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What is “time capsule“?

Time are rapid. Generations replace each other. Years fly by, decades are replaced, there pass centuries. What waits for our descendants? What will be the world in 50 or 100 years? How our planet will change the millennium later? Whether there will be something from our civilization: great inventions, monuments of architecture, recognized works of art, music, literature … with

Probably, still people in the Ancient world were concerned by this question. Seeking to keep the history and the best of works of art, they tried to transfer them through time and space to the future descendants as a reminder on that, as they, “ancient“, once existed.

There is such joke: “What was not known by ancient Greeks? - That they ancient“.

the Letters directed to future generations, containing objects, characterizing that time when they were created - one of kinds of messages to descendants them call “time capsules“ . This term appeared in 1930 - x years though designs meet in an extreme antiquity.

It is unknown when this tradition precisely appeared to put to the earth and constructions such messages for descendants. It is possible that the foundation was laid by ancient Egyptians who tried to keep bodies of the Pharaohs by means of mummification and supplied the dead with all necessary for afterlife. And here residents of ancient Sumer had a tradition to put to the bases of temples and palaces of the message to the future governors. In the Middle Ages kings had custom to hide in treasure map lock walls.

In New - York on September 23, 1939 during World fair put years one of most known “time capsules“. It represented a fire-resistant glass 228 cm long vessel in which enclosed an extensive collection of objects: various books, the documentary, the encyclopedia on microfilms, 75 samples of textiles and other latest materials, and also 35 trifles of daily use (a female hat, a pipe etc.) .

The capsule weighed 800 pounds (363 kg), its internal diameter made 6,5 inches (16,5 cm), and outside it was protected by a cover from the alloy of copper, chrome and silver called by “Cupaloy“. The capsule called from - for its forms “time bomb“, is decided to be opened in 5000 years after a bookmark.

In 1964 in New - York put second “time capsule“ near the first. Its “souvenirs“ became: data on the nuclear weapon, credit card, contraceptive tablets, artificial heart valve, plate of Beatles group, piece of facing of the spaceship. Both capsules are buried at a depth about 15 meters in Flushing Meadows park, to open them bequeathed at the same time - in the 6939th year.

The purpose of creation of the capsules intended for opening through a considerable period is transfer to descendants of knowledge of life of people to that era when the capsule was put. The historian William Jarvis criticizes capsules, claiming that their design does not answer the declared purpose as often capsules are filled with “useless garbage“. That is the objects placed in capsules are new, unused and anything therefore do not speak about real life of people. And here the lists buried under volcanic ashes in Pompeii on walls, food in the centers, human remains are much more valuable to historians. Therefore it would be necessary to place in capsules letters, personal records, photos, documents, that is everything that characterizes life of people of a certain period. It should be noted that the “letters in the future“ going simple people (school students, Komsomol members, workers) of the Soviet Union generally contain such information.

The fashion on laying of capsules with messages to future generations got accustomed in many countries. For collection of information about all existing such messages the International society of Time Capsules was created by .

of B of 2010 - 2011 start of the KEO satellite with “letters in the future“ from modern people will take place. This project is organized with assistance of UNESCO and the European space agency. It is supposed that the satellite will return to Earth through 50 thousand years. Each inhabitant of Earth can leave on the website of the project or send on a surface mail the message in any language which will be taken in space.

Organizers urge to write all: the children and old men rich and poor, illiterate and scientific to bring together representatives of all cultures, demographic layers and groups inhabiting Earth of the present. The satellite has enough potential for storage 4 - the page message from each inhabitant of the planet, and these are more than 6 billion people. After start of the satellite of the message will be published on the Internet.

Recently there were websites which allow users to send the letter to the future to themselves or someone to another. Such services give an opportunity to send letters for a period of 1 day till 100 years. For the first time such service was presented 29 - the summer student of Yale university Matt Slayem (Matt Sly) . On the Internet there are also services which suggest to send letters after death of the author.