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How to make the, specialty pastrami?

If you did not taste pastrami yet, then surely make it. I mean - make pastrami and try this remarkable zakusochka. Also be not frightened, there is nothing more simply than self-made pastrami as there is nothing more tasty it, darling.

Why I recommend to do it independently? Because, alas, there is no guarantee that you buy honestly made product, and then your opinion will remain negative and you until the end of life will stay under oppression of this heavy delusion. That it did not happen, make pastrami. You and quality will provide to these, and it will cost to you twice cheaper that is not so unimportant, especially in the future when you densely on it sit down.

So that is necessary for pastrami. Well of course, first of all, meat . Usually beef undertakes, but it is not dogma. I did also of veal (that almost same), and of pork (just remarkably), and even of mutton (very interestingly). Some gurus from cookery claim that pastrami needs to be done only of cutting. Yes, it is not bad, of course, but as tell at us, in Ukraine, “tse konyka“ that designates as you understand, the kicking, whimsical foal.

Take just a piece of pulp and cut on strips in thickness two fingers and four with width. Length does not matter. Plentifully season with salt, lay in the enameled or ceramic ware, and from above a plate and a one-liter jar with water - oppression. All this for three days in the refrigerator. Meat turn once a day.

Through three and if pieces were rather massive, then and 4 - 5 days meat we get also for 15 minutes after three days (or 20 - 25 if were more salted) we immerse in cold water, it is better in flowing, or just several times we change it. Then meat we spread on something, for example, a towel to clean water. Now we suspend the dried meat on a strong thread and we cover chamany which we prepared still yesterday.

Yes, chaman prepares how the meat prosolka will end. How to train him?

We boil 0,5 liters of water, we throw 3 - 4 bay leaves and 5 - 6 small peas of allspice there. We clean water from fire and we allow to cool down a little. In half liter ware we fill up 0,5 tablespoons of a ground fenugreek, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon (without hill) salt, 1 tablespoon of black ground pepper, 3 - 4 tablespoons of a paprika, two heads pounded (in a mortar or through a press) garlic and a teaspoon of a ground zira. Gradually we fill in all this collecting with yet not cooled down water (bay leaf and allspice we delete, it is not necessary to throw in chaman them), gradually we fill in and we stir slowly, bringing this mix to density of sour cream. Now let`s it cool down finally and put for days in the refrigerator. Yes, nearly forgot. Let you be not frightened by the unfamiliar names all the called components is in supermarkets or, on a thin case, on trays.

In a day prepared (as it is described above) meat is plentiful, with a thick layer it is covered drawn chamany and we suspend in a shadow, and it is even better in the dark place.

To begin to try it is possible in a week, but it will be not pastrami, and though very tasty, but just spicy air-dried meat yet. The real pastrami it will become weeks through three. Here then it can be planed on thin lepestochka and to give under a konyachok or other liquid dimming mind.

It is the classical recipe of production of pastrami. Below - the recipe my, own. To be praised not to the person to the adult solid person and what words to describe the, that is I wash, genius. I, for example, do not find such words. Therefore when you will make, you will feel a difference.

At once I will answer often asked question concerning spices and spices, in sense - whether there is not a lot of that, or another. In this, concrete, a case there is a high probability of emergence of doubts in the offered amount of garlic. I answer - not much. I explain why - garlic in the course of oxidation and partial fermentation changes a smell which in combination with aromas of other spices and creates that unique bouquet which distinguishes the offered product from his other “namesakes“. And that is still interesting, so is that nobody ever will tell and will not believe you that in this food “ton“ of garlic and even that it is there in general. I hope, the answer was rather exhaustive. Well, and now on - to a being.

Meat for my pastrami is prepared, as in any recipe (above it is in detail described). And here the plastering for it (it also gives to meat individual, I will not be afraid of this word, taste) as - time and is the main secret which from this solemn minute and for you will not be a secret.

We will take 4 tablespoons of dense tomato paste, we will add 4 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, a quarter of a teaspoon of lemon acid, 3 tablespoons of a paprika, 1 tablespoon of black ground pepper, 2 - 3 heads of garlic (previously to crush or overwind on the meat grinder), 1 tablespoon of ground seeds of a coriander. In total properly to mix, allow to be drawn, and then to cover meat as it is described in the first recipe.

It is enough that it was tasty. If you are ready to tinker still a little bit, take 0,5 tablespoons of a fenugreek, part with hot water to a condition of very dense sour cream and add to the above described tomato plastering. Farther all as in the first recipe - meat was covered, suspended, in 2 - 3 days once again covered and sat down to wait until dries. Days through ten rose and began tasting.