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“Centurion“. What do attempts to copy Hollywood come to an end with?

Repent, I approached “Centurion“ of Englishman Neil Marshall with a fair share of scepticism and bias. Ninth legion? Again? Olga Kurylenko in an image of the cruel hunter - the pathfinder? The fights of Romans which set the teeth on edge against barbarians?

But it is necessary to pay tribute to the director of “Descent“ and “Doomsday“. It did not leave from my bias of a stone on a stone, having managed to squeeze, however, at the same time in the creation all possible stamps and a cliche of a fashionable “pseudo-historical“ genre. “The last legion“ (2007) of Dag Lefler was the children`s fairy tale, a little bloody and boring, but, nevertheless, the fairy tale. “Centurion“ is even more bloody, stupid, hopelessly sad, enchantingly secondary and “suryezny“ action for which Marshall should be deprived of the fee, at least.

The beginning of the movie is marked by the credits flying on the screen allowing to estimate at once a creative rush and ambitions of creators. It is a pity, did not begin with the words “Once, in Far - a Far Galaxy …“. It would be so pertinent.

Romans in Britain. Ancestors of Italians with appearance of typical inhabitants of foggy Albion (the movie not Hollywood, but English) wearily resist to guerrillas - Picts who make every night wild attacks on rare islands of imperial property. Plunder, force, kill and disappear in the dark the woods. It is not pleasant to Romans. They got used to an open, honest fight with use of chariots and the poisoned daggers. And here some half-naked morons, without the prevention and to the most intimate place a spear? Dismiss - with!

Meanwhile the Ninth legion (it be wrong) prepares for the last fight. The mighty general Titus Flavy (Dominique Uest) brings together the bandits, drunkards and brawlers (honest Roman soldiers) on fight with the leader of Picts Gorlakon (Ulrich Tomsen). The former farmer Gorlakon is incredibly cool, he tortures the gallant centurion Kvint Diaz (Michael Fassbender), dipping that in a jug with fresh urine. To the centurion it is bad, but he does not give up, he “the soldier of Rome“.

Silly Picts missed the centurion. However, now not from a hand to be sprayed by it on trifles. Having sent to the enemy, Yuli Agricola (Paul Freeman), the traitress Kurylenko of an ak Etain, Picts plan to entice deception all Ninth legion into the wood and to shower with fireballs in the best traditions of Diablo. You will laugh, but brave, but desperately near envoys of the Roman Empire completely meet expectations of barbarians and almost in full strength perish on a narrow forest footpath. Only our staunch centurion Kvint, several soldiers, the Black (without Black, will ridicule anywhere) and the cook - the Arab escaped. Really international structure, only forgot Mongoloid race. I on the place of Chinese would take offense. The general survived too, but his Picts took with themselves to torment and mock. They are wild barbarians, forgot?

The pathetic remains of a legion under the leadership of Kvint are going to catch up with Picts, will pile lyuly and to return the general because to make the decision on, where to go and what to do, to them not from a hand. And the general should be rescued. Further the fragment from “Division the Delta“ (or “begins Rambo 2“ as it is pleasant to whom more). In the silence of the night Romans make the way in a camp of the enemy, kill all guard and begin to saw the captive`s fetters. Alas, they did not know that “iron of Picts does not bend, and breaks“ (c). Mission failed, the group of the Roman special troops had to retire hastily empty-handed, and the spiteful weakling and the coward Taks still managed to kill the little son Gorlakon. Now survived it is necessary hardly because Gorlakon overwhelmed by revenge will send behind them to a pursuit horse group led by Kurylenko. It to you is ridiculous, and to our heroes it is terrible, and they run at top speed, without knowing also pains were tired …

I will not deceive you, in general “Centurion“ - quite watchable work. Battle scenes, despite the weak budget, vigorous, though too realistic. If at all to forget about existence of Hollywood “King Arthur“ and English of “The last legion“. There is an impression that authors wanted to forget too or, at least, to pretend that they are essentially not original in the creative rushes. The main problem of “Centurion“ - absolute secondariness, and in relation to the pictures obviously unworthy cloning.

We will for a while stop at the actor`s game. As usual, in foolish movies the best roles - minor, “Centurion“ in this regard not an exception. To me the general Titus Flavy performed by Dominica Uesta, and also members of group of the main character Bot (David Morrissey) and “Brick“ (Liam Kanningkhem) was personally most of all remembered. And though all have identical gloomy and unshaven ugly faces, brutal physiognomies of Morrissey and Kanningkhem differ in the special attractiveness nowadays fashionably called by “charisma“. Not bad also Ulrich Tomsen (Gorlakon) looked, however authors of the movie of time allocated for him absolutely poorly. On it everything because other characters look just badly.

The main character performed by Michael Fassbender - the stupid sample warrior without doubt shadow on a face. This is not the gladiator of Russell Crowe, no. Fassbender is a strong-willed fighter without fear, reproach and intelligence. Such tin tell-tale, rectilinear as arrow. How better the actor looked in “Inglourious Basterds“, so poorly he looks here. Authors made his opponent … Olga Kurylenko, whose film career develops by the principle “more money - less sense“. From the Bond`s girlfriend Kurylenko fell before direct imitation Keira Knightley (“King Arthur“) that to her obviously does not do well. However, in “Centurion“ her heroine - the hunter and the pathfinder of Picts - is at least deprived of ability to say that she cannot but please.

Sadly to establish the fact, but Marshall`s “Centurion“ does not cost either the spent money, or time of a film crew spent for it and the audience. Very poor show which irritates with search in everything: in citing others finds, in pathos, in violence and demonstration of the chopped-off extremities. You will laugh again, but in October an exit of the tape “Eagle of the Ninth Legion“ where another “star of computer actions“ will get a role of the centurion, to Channing Tatum that will finally hammer the Big rusty nail into the Roman subject is planned.