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Good Kvass For Intestinal Microflora - As For Us Sea Bathings. All of us quite phlegmatically observed

how the international corporations, clearing away the market for the production, restricted kvass. And when they coped with it, a certain carbonated drink with taste of bad Pepsi - Coca and the richest palette of synthetic additives was available for sale. Some buy, believing that the inscription kvass on a bottle gives drink magic curative strength.

Actually kvass came to an end much earlier when people ceased to do his houses. Who did not try the real house kvass, just will not understand about what conversation. Because the general at kvass and various impostors - only a name.

And the one who drank it real, or supped a mug behind a mug in hot day with okroshka (tyury, botviny), that will agree that force of the people left together with it.

Today when production of kvass shy revives, it is advertized as the drink which is well satisfying thirst. It is rather poor, we will directly tell. Actually I am eager when it is, water perfectly satisfies. At kvass the task is more difficult.

He is engaged in protection of fauna. That, which in a stomach. This world is attacked from all directions today. The same water from under the crane, with its chlorine and fluorine, brings a feasible contribution in its destruction.

Most of people does not know about the huge, densely populated world on which wellbeing our health depends. We are brought up on representations, simplified and far from reality, that the food is digested by gastric juice and if in a stomach or intestines bacteria made the way - it is necessary to drink more solution of potassium permanganate rather.

Actually bacteria live in our gastrointestinal tract as ourselves live on the earth. They are born there, live, breed, are at enmity, cooperate, divide ecological niches... Inside each of us constantly has about 400 species of bacteria. They process food, synthesize many nutrients, support a certain level rn, they serve as a natural enterosorbent. You will understand as far as everything is serious if you learn that the cumulative weight of intestinal bacteria of the adult - 1 - 1,5 kg, and by quantity is more than them, than cages in our body. They protect us from any dangers. There are lucky to whom everything escapes punishment: they can drink water from a bog, there are pies on the street, to travel all over the world with impunity. The mighty and vigorous troops in their stomach and intestines copes with any external enemies.

It is possible to write off everything for heredity, of course. Actually life went such that no heredity rescues. A good course of antibiotics - something like Hiroshima for our fauna. He long recovers then, counts losses, and can finally not recover. In this world also low-quality water, stresses, improper feeding can break balance. And the diet of people changes so quickly and considerably, more than ever before for all history of mankind. Intestinal microflora is not in time behind these peremenakm. Reached that dysbacteriosis doctors make the diagnosis without looking as it is considered that there are practically no people with normal microflora.

Actually saviors a set, choose on taste: apple cider vinegar, cucumber brine and sauerkraut, kefir and koumiss, wine and beer, our favourite kvass, at last. Products of natural fermentation - lactic and spirit. Microorganisms which skvashivat and ferment these and many other products. And products of their activity to our live cultures to taste and on advantage.

It is possible to swallow, of course, and of live cultures in powders and pills, but not the fact that at artificial settling of intestines by migrants from a drugstore the success is guaranteed - can not get accustomed. And here creating favorable conditions for reproduction of useful bacteria which there already live, it is possible to achieve much.

Here our kvass is absolutely irreplaceable. Unlike vinegar, it just also exists for drink, and in a large number, liters. Unlike beer and wine kvass - almost nonalcoholic product suitable for old and small. Well, there is there, of course, some alcohol. But again, in such quantity in which our organism and makes it. Those useful bacteria at us produce alcohols inside, including ethyl, from fruit which are so useful to children, and also from sugar - it is not really useful to children, but all of them equally it eat.

Good kvasok for intestinal microflora - as for us sea bathings. She comes to life, blossoms, breeds. On one kvass she can live, without any other food.

In due time when the science discovered vitamins, and the value of any product was defined how many in it vitamins and what, kvass did not cause in scientists of enthusiasm. Vitamins B it appeared a little. He could not brag of other nutrients too.

It was found out later that, including vitamins, it is not obligatory to receive many necessary substances from the outside with food. Our useful bacteria are able to synthesize them. Them at us the whole factory which overworks not only food, but also our own old cages, millions of which daily go to melting. Somehow we did not reflect before where they disappear. When the person starves - he actually eats them. The organism processes millions and millions of old cages, splits them on simple components which then go for construction of new cages and for energy production. The useful bacteria performing all this important work deserve gratitude and a good attitude.

Once in usual country economy kvass was prepared by barrels. There is such barrel with a bucket in an outer entrance hall - and all from it drink. In the summer the dinner should not be cooked: crumbled bread with onions, parted with kvass - here and a lunch. In the winter on kvass and Russian cabbage soup, and other food was cooked.

To do it at that time was long and difficult - the whole industry. But were not lazy, prepared - as without kvass - that. And in army prepared because the soldier without kvass could not serve. And at hospitals prepared that patients recovered quicker.

Today the most bulky part of work - grain soaking, a prorashchivaniye, drying, a grinding, malt preparation - was undertaken by the industry. It is possible to buy a ready concentrate - and in 10 - 12 hours to have house kvass. And to drink in the pleasure, bathing in it the useful bacteria. And will become sourer to make okroshka.

So choose what you drink.

Appetite pleasant to you.