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To be away on vacation independently is a myth?

Myth No. 1. to go needs independently to know English.

This myth is not deprived of the basis, but it can be disproved too. For a start it is necessary to define who goes. Option most often three - you one, you plus someone (the wife, the friend, the brother and. etc.) you plus crowd (it when already more than three). Though as a rule if people ask a question of a group trip, then three persons will hardly be. Will be more.

Option 1 - you go alone. Thus very self-assured people usually arrive. As a rule with knowledge of language at such problems is not present.

Option 2 - you go in couple. Here the situation improves the fact that there are 50% that someone understands English at least at the household level. Together with active gesticulation of it will be quite enough that it is quite comfortable to spend time in others country. In a case that none of not Bel`s couple of month on the inozemshchena, it is possible to advise to learn to use phrasebooks.

Option 3 - you go crowd. And this option will be the simplest for those who are not on friendly terms with languages. Usually on group trips there is a personality ready to assume overall responsibility on communication with local natives. At the same time maybe it is more such “persons“.

Result: At least initial English it is necessary to know. However it is possible to create a situation when loyal friends can replace this omission. If there are no friends, then use phrasebooks and we learn English.

Myth No. 2. it is dangerous to go not through travel agency!

Quite popular belief. If you do not go to a “hot“ point that! That a trip “savage“ that the planned permit from some “Parted - round“ on risk all one. It from the category, as the brick will fall on the head. In fact an obligation of travel agency it to deliver your body to the stipulated place and to return his (body) back. Everything, as for accidents will be (God forbid!) to concern insurance company which policy you acquired before a trip.

Result: If with you that it happened abroad it is plus that you went according to the permit any will not be. At most the representative round of the operator will call a taxi.

Myth No. 3. In the world is only what is offered by travel agencies.

It is even not the myth, and a certain supervision. Yes. In our huge world there are many beautiful places where go also according to permits and “savages“. There are such places where it is necessary to visit!... Than also the tourist organizations use sending the client in milyen the first time of century. well to Egypt, for example. It is not bad. It is even clear because the well-known places bring more money as they are well-known. And in these parts it is worth visiting. But! You when you are asked where at the sea you would like to go what you think at once of? I suspect that about the Red Sea in Egypt, about Mediterranean in Greece. That is you think of what you constantly see in magazines, newspapers in the section “Last-minute travel offers“.

I can Cite as an example my trip to France. On the termination of it I communicated to the aged Frenchman who was surprised that in his country there is such delightful place as the Verdonsky canyon. If French do not know about it whether then the tour operator knows about it?

Result: Do not pay attention to zazyvny advertizing blocks which in hundred cases from hundred duplicate the friend - the friend. You eat there where your soul wants and choose those places where our compatriots are absent. In - the first it is interesting to be where none of acquaintances were and to brag then of photos. And in - the second, this not transferred feeling when on an extent at least couple of days you do not hear the Russian speech.

Myth No. 4. the Excursions taken at round of the operator are more reliable and more high-quality.

This delusion is especially popular among those who go or went to Egypt. Besides remember the last conversation with the interlocutor which the other day arrived from there. Most likely on a question whether it took excursions from local it widely will open eyes and you will say yes “chtooooo!?“. And all because travel agencies have the representatives who should earn from you too in all countries (where sell permits). And during conversation and signing of the contract about rendering tourist services constantly repeat that to take excursions at local very dangerously. It is deceived, will rob and will kill!

As an example concerning Egypt. The permit to Jerusalem through the representative cost $250 one person. We took it from local for $120. And those, and that went by one bus... No comments.

Result: Everything described above concerns also trips to other countries. To me not to understand why it was so moved, but all trips and excursions taken in a framework of the Russian crowd consisting of “paketnik“ much more expensive than for the same... Americans. Generally have our brother, forgive...

generally as you already understood, independently to buy excursions much more favourably.