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Love to and weight loss. Whip or gingerbread?

We very often use love to ourselves as the instrument of motivation. And it is very strong and correct tool. The main thing - to understand, how exactly to use it.

As a rule, we promise love in the context of this problem to ourselves as an award in case of achievement of success: “Here I will grow thin - and I will love myself“ .

And it is valid if we fall in love with ourselves now such what we are, then on it we will calm down and we will begin to live in full harmony with the extra kilos and fatty folds on a waist. On the other hand, the promise of love in case of achievement of success already in itself stimulates to work.

At first sight, it is difficult to argue with the aforesaid. But let`s understand in what the mistake is covered here.

In - the first, I suggest to be extremely frank with myself. Whether we are sure that acceptance of in the weight which to us delivers a heap of discomfort deprives of those pleasures of life which are available to our slender girlfriends, but also, threatens with problems with health (edematous legs, sore heart and you never know still diseases which are provoked by completeness) - it is manifestation of love to itself? More likely, it reminds self-flagellation.

I very much liked thought in this respect in one of the books read by me that to reconcile to excess weight is equivalent to what voluntarily everywhere to carry with itself 1 - 2 bag of potato . Honestly, unless you would agree to such tortures if loved themselves?

As for use of love on the terms of “post-payment“ (at first I will grow thin, and then I will love myself) for motivation and stimulation of process, and here not everything is so simple. It is very well possible to illustrate it on the example of the child who learns to go. Unless mother says to it that she will only love it when he learns to go? Unless she reproaches him that he hardly stands on the feet? No, wise mother loves the child already now, and at the same time he surrounded with her love and approval takes the first steps.

You understand about what I? Of course, everything is clear and logical. But and here you and process of finding of symmetry? Now I will explain: symmetry finding process acts as process of training here to go, and you - as that little little girl taking the first steps. And while you only learn to be harmonous , you have to show to yourself at most love and understanding .

if we lose love, then the little girl in us feels to nobody necessary and rejected . For it it is sad and a pity that its all the time is criticized what here enthusiasm? What here motivation?

Besides, losing love, we get to one quite artful trap: we every time postpone love for later, and, having achieved result, not for long we rejoice and right there we puzzle ourselves with the new purpose , and the love promised itself looms somewhere behind the horizon again. And though in rare instances the general level of love to itself can grow, in general such picture is observed: we set to ourselves the purpose to lose excess weight and, suppose, by titanic efforts and discipline we achieve a goal and even some time we are proud of ourselves, accepting compliments and admiration of people around.

However shortly (if any more not in the course of achievement of a goal) the new object of works appears - skin or there cellulitis, and even insufficiently beautiful knees is somehow insufficiently elastic (for many the last will sound ridiculously, but, nevertheless, it is quite real example from life of one of my slender and brought-up friend). Besides, quite normal process, as they say, always is what to aspire to, perfection does not have a limit. And the above we climb up the mountain, the wider to become the panorama.

However our success entirely depends on our attitude towards itself. Therefore needs to love yourself even then when you want to change.