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of Tss... carefully you take off boots, slowly you undo a coat, then, accelerating the speed, you grab something from kitchen, flying by by a dusty mirror, you throw off a cap and you take seat in the convenient chair. You include food, you fade for a second to wait for “revival“ and, quickly swallowing a piece of a sweet roll, you pritselivat the view of the monitor. While vindus does not hurry to open for you the windows, you rush on the house with relentless desire is, but wash hands, and go not to kitchen, and to the already loaded “purpose“. “... please wait...“ - what annoying phrase. Inside everything boils, but you, without showing, sit... also you carry out the installation set by the program. “start-up. connection. freedom.“ You relax... there is a process of connection you to a network. “browser. entrance. my page“. “There is a contact! “ - enthusiastically you shout. And the head incessantly repeats “5 minutes... 5 minutes...“. Together with it (head) you dip into “bog“. Intrigued? I think, no. you know about what I. “loading of the application“. Yes not its loading goes, and you! “to open the new message“ all information Is exhausted... and fleetingly flies by on all bog. Here water, there wood goblins. About - a pas! Frogs. Well and of course mosquitoes, and where without them darling? And who? Goldfish? Water princess? Yes as if not so. Everything as in drift sands, drained in. Only a difference that the people who got there try to get out, but they for this purpose should not moving. And here? Who will refuse a free portion of morning contact? Or will try to slow down the movement? No. it is necessary to be hammered into this circulation urgently. Running from school home by advertizing “to whom the help is necessary? we will cure addicts!“ you do not reflect. So it you need the doctor! For you the sign weighs... Only, meanwhile in medicine there are no such experts which luchat from “kontaktomaniya“. It was lucky? Solve.

Night. But not a drugstore the street a lamp, as at Blok. And Computer. phone lamp. 12 hours on hours... “probably hurry...“ and in my opinion you slow down the development here. And here “About the MIRACLE!“, (though not for you)... the computer freezes up. Well and sootvetvenno your program loses the set installation and to have to go to sleep. But there is opportunity that you will live up to that time when computers cease to freeze up. “And then I will heal!“ not - and, and then you will moderate. “here I will amuse still VKontakte!“ yes, is not present, it those who got rid of dependence, got out of a bog whether only will be such will laugh at you? No matter! Carefully you take off from yourself clothes, slippers, you throw off a cover and you go to bed... hardware...

Nikonova Elena