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Mother-in-law and mother-in-law: “plague on both of your houses“?

were Ceased by a wedding... Let`s leave young people, they have ahead a honeymoon and in general the whole life. Let`s talk about the senior generation. Parents of the newly made husband and the wife try on new roles too - the mother-in-law and the father-in-law, the mother-in-law and the father-in-law.

Why there are a lot of jokes and aphorisms, proverbs and sayings with a negative to new relatives? Here examples of popular wisdom: “Others storonka without wind dries, the mother-in-law - the mother without loop torments“, “The mother-in-law thought - to five not to eat, and the son-in-law sat down yes for prisest and ate“, “Neither in sour cream serum, nor in the son-in-law of the tribe“, “There is no line in the house - accept the son-in-law“.

But not therefore whether what senior with alarm, and even it is hostile, treat the child`s elect? Of course, they can be understood. So many years raised, fostered children, and suddenly they become independent of parents, and if listen, then, alas, not to mother with the father. Opening that children - not the bank account: having made a contribution, to demand return it is useless - becomes unpleasant and even painful.

Let`s remember ourselves young people. We, having met darling, unless at first we choose potential relatives, or all - first of all, we think of the person with whom we are going to live all life? That is why acquaintance to the elect`s parents - always the disturbing and responsible moment, it is necessary to accept and understand still a family of the half - the whole world in which he / she lived to a meeting with you.

Also it turns out that the mother-in-law and the mother-in-law as the homeland, do not choose. And how many wisdom, a step is necessary for the senior generation to give to children one more start in life - family life, and at the same time not to turn into eternally conflicting Montecchi and Capuleti`s clans who forgot sources and the reasons of hostility but diligent supporting hatred fire to each other and inflating it is even hotter.

Shakespeare`s tragedy made immortal not only Romeo and Juliette`s love, but also senseless war between their families. History of a young family (the monk Lorenzo managed to marry secretly lovers if you remember) ended, even without having managed to begin.

How to live further the senior?

The remarkable writer and the playwright Mr. Gorin presented in the play “Plague on Both of Your Houses“ (1994) Montecchi and Capuleti`s life after death of successors. To put an end to long-term hostility, the duke Veronsky enjoined to become related to two families. Oh, as it was heavy to execute to two noble families the order of the duke and not to disgrace itself before each other. On both sides did not do without intrigues. The wedding one on two families took place and reconciled conflicting, but what price … The final of the play of Gorin is not unambiguous as it at Shakespeare, and remains open. You ask a question rather: to be or not to be to this young family?

Those who for the affirmative answer, will be required a lot of step have some knowledge of psychology, ability to philosophically think also of a droplet of sense of humour. For example, to check the following signs: “If the mother-in-law or the mother-in-law began to cry at a wedding, then the newborn family will happily live“, “If parents speak about successors - to support from their party. And if speak about support - to successors“. “Eslizhenikh is the only child in a family, give birth to the girl. The mother-in-law will appreciate it“.

That who for the negative answer, there is a wish to wish to make Shakespeare and G. Gorin`s books desktop, and after next “battles“ on family fronts to re-read them again and again, to holes that, at last, as opposed to classics to create history with happy end: “There is no story more happily on light, than the story about …“