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Secrets of beauty of Sophia Loren or How to look younger?

to the World famous Italian actress Sophia Loren are on September 20, 2010 76 years.

Just imagine, my grandmother noted 70 recently - summer anniversary, but a difference in appearance amazing. In 73 years Sofia posed nude for Pirelli calendar!

How Sophia Loren is possible to keep the beauty and a charm?

according to the actress, beauty demands care and careful leaving, neither plasticity, nor implants, nor injections will be able to make so much how many you will be able for your beauty, working for its preservation daily.

At the same time it is necessary to begin with creation of own image as the actress declares: “Always struck me, how strongly the suit, a make-up and a hairdress promote creation of an image“.

what to pay attention to first of all? Give one after another.

1. Hair

“They will help to play any role which life, easy and with big skill will demand from you“ . It is important to define type of the hair and their feature. According to age, a face type, skin color and an eye it is possible to pick up a hairstyle, advantageous for you, and a hair color.

2. Skin

“Looking after skin today, you work for the future as the woman with good skin perfectly looks at any age“ . It was most of all lucky owners of fat skin since on it wrinkles develop later. Owners of this kind of skin begin to look after it earlier, from - for excessive fat contents they use strong creams and lotions, but over time their skin becomes less fat and if they on a habit continue to use means for fat skin, then risk it to do much harm.

On the other side of the woman with dry or normal skin in youth treat it as to self-evident, without thinking that beauty is a gift which they need to keep, and to moisten skin with nutritious creams and masks. Cosmetics Sofia recommends to remove

from eyes usual vegetable oil since skin around eyes more gentle and dry, than on other sites of the person. It is not recommended to use too hot or too cold water for washing, otherwise it can lead to the small burst sosudika and reddenings on a face.

3. The body and a way of life

the Italian star goes to bed at 21 o`clock. Temperature in her bedroom does not exceed +21 °C. Rises at 6 in the morning that “to feel how the world wakens“, and 10 minutes do gymnastics with dumbbells at the window opened in any weather. After - a contrast shower. It helps to support a tone and to keep a bust form.

4. The diet

the actress adores macaroni. With a height of 173 cm it weighs 60 kg. Sofia suits every three months itself a two-day unloading diet. Two days running to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and to drink natural juice is not such a difficult diet. As for daily meal, Sofie recommends to eat at first proteinaceous products that they were acquired as much as possible, and in a few minutes porridge, potatoes or salad.

Here the approximate menu of the actress for 1 day:

Breakfast: milk soup or yogurt with muesli, 1 boiled egg, fruit, 1 piece of grain bread.

Lunch: fish or low-fat meat, any porridge, vegetable salad.

Dinner: fast smoked products, fish, green vegetables, fruit.

During the day - 2 liters of still mineral water in the small portions.

5. Style


how it is correct to put on, wrote already many books. About it we are told every day glossy magazines. Ability is beautiful to put on according to age and type of a figure is some kind of art. Ability is beautiful to move - the hallmark of Sofia, but it can learn too.

6. The soul + character

“Beauty depends also on another - kindness, mind and, of course, imagination without which the effective woman you will not become“ . Ability to be charming, kind, sensitive, gentle and always to remain the woman play in it not the last role.

Not to afford addictions, every day to fight against the shortcomings and to look after the appearance, it is necessary to love and respect himself very much.