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How to make risotto that at hand? Tasty experiment in own kitchen of

“Shkolyzhizni Inspired with warm welcome of “the flaring apples“ edition and readers. ru“, I decided to continue a subject and to look still for any original recipe of a dish from available, useful and, despite the widest popularity and popularity, very much the apples which are “narrowly“ used in household cookery.

Searches led to the recipe of apple risotto. In itself retseptik, in my opinion, mediocre. Small cut stewed apples, no more than that. But the word “risotto“ was pleasant and interested, can be because time went by a lunch, and the stomach reminded of its approach better than any hours.

According to risotto Wikipedia - and not a dish at all, and technology of preparation of rice, in some measure similar to pilaf. I love pilaf, and therefore, having hastily run according to recommendations, switched off the computer and went to kitchen to prepare the most tasty for risotto from this, “whatever is in the house“.

Sceptics I ask not to grin ahead of time. Running forward, I report that a dish really very tasty, fans of pilaf (and rice in general) should try it if it did not happen earlier. As for a set of products from this, “whatever is in the house“ - so it is my traditional method of cooking, at first to read several recipes, and then to build something similar from the fact that at hand.

At hand there was a rice - usual white and kruglozerny. Such call Krasnodar more often recently. Quality good, another at us in kitchen does not happen, or excellent - or in general any.

With vegetables it was worse - couple of bulbs more nothing was, it is time to get out to the market, but then for now we manage what is. In a folgirovanny wrapper in a corner of the refrigerator the piece of ancient butter got lost. Olive “green“ was present available too, but, having thought, decided that refined sunflower better it is adapted for heat treatment.

On other shelf of the refrigerator the third day the remains of chicken broth peacefully stood. It is not enough at first sight - but if to add water, will quite fit.

Everywhere write that it is possible to add meat to risotto, next time I will try surely. For now I fast larded a piece of fast pork garlic, covered with mustard, dropped in a marjoram, turned in a foil and threw into an oven. Let meat itself prepare, and does not prevent to deal with risotto, new to me.

Well everything, we start risotto. Chose big from two bulbs. Cleaned, cut - and on a frying pan in the kindled butter. When onions began to be gilded, the rice turn approached. Recipes recommend rice to wash out and dry up previously. But, as in a joke, there was a wish to eat very much therefore to spend time for washing and drying I did not become, used “as is“.

Directly from a bag we pour out rice on a frying pan. Quantity - by eye that was enough for all. Rice with onions is carefully mixed. Further we disturb if it is not constant - that very frequent.

It seemed what butter for rice will be a little, it absorbed everything, and on a frying pan became quite dry, as if did not burn my some risotto. Nothing, added sunflower. To what degree to roast rice I had no idea. But, as they say, “life - it will judge everything“, and with fried rice. The moment of sufficiency is visible with the naked eye.

When risinka become transparent and dark, it is a high time to add liquid. What at us? Ah yes, chicken broth, forgot to tell absolutely about it. Broth should be added hot therefore on a plate it appeared even before onions.

Frankly speaking, broth in a pan was practically nothing, can polovnichek or one and a half, and according to the recipe it is necessary liquid liter on a glass of rice. Added waters, for greater effect threw a bag of dry broth (and it, the poor fellow, at last fitted).

Broth on a frying pan with rice is poured out by parts, at me it turned out in three steps. Poured, continuously stirring slowly evaporated, and again poured. And so until the prepared broth is available. Up to the end I Rees did not begin to evaporate the last portion of liquid. On my feelings, it was still dampish, even taking into account recommendations of the recipe to leave firm a core of kernels. Covered a frying pan and put on the slowest fire that the dish “reached“.

While it reached, sometimes looked under a cover and tried readiness degree. Once it was necessary to mix, on a bottom the dense crust began to be formed. At the same time added a tea spoon of tomato paste for improvement of color. “Live“ tomatoes as I already spoke, did not appear houses.

That`s all, risotto it is ready. According to the description it has to remind very dense rice soup. Frankly speaking, my risotto externally looked like pilaf more, but taste all the same very much was pleasant. Meat which all this time itself prepared in a foil was quite useful. But also without it risotto was on the ball.

Bon appetit!