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Again chicken?! Chicken imaginations

Once upon a time there were grandfather and the woman. Also they had Kurochka Ryaba. And not one, and is a lot of chickens speckled. Well, that is they had no other living creatures ready to go to an executioner`s block to be eaten.

And every day for lunch - chicken, chicken, chicken … Boiled, fried.

Also the grandfather yes to the woman of a claim began to be obstinate to put forward. Like, would be at you, the woman, the imagination what, so you and from chicken thought up some variety. And that is so already boring began to have dinner with you, as I can leave to another, young yes inventive.

Also the woman thought that it will be cheaper and more favorable to it - to include sharpness or to lose the grandfather forever. Thought - thought and began from this day the grandfather with pleasant chicken imaginations to indulge: this chicken in bank will put, on bank will put, as on a stake. In the furnace, in a fire, in the gas stove on an old habit …

the Grandfather forgot to be capricious and to think. But only since morning tortures the woman: “And what we today the newcomer, have an old woman my darling“?

And it to it: “And today at us …“ Chicken in bank

Chicken to cut

on pieces of the small size. To put in a deep bowl, there to salt, pepper, add a laurel leaf, other spices on your taste.

Now to lay these pieces rubbed with spices and salt densely in a one-liter empty jar, to cover leaky tin or a small saucer and to put on a baking sheet in a cold oven. To set temperature of degrees in 180 - 200.

Chicken in own juice, without oil and fat will turn out. Very gentle, juicy, tasty.

I usually to bank put on a lattice under which there is a baking sheet. I prepare at once and a garnish - the potato baked in uniforms. And I grease this kartoshechka with the squash prepared from salt, honey and butter (all - on 1 teaspoon). From banks the chicken bulyonchik can pour out - so it will even more tasty make the baked kartoshechka.

Chicken on bank

Now absolutely at us kefir in a floor - liter bottles therefore I use a glass jar from - under juice with a wide neck was gone.

My chicken, I rub off a paper towel, but I do not cut. I flavor with spices to taste: salt, pepper, garlic, bay leaf, etc. I rub both outside, and inside.

In bank I pour under the neck almost water from - under the crane.

I get the made chicken on bank. Accurately I put this construction on a baking sheet in even cold oven. Place a baking sheet in the lowest groove of an oven - otherwise chicken will not get. Chicken - the patient

Chicken wings I subject

to the following procedure: I stick the syringe with the biggest needle in each wing sauce. It can be prepared such as you want, and I do of sour cream, mayonnaise, soy a droplet or mustard, I add salt and pepper.

Wings are inflated, become thick, dense. A toothpick I pierce in several places that skin did not burst at preparation.

Best of all it turns out to fry on a lattice, but it is possible both in an oven, and on a frying pan. Tasty! But nervous it is better not to show process of injections.

Chicken needs to choose Chicken rolls by

from a neck larger and fatter. A skin from a neck of chicken whom we usually simply cut off and we throw out, this time to cut off and leave. It will serve us as a cover to roll.

To prepare a stuffing: to overwind chicken giblets (heart, a liver, a fat, a navel) via the meat grinder, to add the browned onions, it is possible mushrooms, greens, seasonings and to salt.

To lard this forcemeat the neck is very dense, to leave at the edges slightly empty seat, to sew up with a needle with a thick thread.

Option 1. to lower the Neck in the boiling water which is added some salt slightly, previously punctures in several places a toothpick or a fork. To weld. To fry to an easy crust on sunflower oil. To cool. You have a remarkable cold roll and easy broth in which it is possible to put boiled egg and greens.

Option 2. to fry the Neck in sunflower oil to a crust, and then to extinguish minutes 30 on the slowest fire. It is possible to give and we heat, and cooled.

Is simple chicken with a crust

A it is my the most favourite and the simply - the chicken baked on salt. From ingredients it is necessary to have only a chicken and salt!

On the heated baking sheet to pour out 1 kg of coarse table salt an even layer. On salt to lay out chicken who was previously washed and dried a paper towel. It is more any operations over chicken not to do! To flavor with nothing!

So, the oven is heated, chicken is laid on salt … In total! Closed, we observe, we do not open an oven, we wait for emergence of a beautiful crust. Be not afraid of search with salt - chicken will take it in herself exactly so much how many it is required also to it, and your stomach!

We get and we crackle under cold svetlenky beer!

Well, so? How you think, our grandfather should not run away from such woman? Aha, agreed - there will be still news about Ryabe`s Chicken, will surely report.

Bon appetit!