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When the first smilie was born?

We in the life are able to express different emotions, our mimicry is very rich and various. It is well-known that our interlocutor obtains 80% of information via nonverbal channels of perception: mimicry, gestures.

Communicating on the Internet, we use smilies for expression of the mood:

:-) - I smile to

: - (- me it is sad

: - About - surprise

of XD - is terribly ridiculous

- % - - @ - I give a floret

on September 19 it is considered Birthday of “smilie“.

From where they appeared and who thought up them?

Smilies , differently emogramma ( of smile - a smile) are the badges made of punctuation marks, letters and figures, designating some emotions. They are widely used at communication on the Internet - in letters, forums, chats, etc. Recently text smilies gradually consign to the past, and succeed them graphic - the cool pictures representing faces, objects, signs, actions.

The first smilies appeared even earlier and not on the Internet: in America in December, 1963 the artist Harvey Bell , on the occasion of merge of two insurance companies in one corporation State Mutual Life Assurance Cos. of America drew the first fervent smiling mug which was placed on badges of staff of the company.

In 70 - x years the smile gained huge popularity: its began to print on brands, t-shirts, backpacks, pencils … Production with the image of smilies brought in huge incomes to all, except the creator.

However the first a certain Frenchman Franklin Loufrani in 1971 patented a smilie as a trademark. He managed to patent the trademark in 80 countries of the world. Loufrani`s corporation - Smiley Licensing - worked worldwide, except the USA, certainly, and made for the owner big profit.

As for Harvey Bella, he eventually too patented the smile and created the World Smile Corporation company (which his son - Charles Bell heads now). This person had a dream - to become “the international ambassador of happiness“ on all Earth. Harvey Bell suggested to celebrate on October 1 the international day of a smile. All profit on the World Smile Corporation company is decided to be used for charitable purposes.

In 2002 the employee of Microsoft Mike Jones found for the first message containing smilies in network archives. And decided to consider as symbol date of birth on September 19, 1982. Scott Falman used his (Scott E. Fahlman) professor of private University Carnegie - Mellon that is in Pittsburgh, the State of Pennsylvania, the USA. Here so his letter with use of the first smilies looked:

19 - Sep - 82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman:-) From: Scott E Fahlman I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers::-) Read it sideways.

Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use: - (

Should note that this historical event was preceded by the whole scientific discussion that today it seems very amusing. Research associates long discussed: what smilies to use for expression “joke“ or is “sad“.

Now on the Internet the most various smilies meet: not only the expressing emotions, but also the representing various characters, zodiac signs, flags, plates with slogans (the chanting smilies), smiles - letters, New Year`s smilies …

On the Internet exist the special websites on which you can load to yourself sets of smilies, and also think out and draw the author`s smilies, exchange them, give and send these “the smiling mugs“ to friends and acquaintances.

In more than 25 years of the existence “smilie“ became invariable attribute of electronic communication, and many cannot present any more how it would be possible to do without it.