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How it is correct to think of good?

At first sight to explain the term “positive thinking“ as easy as shelling pears. It is necessary “to think about good“ and all! Why still to tell something? However the seeming simplicity gives rise to a huge number of delusions, mistakes, and, as a result, serious disappointments.

Before speaking actually about positive thinking, we will address influence of an image of our thoughts on how we estimate the world surrounding us, ourselves in this world as we consider various situations and as we approach the solution of problems.

Our mentality, our thoughts, ideas, feelings are not static, they are in continuous process of transformations which happen not only at the conscious level, but also in subconsciousness. Even when we sleep, our subconsciousness is awake, it is responsible for all physiological processes happening in an organism. But also not only for it. Even during a dream our subconsciousness continues to process the obtained information and “generates“ new knowledge. Everything occurs without our conscious participation. Also whether we like it or not, but our subconsciousness stores all earlier obtained information, habits and experience, all that for years brings down day after day on us world around.

Each person from the very beginning of the life continuously is engaged in creation of its overall picture, internally defining her (lives) laws and the personal opportunities: “this I can, and this is not present“. The majority of installations of people receives from the immediate environment. As often we hear a life sentence of type: “you are clumsy, you are a gawk, the bungler...;... you will never have a normal family;... so you will never achieve anything;... you are clever, but unlucky;... someone will always be ahead of you;... your destiny to work, and money will receive others;... money is received only by boors, and you not such“... Such and other similar installations are a classical example of negative thinking. It is possible to tell that in the modern world the negative thinking became part of culture, the standard of education of younger generation.

In order that our life did not suffer from our thoughts, it is necessary to process correctly arriving information. Once again we will repeat that the principle of work of consciousness and subconsciousness such is that all information coming to the head in the form of thoughts can be forgotten at the conscious level, but it will be kept in subconsciousness. That is at the conscious level we can not agree with heard, but that will remember our subconsciousness? Really what was told? Yes. Our subconsciousness, most likely, will take these installations literally. In the subsequent it can be expressed as uncertainty in itself, the internal conflicts and complexes which in turn lead to various diseases both mental, and physiological.

Thus if we want to think positively, then we have to learn to form our thoughts so that correctly understood them both conscious, and subconscious. For example, if instead of the phrase: “you clumsy“ which is useless rough abuse you will hear: “next time be more attentive“, change a basis from a negative to search of the correct way of an exit from current situation.

Thus to think positively, it is necessary that thoughts were in a full consent with moods of soul and heart. When thoughts completely correspond to internal desires when conscious desires are true when the lie and pretense are rejected, and the person is honest with himself, only then it is possible to tell that in his life the principle of positive thinking is realized.

Here some more widespread mistakes in understanding of positive thinking. For example, the mistake to think that if on the street there is a heavy rain and the person feels according to weather - sad, suppressed, lost forces, - that to convince itself that all on the contrary, actually everything is all right, it and will be positive thinking. At the conscious level you can try, but subconsciousness always knows the true situation. This gap between reality and desires of the person, does not exert absolutely any positive impact on mentality. In other words, the positive thinking only then is really positive when it “recognizes“ both our consciousness and our subconsciousness.

Huge value also has what phrases and phrases we communicate with the subconsciousness, the inner self. Subconsciousness perceives as positive that information which is directed to action, to achievement of desirable result. It is possible to tell that a basis of success of positive thinking is the movement to a goal. Denial of action for subconsciousness has negative coloring.

We will begin with obvious. “I have a holiday“ - it is positive information both for consciousness, and for subconsciousness. On the contrary, “I have no holiday“ - it is a negative. Other option if, for example, is about a headache. “I have a headache“ for consciousness is negative information. It is pleasant to whom to feel a headache? But for subconsciousness in this statement there is nothing bad, there is no denial. “I have a headache“ - it is the fact, the statement, the phenomenon existing in reality. For subconsciousness - it is the correct information directed to confirmation of the fact, so it is positive. The thought that “I am not hurt by the head“ for consciousness is positive, and for subconsciousness it contains denial and is directed to inaction. It is possible to tell that subconsciousness does not know how to arrive with such information and therefore undertakes nothing.

It is useless to try to achieve the objectives, listing all that there is no wish for. It is all the same what to go shopping in shop, having made list of what does not need to be bought. And with what you will return from there?

To think positively, it is not enough to ignore unpleasant circumstances or to violently consider them pleasant, it is useless to try to forget about all it would be desirable to get rid of. To think positively, it is necessary to formulate our desires and the purposes so that they included the positive information expressed in positive formulations equally clear to consciousness and subconsciousness. Thus, we set an accurate task for our subconsciousness, we set activity and we move in the specified direction, making efforts for achievement of a goal, for implementation of our dream.

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