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Eh, protection gets up early.

Or whom and from whom protect in the state?

You had not to be in various Ministries and departments in Ukraine if it was necessary, then now you know that to get not that on reception to the Minister or his deputy, and and to the building is not simple at all.

Everywhere there is a protection, turnstiles, phone etc. And you freely will not pass, to the state people which they are, is not dependent even on that, you work in this branch or not. And as if you did not hurry, you will waste personal and others` working hours, at first on explanations with protection, you will be asked where to whom and why, documents will demand, all will write down, will speak by phone and if pass, the same procedure will repeat also with the secretary. And what is the time you will lose - it is as will carry.

After such procedures, the impression is made that you go not for reception to the simple clerk, and you cross frontier and there in many cases it is simpler there.

I had to stand and wait for several hours before a turnstile in due time, a mercy permission to come to Goskomleskhoz`s chief in spite of the fact that I worked in the same branch. Attempts to persuade protection that I will wait in a reception, did not lead to anything.

On overcoming of obstacles on access to the chief several hours left, and on the solution of a question with it only five minutes were required.

Here I also have a question. And from whom actually protects, in working hours, various officials, (as a rule, public servants), the whole army of security guards receiving a salary and using various benefits? What in independent Ukraine, in a peace time has to are afraid or the official who is honestly working, taking the oath of the public servant is afraid. What such threats, and what terrorists exist to protect themselves so vigilantly, in working hours, without feeling sorry on it for public funds, at that time when the country poor and there is no money for pensioners and patients.

Existence of various turnstiles, security guards, security systems it already as the fashion, as a prestige element, a pier than is more at us than protection especially we working, and it is not important as we work, the main thing is created visibility, the importance and mystery of work. And besides, the less will come workers different there on whom officials also have to in the principle work, the less will see, than we are engaged or what we are not engaged in.

Protection in banks, courts, shops, it is clear, protection of the building in the absence of workers, that is in a time off, or in not the working days, too the measure necessary, but even in most cases will cope with it private security.

Existence of protection can be reasoned and in a different way - a pier, think how many it thus is created workplaces how many it is engaged people in this sphere and security guards honestly work. All correctly, honestly work and I to them have no claims, but equally well it is possible to create much more workplaces if to throw out all computers and to pass on scores whether it is only correct.

Here if to offer officials, all this protection to pay from own pocket, I think right there, at once there will be arguments that such protection at all and is not necessary, and it is quite possible to do without it. And from the budget - and why is also not present, it is prestigious, and the country at us big .

A. Chemeris