - whenever possible - live and included in the events “between“, to realize that what you now about the client know it is material of your projections, to accept the client on - opportunities bezotsenochno is much … It is sure, the list can be continued for a long time … Supervision is possible

only in the presence of the borders.

What helps to feel border? Understanding of the reactions. Yes, at the time of reaction you all here, in a situation. But already at the next moment you - again as separate “I“. With the sense - as you reacted. And why. And with attentive interest in reaction of Another, to its ways of perception.

There is a lot of temptation “to feed“ Another with the meanings. Especially in psychological consultation. Often at the client on a surface - request for change of (read: correction of habitual ways of perception of and world). From which he suffers now. Or thinks what suffers. And here to the psychologist the easiest “on - fast“ to try to him to change lenses in “points“. For example, “always“ short-sightedness to make it “though sometimes“ far-sightedness. Well or to soften somehow shades, intolerable for it, to expand a point of view. To change color of the filter. To rent the points eventually. For very modest remuneration …

I for the client such interaction very habitual. Parental “points“ morally became outdated - here, we change on “psychological“ … is good

At such frame if the client everything is is on friendly terms with the acceptance / rejection and though partly, but chooses from proposals of the psychologist … That suits it and that - “in a garden“.

And here is how all - to the psychologist in this contact to abstain from such … fatal offers to the client? From attempts “to organize“ his life? To make to the client “as it is better“? And for what reason what is offered by the psychologist - better? If there is no Truth -? And there is a meeting of two equivalent and equivalent Universes?

And here I rest against quality, very difficult for me. Quality just to be. Yes, near Another. Yes, at therapeutic o`clock it seems as “at the disposal of Another“. But with all the feelings, reactions, meanings and values. With attention to Another. To its world. In attempt to live this time in contact with each other. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes - very difficult.

And if trust and safety “between“ already enough to try to feel taste of the habitual impressions slightly - slightly in a different way. To see the world in a new way … To hear a new note in a melody of the “worn-out“ stories …

Withdrawal from the “fixed“ truth - about itself, about Others, about the World is, first of all, expansion of opportunities to meet life every time in a new way. Relying on trust to itself. On interest in what now occurs.

New - always frightens and strains. But if I feel enough trust to myself in a new situation - these tension and alarm become such … quite feasible. And their energy - in combination with curiosity and an anticipation - gives me an opportunity to live a situation in a different way … Having left slightly - slightly aside the habitual meanings. To receive direct “pleasure of opening“. Another, World … Let absolutely small … Momentary … But very tasty … And always the.