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How the quantity develops into quality? About career guidance and richness of

I do not know in what context the writer Hermann Hesse respected by me told: “And in each beginning there lives magic...“, but for me it quite so.

There is an example: I do not love beer. First of all, because I do not consider it as female drink. Agree that one business to hold in hand a beautiful glass with martini, another - a beer bottle. But sometimes, when someone from relatives opens the sweating beer bottle, I ask a draft, only one. I love only its first drink - the cold, bluff, exciting flavoring receptors.

And so at me in everything. In any business only the first drink - the beginning is interesting to me. And each new work always excites me. At that moment sincerely it seems to me that it is more important than this business there is nothing any more. With interest I study, I master. I rush, like mad, I inspire all around, I infect with the optimism.

But me it was always very difficult to linger on one workplace. Suddenly, as soon as noticed conventionalism, repetition, at once turned sour internally though externally still some time continued “to hold the person“. What only I was not engaged, studied everything gradually, and so … did not achieve in anything special success.

And once there came the moment of my next disappointment. And before starting the next search of a way, there was at me a transition natural period: analysis of own mistakes.

At the time of similar synthesis I widely opened eyes, looked at successful people and … was terrified. Surprisingly, why something suddenly becomes obvious. All the time it was, and you saw it, but somehow did not notice or just did not analyze.

Even the most creative activity - routine. Cannot achieve success if you for many years do not put the passion in one any business.

Someone dreams to become since the childhood the theatrical actress, the actor. And if to look at successfully developed actor`s destiny, then goosebumps. The successful actor plays decades one performance. Grinds a role. And it is good still if a worthy performance. How many times Andrey Mironov played “Figaro“? A premiere in 1974 - the m to year, and died in Figaro`s image in 1987 - m. Moreover at least a year rehearsal. Total: 14 years! And Vladimir Vysotsky - Hamlet?! A premiere in 1971, the last performance is played in 1980 - m. How many performances in a month, in a year? By someone, likely, it is already counted, but it is terrible to imagine.

The same and with vocalists. If the song blew up and became a hit, then in a month of radio listeners already stirs up from it even if she very much - very successful also sings it your idol. And to the performer, the poor creature, it is necessary to sing her time all the life. Then for example, Alexander Serov in a decade also sings “You love me“. And what to do? He is an actor demanded, and the song actually good.

I have a familiar artist. It was successful one still life quite good, frankly speaking, juicy: a candle, a glass, the opened Bible. Other its works pine on the sun of Andreevsky descent, and this was sold at once and expensively. The family comfortably lived with this money before sale of the copy of the same still life. Here he also put him on a stream. Shparit on a cliche the same picture several years. In total nothing, but began to drink …

So what profession you will take, without routine in any way. Cashier of grocery store. The music-master studying with pupils of scale or the elementary school teacher registering already with the tenth release, zeroes and sticks. The seamstress on the same operation of tailoring of a skirt or a parachute, a line behind a line. The driver changing unless a route. But each of us wants that the child fell into hands of skilled and great teacher. And from the tailor of good nobody would refuse. And it is important what driver is lucky us and our relatives on emergency roads. Means, such experts also are valuable. Those which do the work day by day.

Happiness - the nobility what you really want.

As it was i, it is worth being afraid not of routine. To it it is just necessary to be prepared. And it is rather terrible - not to find business. Business in which it is interesting to you to be engaged daily, despite its monotony. Business which having begun once, you cannot but not do any more.

In the interview the actor and the director Artem Mazunov speaks: “Direction of cinema always attracted me …, often stereotypes draw to us only a romantic component of this profession. But I knew what I went on. It both sleepless nights, and terrible processings, continuous vigils on a shooting stage without an opportunity is elementary to have dinner, twenty-hour sitting in the crow bar and tears in a pillow from the sticks inserted into wheels... Well, it is necessary to be the fanatic. But, in my opinion, it concerns any work. It is important as far as you are ready to be given it, then she will render to you on work “.

Remarkably if your desires coincide with your abilities. It is good if your parents manage to consider and develop those inclinations which are presented to you by the nature since the childhood. It is fine if they teach you to work. And it is excellent if you absorb fundamental thought in time that moving in one direction and having the treasured purpose, you always have a chance to reach very big heights, great skill in the chosen business.

In me the sincere love to the business which attracts very interesting offers and as a result interesting life “ - the actor Evgeny Mironov is.

The professional is appreciated everywhere. Whether you noticed as easily we fall in love with the person who is beautifully carrying out the business. It is independent because that it does: whether he pochinyat footwear, plays a violin, puts a tile. As it is pleasant to watch how it skillfully and dexterously copes with the tools. Because any profession is important and respected if you with love do the part.

“always I emphasize Ya and I will emphasize importance of love to the business. If you consider that you your purpose - money, so deceive yourself. On the way to money it is easy to exhaust. Enthusiasm - here an improbable power source … The first step - to find in preparation for wealth what is absolutely and, certainly, pleasant to you “. Billionaire Donald Trump.

I think that all people dream to hear suddenly a certain divine revelation and to understand the mission. But most often we approach understanding of not so quickly as it would be desirable. The majority of us slowly and not absolutely surely we go to that business which we look for all life.

Sometimes turns out that the person ruins himself … treachery of a profession, talent, given by the nature to it. I just now began to understand that I would respect myself much more if I do not fuss, did not attach significance to all trifles which so distracted me from the main thing - my profession …“ x. t. “From life of vacationers“

It is possible, and shone me to become very good writer or the screenwriter?! It was worth thinking of the mission only as soon as possible and to light up a cherished dream.

But there is a hope that you will be in time and will manage as can explain more popularly the children, grandsons what did not acquire since the childhood. It is important to try to inform them of thought that if to try all on a draft, on slightly - slightly, then it is possible to live quite interesting life full of impressions, searches, doubts and disappointments.

But if “to hit into one purpose“ with enthusiasm and with love, then it is possible to achieve improbable success, financial wellbeing and the main thing - satisfactions and feelings of own importance.

Only the quantity develops into quality.