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New in advertizing or well forgotten old? I Will remind

to readers that the updated law “About Advertising“ includes a large number of the bans concerning some alcoholic products and tobacco. In particular, the current law forbids advertizing of alcohol and tobacco on all types of public vehicles, in vehicles, at stops of public transport, at stations, at the airports, at stations of the subway and on other objects of transport infrastructure. Besides, advertizing of alcohol and tobacco is forbidden also on television, radio, at cinema, on the first and last strips of newspapers and covers of magazines. But all know that one bans of the Russian person not to convince of malignancy of overconsumption of alcohol or harm of tobacco. As for alcohol, in my opinion, it is more expedient to impart to the population culture of drink, but not to be engaged in bans. With increase of level of the general literacy of the consumer, to the population to impart culture of drink much more simply, than to force it not to abuse binge by means of bans. And books, in this case, can become one of the main carriers of idea of cultural consumption and advertizing of really qualitative and noble drinks. In this regard there is a wish to remind the reader that else in pre-revolutionary Russia direct advertizing of products of consumption in fiction was widely applied. Not only that placement of direct advertizing in books is one of optimum ways of the address to target audience, but through heroes of books it is possible to tell also about civilized

consumption of alcoholic drink, the worthy Russian consumer. The book as any useful goods, representatives of various groups of target audience buy that allows to use advertizing opportunities of this carrier with the greatest effect. Advertizing is usually placed in the special block at the end of the book or on a back cover, is more rare on an insert in any part of the edition. In addition use the fly-leaf - a turn between the book block and cover which, as a rule, does not bear information. Any investments in books are possible: a coaster, a bookmark, CD - a disk with information contents, a magnet on the refrigerator, the returnable business card, a pocket calendar, a plastic card. Besides, application prodakt - a pleysment (product placement, PP) - “the embedded, indirect advertizing“ is expedient.

In this case, can be applied use of any product (service, a brand) the hero of the literary work with the description of its advantages and properties. Quite often advertized product can be one of basic elements of a subject outline. Such advance of a brand promotes its good memorability and provides consumer preference in favor of this brand.

the Organization financing release of the edition receives the prestigious status of the title sponsor and, respectively - the right for the publication of exclusive advertizing. The standard advertizing package of the title sponsor provides placement of a company logo of the company and the inscription “it is published with assistance …“ on the first cover and the title page of the book, and also the advertisement (or the module) on a back cover.

B than advantages of advertizing and product placement in books?

• the concentrated perception • a possibility of more detailed story to the consumer about differences and advantages of your product or the service

• lower cost of advertizing in comparison with print and media media

• the reader is a priori interested in target audience of your advertizing message

in information close on subject to book contents

• the book read on average two - three persons, at the same time, repeatedly re-reading, so, repeated contact with the consumer on its

pages • advertizing in books, sponsorship of the edition - graceful, non-standard PR - the course of your

company • popularity of the author of the book, and also the fallen in love heroes is reached, increases interest in the

brand advertized in it Separately there is a wish to note the fact that through advertizing of the book the advertiser has an opportunity to advertize the production on any advertizing carrier that significantly increases his potential communication with the consumer.

A the more obshcheniye, the more loyally the consumer belongs to the product chosen by it.

for anybody not a secret that the more at a brand of loyal consumers, the future is more perspective than it and that is not less important, the more capitalization of the company possessing this brand.

Misters businessmen, do not forget about it.