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What is self-hypnosis? We Will begin

with the fact that most of experts agree in opinion that hypnosis is no other than self-hypnosis. Gipnoterapevt (inductor) helps to enter a trance, but the situation is controlled by you. What is self-hypnosis? In fact, self-hypnosis is a hypnosis without hypnotist, that is conscious, controlled ability of the person to immerse itself in a hypnotic state.

Why voluntarily to enter a state, one mention of which causes fear in many? Really, hypnosis is shrouded in a huge number of mystical stories which have a little general with reality. And meanwhile clinical hypnosis has quite wide circulation in modern medicine and is one of highly effective methods of psychotherapy. Well asamogipnoz - a fine opportunity to independently solve many problems with health.

Having mastered self-hypnosis, you will be able to learn to operate physical and mental functions of the organism for the purpose of achievement of any concrete result. For example, treatment of illnesses, disposal of excess weight, development of self-confidence and many other. But about it a bit later for now we address history.

The first mentions of hypnosis are dated in the second millennium B.C. In one of the Egyptian papyruses the technology of targeting of a salutary dream used by priests is described. Ancient Greek attendants of temples, the Indian yogas, shamans of the northern people - all of them perfectly own technicians of homing of a hypnotic trance. By and large all their surprising abilities become possible thanks to self-hypnosis development. And here the official medicine began studying of this phenomenon and its practical application is much later. In Russia, for example, one of the leading roles in this process was played by the outstanding Russian physician - the psychiatrist Vladimir Mikhaylovich Bekhterev. For the last two centuries the contribution to promoting of self-hypnosis was made by such outstanding persons as: Milton Eriksson, Hannes Lindeman, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, Ernest Rossi, and many other famous scientists, the practicing doctors, researchers.

Time goes and in the last decades self-hypnosis finds the increasing and great popularity. And the reason for that, in - the first, relative ease of development of a method, and in - the second, rather wide range of application. By means of self-hypnosis it is possible:

• To cope with a stress;

• To get rid of fears, phobias and disturbing states;

• To get rid of sleeplessness and headaches;

• To learn to operate pain, to take off pain;

• To get rid of addictions (including a drinking habit and to tobacco smoking);

• Considerably to increase efficiency of treatment, and sometimes and completely to cure the diseases having the psychosomatic nature of emergence;

• To normalize weight;

• To improve a condition of skin;

• To be engaged in self-knowledge and self-development, to become for itself the best consultant for any vital questions;

• To find determination and self-confidence;

• To develop creative thinking;

I is many other.

Of course, efficiency of application of self-hypnosis depends on a physical and emotional state, personal features, ability to self-government... But, the solution of the majority of the listed tasks does not require special abilities, and by and large art of self-hypnosis is available to everyone.

For occupations you need the quiet cozy place far away from public eyes, accurately formulated purpose, desire to achieve result and about a half of hour of free time in day. Add a little patience and persistence and already in few weeks you will begin to notice the happening changes. And further, as they say, water sharpens a stone. And what heights and success you will be able to achieve, will depend only on you!

However, at all simplicity this method conceals in itself many “traps“, getting to which it is possible to nullify all advantage of its application. Therefore it is better to begin training in self-hypnosis under the leadership of the expert. Pay attention to that the teacher surely had education as a psychologist / psychotherapist. It is also desirable to check experience of practical work in the specialty. Why it is so important? Because self-hypnosis affects deep aspects of subconsciousness, work with which demands special knowledge and practical skills. Self-hypnosis - a scientific method, one of psychotherapy methods, and is better to be trained in its application for experts.

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