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Leader of Piknik group: what it is possible to learn interesting about Edmund Shklyarskom?

of E. Shklyarsky:

“For me if to return to a childhood, it not so much. When the organism lacks, for example, calcium, the child eats chalk. What was heard was something similar. Not that there is a beautiful melody, and some chemical product which was not enough in the nature. And here it appeared - and you are sated with it. It something like that, given a musical shape. Now if it gives some chemical influence, so something is. And just a melody as a beautiful melody - yes it is not worth a pin for all music if it does not make still something“.
can designate

At the group “Piknik“ at least three “birthdays“. The first - in 1978 - when it actually also arose. The second - in 1981 - when came Shklyarsky there, and she entered the Leningrad fate - club. And the third (which the leader of “Picnic“ allocates) - in 1982 - when at A. Tropillo`s studio was written down the first magnetoalbum “Smoke“. By the way, at it there are two author and the vocalist - Shklyarsky and Dobychin (the song of the last - “Money“ - enjoyed then nearly bigger popularity, than Shklyarsky`s songs).

One of the very first, favourite and famous songs written by Shklyarsky (it was played in discos at the end of 1970 - x), certainly, is “Night“. In it also favourite subsequently “the vampire subject“ was for the first time shown by the author. However, in those days the management Leningrad fate - club the line about “trump ace“ which caused associations with the gamblings forbidden then confused more.

“Night“ is still without fail executed at concerts. It is known, at least, five (only studio) its arrangements.

The text of one of rare in creativity of “Picnic“ of a song about love - “Giant“ - was written also that earlier when Edmund studied in 7 - m a class. It is amusing that in 1983 when the authorities fought against amateur collectives, and “Picnic“ was brought in “black list“, the song unexpectedly got on 10 - e the place to a hit - parade of the Leningrad newspaper “Smena“.

In spite of the fact that “Picnic“ was one of founders fate - club (one of participants of group N. Mikhaylov even became its president), in 1986 the group made “sacrilege“ - passed in “semi-official“ Lenkontsert because wanted to go on tour, but not to sit in an underground. An exit to “Melodies“ in 1988. the first vinyl record “Hieroglyph“ brought to “Picnic“ long-awaited mass popularity.

In spite of the fact that to reorganization the Piknik group of mass media was given nearly as “disco“, Shklyarsky admitted that he not really loves the “fast“ songs. What did not prevent it to write sometimes songs of “dancing“ character (as the author “by request of himself and in the spirit of “Picnic““ spoke). So, for example, the well-known hit “Holiday“ was written in 1985 especially for the New Year`s program “Disks Are Turned“ on the Leningrad TV (subsequently the clip by “Holiday“ turned in “Morning mail“). Electronically - dancing sounding entered delusion even me once - heard on radio, the song “Phone“ I attributed to fashionable then Forum group.

Shklyarsky constantly complained on the fact that radio chooses not the best songs for rotation (in due time they refused “Hieroglyph“ and “Egyptian“).

After success at the end of 1980 - x “Picnic“ several times fell into the “sleeping state“ connected, first of all, with crises in the country and crash of the sound recording industry. ““ the group rose from the ashes in the middle of 1990 - x and at the beginning of 2000 - x.

Personally struck me the fact that, unlike many old fate - groups, creativity of “Picnic“ became over the years better and, in my opinion, reached perfection with an exit in 2003 of an album “Speaks and Shows“.

Except fate - music (from which Shklyarsky always distinguishes LED ZEPPELIN, BEATLES and JETHRO TULL), also the Russian songs - especially military times are not alien to the leader of “Picnic“. So, under the influence of songs of civil war such compositions as “We as timid birds“ and “In the ruined paradise were created“. The Russian tunes are heard even in such “exotic“ songs as “Hieroglyph“ and “Egyptian“. Perhaps, sometime Shklyarsky will decide to write down and a cover - versions of the favourite songs (by the way, at concerts it already successfully executed such a retro - a thing as “Long ago we houses were not“).

From books which made special impression on the leader of “Picnic“ it constantly allocates two. The first - the philosophical treatise of Lao - Zi “Dao de a jing“ under which impression the song “Hieroglyph“ accompanying at the end of 1980 - x programs about fashionable then at - shu was written.

E. Shklyarsky:

“All our songs are written to kidnapped persons at Lao - Zi by method. At least, the desire to put some paradoxicality in words and as it is possible to state well everything originates exactly there. The main thing - to leave the place for thinking and conjecturing. Whether the personal feeling of alarm, pleasure always characterizes reality, than words more.

In the song not the main thing - a reality, and, above all - to create the world. More important - not explanations - explanations, and feelings which cannot be described nothing how a smell...“.

the Second book - “Was so told by Zarathustra“ to F. Nietzsche whose influence was shown on one of rigid and severe albums “Hara-kiri“. Later Shklyarsky will devote to the hero of the book the whole song (“Zarathustra“ from an album “Obscurantism and Jazz“).

Shklyarsky in itself was never a showman (as the same Kinchev) and preferred to keep aloof at concerts, having been behind black glasses. He successfully solves a staginess problem, involving in speeches of various actors, acrobats and dancers, and also involving original registration of a scene and various technical cunnings (for example, “an ukazuyushchy finger“, “the speaking mouth“, a pyrotechnic guitar in the form of a symbol of “Picnic“, the woman with the blinking breast and many other things). Especially it would be desirable to allocate the well-known “live violoncello“ - the girl with the string tense along a body - on which Edmund really played in the song “Eyes Are Outlined by Coal“. Well and of course, the howling “new Egyptian tool“ manufactured specially to the song “Egyptian“. Probably, polytechnic education of Shklyarsky did not go to waste.

- collateral - Shklyarsky`s talents It is necessary to distinguish painting which the author considers amateur and uses, first of all, for registration of albums from others.

By the way, the song “It Is Violet - Black“ was born from an unrealized idea to paint a picture in similar tones. Similar color at Hindus is considered a deity skin shade. Whether Krishna who is famous for the capacity of love turns over “victim“ in a lyrics?

From Shklyarsky`s hobby the passion to a collecting of all production concerning “Picnic“ is known (so, it long time collected badges). Knowing it, admirers often give it gifts, the most ridiculous of which were factory (!) pants (!!!) with the inscription “Hieroglyph“ (the same font, as on a disk).

With big surprise Shklyarsky learned that his “Picnic“ and “Agatha Christie“ are favourite groups... a garden - masochists. Funny and the fact that the “Picnic“ grown on traditions an art - fate, nowadays began to be associated densely from gothic styles - culture.

Shklyarsky`s children participated in creativity of “Picnic“ too. For the first time little Alina and Stas sang along with the father on the song “Two Giants“. Later the daughter was shown more seriously - as the author of several texts (“Heart fights on three quarters“, “Wind Liliputov“, “All are afraid of pleasure of the clown around“).