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Delight of

What in our life can cause delight in the city dweller?

Is healthy if you are a person a positive and you constantly are in a tone, you try to allocate surprise, admiration from standard life. But alas and ah it turns out I think not at everyone. On the experience tried to soar over this world with baggage of smiles and admiration! Did it everywhere, experimented on all people around! It is interesting, it lightens mood, brings up you, improves mood, health and a situation generally.

And so that causes eventually delight in people. In fact for this purpose it is also not necessary to invent anything delight to come to us as often as possible!!!! Delight - you go along the gray street and there.... the beautiful girl, she does not go, she soars, she is beautiful. Delight - smiles, whom, passersby! Waited guessed and since morning received a surprise from the colleague - delight!!!! As it is fine that people can have so many feelings! It enriches us in a mad way, our feelings force us to distinguish one day from another. Grief, happiness, surprise. All this is fine, but it is necessary to be able to use such weapon as our feelings.

And so about delight.... days off....... a country house which you, it seems, already know and here you go beyond its limits and understand that you much in this world did not see! Holy Christ, all this time you also did not think to glance for a fence, and there........... my God, there such beauty!!!!!! From such beauty as they say takes the breath away! You do not want anything to speak - the soul sings, and the body - a body already flies. You want to run where? yes all the same where! You run on the sandy coast which you saw on beautiful pictures in the magazine earlier, you run........ Believe, you do not feel anything except DELIGHT, it is improbable. The tongue of sand along all coast, and water water dims huge space what any more not to understand where where the end of these elements. And you also do not need to understand anything any more. Your soul sings, it a feather is filled with happiness. This fine wood...... steep coast and pines - they majestic they are fascinating. You watch

, you see - you shout I is HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!