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About ability to live in a condition of harmony

Material prosperity, luck, the luckiness and vigor of some people often cause admiration, and sometimes and banal envy. And at work at it everything is got on, both the administration loves, and money is found and in a family the world, and in the house a cosiness. And that is surprising, with health there are no problems. The person is able to live! And what it “ability to live“ and from where it undertakes? There are many opinions about it. I will tell one of them.

Ability to live is an ability to be in a condition of harmony, steadiness, happiness, an optimistical spirit. All external manifestations are only reflection of a condition of an interior. When in soul rest and beauty, life it becomes fine. In other words, wellbeing of the outside world is a consequence of mental and physical health of the person.

Often the fear, a condition of hopelessness and despondency, apathy, problems with health, etc. prevents to achieve success in life to people. All these troubles in total with a constant stress, the collecting fatigue, are partners in life of the modern person. From here failures, failures, failures, and again despondency, fear, hopelessness... Having got to this whirlpool once, the person is not capable to get out from there independently any more. And at the same time everyone has to understand that without his own desire and active participation, nobody others will be able to help it. To believe silly in “the kind uncle“ who will bring you your desires on a silver platter with “a blue kayemochka“, and that, without making any efforts, once you will wake up rich and happy, healthy and beautiful. You remember, the longer you remain in this whirlpool, the more difficult to get out of it.

Each person - connection of two components: mental and physical. In Ancient Greece - a cradle of the majority of modern scientific knowledge - there was a concept kalokagathia that meant the content of soul and a body in harmony. For ancient Greeks the body was “The house of soul“, and diseases are, respectively, “cry from the heart about the help“. Through diseases our body gives us signals that something not as it should be, urging to stop, reflect to pay due attention to itself and the soul. Ignoring of these signals will not lead to anything, except troubles and misfortunes.

The road to happy life conducts through work on three directions. An optimistical cheerful spirit and positive thinking (mental aspect), good physical shape (physical aspect) and a good health (physiological aspect) - here “three whales“ of harmony, three indispensable conditions of achievement of any success. Mental, physical and physiological aspects in the person are so closely bound that change to the best any of them instantly responds gratitude in two others. And harmony internal results in harmony with the outside world.

Having become on the way of achievement of success, having decided to take the responsibility for quality of own life, wishing to get rid of problems, the person has to accept need of observance of strict rules:

1. Support the body in good physical shape. At the same time it is not obligatory to overstrain in the gym at all, lifting weights. Long walk in the fresh air or visits of the pool suffices. It will help also with disposal of a stress. As we know, the stress collects in muscles, and physical activities help to remove excessive stress in separate parts of the body. Besides, physical activity influences a metabolism, immunity, etc. of

2. Care about physiological health. Healthy food, healthy sleep, the timely address to the doctor, prevention of serious diseases - all this not an empty phrase, but a necessary condition of achievement of significant results. We often do not reflect, but many modern people have no culture of the address to the doctor. In other words - today it is fashionable to self-medicate. And it is very important to address in case of problems with health the necessary expert in time and to receive the qualified help! This simple step can save from serious problems and will help to avoid complications.

3. Care about mental health. The stress, a depression, nervousness, irritability is not an illness, but also not norm. To be unfortunate, sad, the pessimist, to hate itself and people around, not prestigiously. It is not a subject for pride, it is a problem which requires the solution. Be adjusted on a good wave and do not lose a spirit at all - it is the only way capable to remove to the purpose. All others conduct in an abyss.

Observance of each of three rules is very important, but the special attention should be paid to mentality. In subconsciousness the key to the solution of many problems at the physical level is put, and having ensured healthy mentality, you by all means will get rid also of many diseases of a body.

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