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USA: Whether poor this rich poor?

Here let`s understand. Official level of poverty in the USA for 2010 established the annual monetary income in 11 thousand on the lonely person and 22 thousand on a family of 4 people. Being at this level or is one dollar lower, the poor already has the right for welfare payment.

Let`s look what this negligible piece of public pie consists of:

1. The subsidized housing . The poor pays only the third part of cost of a rent from the pocket. Other two thirds are subsidized with the state. The average cost of rent of studio or the single apartment (as a rule, the dining room consisting of one living room, one bedroom, kitchen, a bathroom and sometimes) makes from 600 to 1000 dollars a month.

We will average up to 800 dollars for the equal account and we will receive interesting figure: at monthly payments the poor person in a year spreads 3198 dollars for the housing, and the state in the form of grants pays extra it 6408 more dollars a year. We take its basic monetary income in 11 thousand and remorselessly we add on these 6408 not monetary dollars. Total our poor already - the fact has 17408 annual.

I will stop on quality of housing for the sake of one interesting figure - on metric area the poor American poor has one and a half rooms on the family member that is much higher than a share of the average European middling person.

2. Except subsidies for housing the American poor receives also coupons on food and small the monetary check that in the sum makes about hundred more dollars a month, and in families with children about three hundred dollars a month. Without hesitating, we add on 1200 more dollars on the single in a year, and we have already more attractive sum of a revenue of 18608 dollars. Already not bad. Considering that the single will pay the tax only from 11 thousand of the monetary income at which he will receive return from a tax in the form of the check from 500 to 1000 dollars. Let`s not split hairs and include this beautiful check in the income item of the poor poor.

(In the Russian shops of the city in the first dates when poor people receive the coupons on food, caviar, balyks and other delicacies depart from counters. It only in jokes the doctor advises the rich patient caviar, caviar and only caviar, and poor - air, air and only air.)

3. Reduced rates and discounts . Our poor practically pays nothing for the electric power, gas and water. It has a reduced rate for telephone service, and as for mobile phones, poor people are more senior than 62 years have in general the free mobile phone with a limit 60 minutes a month. They it is proud ride free of charge in city transport. I do not consider small splashes in the form of distribution of charitable grocery sets on churches, ethnic associations and other free places any more. (Caviar will not be there, but there will be quite decent hens, eggs, fruit, vegetables, candies, juice, cheeses, canned food, including salmon). Legs - also go to hands collect boxes though every day. And who quirky, that knows in what shop where and when there is a distribution of elephants for the poor poor. Where it is possible to receive a mebelishka free of charge, electronics, clothes and the other free benefits... Razlyuli - raspberry!

(Here the well-known network of bakeries - dining rooms of Panera Bread. There is a poor. There is bread which was not managed to be sold out today. And hlebushko not simple rye, but special, delicious pastries with nuts, sunflower seeds, raisin, prunes, though to you from seven grades of grains, though rough grinding, though for diabetics. If only to closing not to be late to the poor poor, and that will be brought for processing. I already wrote about the most tasty farmer markets of Chicago - here and there to poor people God`s paradise: farmers an obligation are forced to poor people on special pieces of paper by free of charge natural products to unfasten. Children, the Chicago symphonic orchestra, pride and beauty world, holds a quota of free tickets for our poor poor! Say that soon and the casino for removal of a stress at the poorest segments of the population will begin fishechka preferential to let out).

On average in the city apartment the average American pays about 300 dollars a month for household services, and the poor American annual receives the sum of 3600 dollars in the form of a subsidy. Here it is already worth splitting hairs and adding these 3600 to the sum which is available already for us in 18608 that will yield to us indirect annual revenue of the poor poor in 22208 dollars on the single. To receive such salary from start, it is necessary to graduate from college and to plow fairly. Here such it, poor poor.

And now we will look, in what the poverty reason . The American sociologists and it studied. And here to what conclusions they came:

1. Part-time employment . In families with children parents work on average instead of sound 40 hours a week only 16 hours. It is natural that they receive less a half of the annual income on a family and by that the family lays down heavy burden on social programs of the state. And as the state has no money, this burden between soundly working taxpayers is distributed.

But, you will tell, in the country unemployment! And I will object after sociologists: work in the country is! Otherwise where then millions of undocumented illegal immigrants find work? Just the answer will be simple: nothing is necessary to illegal immigrants from social granaries!

2. Legal fatherlessness . The one fourth part of mothers of the USA is considered single mothers, filling up thus a cohort of people below the poverty line. Actually children of such singles quite have in common living working fathers - such families three quarters of all quantity of so-called families of single mothers. Sociologists say that if these three quarters of women would issue the marriage with fathers of the children, then the problem of the so-called poor poor in the country would be solved.

Here it, my friends, at poverty the person. Not for nothing the late George Carlin so directly also spoke: I do not love the poor, but also I do not hate the rich.

Give we will talk about normal people. The average average income are earnings from already specified poverty limit figures to 250 thousand dollars on a family. Everything that from above, is already considered rich. Here now the President tries to nibble them the value-added tax, nodding on hard times for the simple American.

And times - they as well as all times. Poor grows poor, and rich only grows rich: since the beginning of an economic crisis the number of families with a revenue on a family in one million dollars makes already 8% of the worker of the population of the country! It crisis at all. And I only am glad for them. Five and a half million millionaires of the USA very much decorate a country facade. Took advantage of the opportunity at the time of crisis some of them, and already left in billionaires - the number of billionaires much more increased in times crisis, times heavy for the poor poor American.

You noticed as far as I am politically correct and polite today? Directly though on chiryak put me! I did not mark racial and ethnic columns in the short jog. Nizzya! But the reader - he clever and all columns to himself will mark. And we here and live, progressively growing poor, but remaining politically correct.

Much in “ShZh“ is bitter articles about weak social protection of citizens on open spaces Post-Soviet. Offenses of mothers, old men, disabled people, the working low-paid workers are clear. But let`s present that you woke up in the country here with such precisely system of social protection and with such level of poverty of the poor poor tomorrow … That - that, and alarm clocks will definitely not be necessary for the country. So everything is good moderately, and everywhere it is good where we are absent.

My God, store America and its poor! In cotton wool.