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The best friends of girls? We call by name!

are more habitual to think that diamonds, but it far not so. To far our girls to 50, when if not diamonds, that? And not so they are silly to think of one jewelry. Let`s dispel the myth!

There are 10 positions which were taken, not too caring for an order and priorities, the best friends of girls.

1. Men, forgive and turn away, but... shorts . It is safely possible to assume that the girl by the name of Zemfira thanks to them solved a secret mathematical character, in the absence of their specific variety everything is compensated by quantitative aspiration to fate - the sung infinity. So, this Trinity: shorts - shorts, slipa (bikini), thongs (Tanga). And here so always! Strove for infinity, and came, thanking Tanga, to eternity - to Eve in paradise before fall, a view from a back.

2. Mirror (glass of a show-window, car and so forth) Thanks to the girl`s mirror perfectly remember theoretically and put into practice the physical law from the section “Optics“: the hade is equal to the angle of reflection. When the girl goes down the street, she surely darts glances in all surfaces reflecting a ray of light because she knows that she by all means will see in them herself and if carries, then will catch an eye of the passerby, at the same time she will surely manage to catch only one sixth sense, nice it or “well, some freak is direct“.

3. Jacket . In it girls do everything. Eat, drink, go in transport, suffer alone on a shop. It they take cover when feel chilly, remove it when to them hot, they recognize it from one thousand similar on a theatrical hanger by the characteristic breaks and bends peculiar only to their body, without being verified with a check.

4. Handbag . A receptacle - all on light, since the hair dryer and finishing with the USB stick. Storage - gloves, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes with lollipops and jars with creams, the stun gun and a deodorant. The place - for a cosmetics bag, a purse and the mobile phone. A shelter - it is always possible to get into a handbag almost with the head, allegedly there diligently you look for something, and itself at this time quietly you tint lips or you hide from the teacher, or... actually you look for the ticket.

5. Lipsticks . There is a lot of them as, however, and all another in the girl`s handbag. Color of lipstick is chosen in friends on a tsvetotipa (the girl - summer, the girl - fall... well, all understood that they further) or, “today to allocate lips, but not eyes“, or out of a contradiction to themselves - “will be natural as a mountain stream“.

6. Watch . Are simply necessary to show grace of a wrist, and the girl cannot use for this purpose a cigarette because she does not smoke, and the guy - “ha - ha - ha! “ - decided to get acquainted with it on the street and did not think up anything the best how to ask: “The girl, tell, what time is it now?“ Friends always help out in trouble!

7. Tights (stockings) . To find the necessary friends among tights happens extremely difficult, the choice is huge: red, yellow, green, blue, orange, claret, black, colors of suntan, in a setochka, with drawings from zebras and dragons to seaweed and roses, density is from 5 den to 250, the price... However, unless it is necessary to speak about such nonsense, here girls are guided by the word look simple and clear to each of them (to look).

8. Perfume, or spirits . Girls know: if the smell was pleasant at the first acquaintance to it, then it is possible to try it to try on for some time - to buy a sampler, not to hurry, to live with it couple of days, and then to leave. And here if the girl missed without friend, then he the one whom she so long looked for. Attention, men! You want to present to the girl spirits? Think whether ethically to give the friend?

9. Shoes . Are necessary always, but are most of all appreciated during a summer warm rain when the girl removes them and runs on asphalt or on a footpath barefoot (the pedicure is faultless), and carelessly holds shoes in hand (manicure fresh).

10. The best friends . They always on the password “shish kebab“ will give a response “ìàéøëûê“, by all means will present on what you is transparent hinted at DR last week. Only once, when you will arrive to a party in time, they will be revolted for some reason by this surprising fact, and on Comedy Club jokes they synchronously with you will fastidiously wrinkle a nose or to laugh loudly as mentally ill people.

Of course, it is not possible to open all secrets of girls in one article. It is necessary only to wink fervently each other and to smile to one of the most charming and crafty smiles that all men on light knew: girls very mysterious beings!