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Clay wrappings or How to grow thin by means of clay?

In fight against excess weight we often pursue the advertized novelties and unfairly we forget about an old and reliable tool. Clay wrappings - one of the most economic and at the same time most effective methods of weight loss. What is important, it is possible to do wrappings not only in salon, but also in house conditions what I with pleasure will teach you to.

For a wrapping it is the best of all for i to use blue clay. First of all, it environmentally friendly and to it practically does not exist contraindications. It contains the greatest number of minerals and minerals, useful to the person (phosphate, iron, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, radium), opens skin pores, possesses the anti-inflammatory and deeply clearing action. Finally all this brings products of an exchange and toxins out of our organism, well influences sweating, work of internals and a metabolism, elasticity and elasticity of skin increases. It is removed as well excess liquid that first of all and promotes weight loss.

It is possible to buy blue clay in any drugstore, and it costs cheaper than a chocolate bar.

Attention! does not recommend to do a wrapping less than in 2 hours after food. Any kinds of wrappings at gynecologic are contraindicated and it is warm - vascular diseases, a hypertension, pregnancy, at any kinds of tumors, and at varicosity only the cold wrapping is authorized.

So, it will be necessary for you for a wrapping of :

body scrub;

blue clay;

capacity for clay dilution;

polyethylene film;

warm clothes.

you Treat a wrapping, as one of the most pleasant procedures for personal care. When you find experience and on the example be convinced as far as this procedure is effective, it will not be difficult. Let the next hour nobody disturb you.

Seven stages of a wrapping :

1. Srub. Before procedure is recommended to clear skin by means of a body scrub. Clay will better get into skin pores, and all procedure will take place more effectively. Put with the massage movements a srub, well rubbing it, and then wash away warm water.

2. Clay preparation. Dissolve blue clay with warm water in the ratio 1:1. Peculiar “sour cream“, not firm and not liquid has to turn out. You remember, clay should not flow down from skin. It is not necessary to use iron ware or a spoon for stirring.

3. Putting clay. apply with the Massage movements clay on your problem zones (for example, hips, a stomach, etc.) . For uniform drawing it is desirable to moisten hands slightly.

4. Film. Wrap up the specified zones a polyethylene film. It is necessary to make it rather densely, in 2 - 3 layers since after 10 - 15 minutes clay on you will become more liquid and the film will slip from a body.

5. Warmly. Procedure will be more effective if to keep a body in the warm. Dress from above warm and convenient clothes.

6. Wrapping duration - 30 - 50 minutes. Those who do wrappings in the preventive purposes are able to afford to have a rest on a sofa at this time or even to take a nap. But if your purpose - fight against extra kilos, surely use this time for performance of physical exercises. Occupations during a wrapping are three times more effective, than without it. Believe, you will not regret about the spent forces when you shortly notice result.

7. Shower. In completion of procedure clay should be washed away carefully slightly warm water in soul.

It is necessary to carry out wrappings no more than three times a week. Duration of a course depends on desirable result, volume of excess weight, age and other factors. Approximately it makes 10 - 25 procedures. At a wrapping combination with physical activities, already in few weeks the visible result on fight against excess weight is guaranteed to you. The effect of impact of clay on skin is swept up almost at once: it becomes velvety and elastic.

At today`s richest choice of cosmetics of a wrapping clay remain the most popular and effective way of fight against excess weight. At the skillful address clay will stick together from your body that you want. Feel the sculptor and create the finest creation!