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The teacher - a female profession?

of the Teacher existed at all times, even at is primitive - a communal system. Already in tribal communities there were teachers - the elders giving wisdom to young people. Women in the period of matriarchy were teachers also. Whom did they teach? Girls - change to.

The teacher initially (ideally and now) was a tutor, the conductor in life. Preparation for social life, development of the personality - all this the main tasks of the teacher. “The most important phenomenon at school, the most instructive subject, the most living example for the pupil is the teacher“ - A. Disterveg told.

Historical information proves that men were the most successful and outstanding teachers. Someone will tell that it is the myth: men are the best cooks, musicians, artists and teachers. You will not argue with the facts. In the Soviet years, especially after the Great Patriotic War at school men were teachers only. These people were often contused, they could not realize fully themselves in the works connected with physical work therefore went to learn to schools to be demanded for society. Profile pedagogical education was not frequent at them, but they knew how to teach mind - reason.

The teacher it was honourable to be. The teacher training college prepared only 4 years. Further - go to school and work with children. All respect you and love. You have an important profession - to be a mentor of children, a reference point in lives, knowledge which you can give them will surely play a role in their future at choice of profession. Many men were attracted by such state of affairs. Paid teachers then too adequately. Gave housing not at once, but finally all were provided with a roof over the head. It was possible to exist with honor in society.

Now teachers - there is no man left at schools. To support to the man, the father, the getter the family for a teacher`s salary hard. Why to go to the teacher when there is a business?! Teachers of the Soviet school retired. And all - those pupils who were taught by teachers - men are happy. These are Teachers from capital letter, real masters of the business, tutors, their lessons and manuals imprinted in memory of pupils forever. The real teacher that who is loved by pupils with all the heart whatever strict he was.

To be a teacher is a divine calling. Because work of the teacher - a hard work. All works connected with people demand big efforts, and children - a special case. Because the teacher makes a direct contribution to formation of a number of generations. It is impossible to tell that we such what we were made by teachers. Everyone to teacher. Authorities influence us: parents, teachers, peers. Follows from mentality of our society that the man has bigger authority, than the woman. Conclusion: the teacher - the man makes on pupils impact stronger, than the teacher - the woman. For example, in Japan and Switzerland 90% of teachers - men.

It is obvious that it is easier for man to support discipline in a class, than the woman. Here hum of a fly will be heard. And even in especially hard cases in a class where there is a hooligan, will do without shouts at a lesson and got down in a teacher`s room.

One of the most important tasks of the teacher is to interest the pupil in the subject. “The bad teacher presents truth, good teaches it to find“. Such technique demands planning and preparation for occupations within pedagogics, for it the teacher does not have enough time as at seven on benches jump.

Teachers who could impart love to pupils to the subject, are loved and respected. They forever will remain in memory of colleagues and pupils. Low bow to all Teachers! We love you for your dedicated work. With the Teachers` Day!