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Public catering: you reflected how cook to you food?.

Consumer protection in Russia - the question which is traditionally forgotten and both legislators and officials, and consumers. And if we still have the minimum ideas of the rights in the sphere of retail trade, then here the public catering just suppresses abundance in the relation us the rights of the performer.

Bars and restaurants of all possible classes, snackbars and dining rooms compose the most inconceivable rules of the visit which are actively contradicting standards of the current legislation and common sense. Violations in a public catering: single and lasting, just unpleasant and rather dangerous, punishable and not really - a subject for the book.

On the first place on degree of danger to us, “guests“, there are, strangely enough, violations which we do not see and of which got used not to think: various non-compliance sanitarno - hygienic requirements to production process. Believe, their possible list is more various than the most substantial menu of the most expensive Moscow restaurant.

“In the organizations rooms under housing are not placed, the works and services which are not connected with activity of the organizations of public catering are not carried out and also pets and a bird do not contain“ (item 2. 5 “Sanitarno - epidemiological requirements to the organizations of public catering, production and turnover ability in them of foodstuff and food staples“, approved as the Chief state health officer of the Russian Federation on November 6, 2001) .

Aha, how so! “Rooms under housing“ just take place to be: guest workers who wash for you the dishes and fry to you a shish kebab (one person is frequent), in your opinion, where live? The trenik they too, by the way, together with your cloths erase.

Anywhere! In a public catering the put production control of quality of drinking water is not exercised anywhere: there is no own laboratory also in mention as there is also no contract on it with bodies of Gossanepidsluzhby. Therefore so-called “microbiological and parasitological“ indicators are unknown including to heads of an institution: is not present distinguishable a naked eye of water organisms and a superficial film - and that is fine. And tests have to be carried out: for superficial sources (in the center one superficial source - the Moskva River) on bacteria and parasites - monthly, on inorganic and organic substances - quarterly, on radiation - annually.

Anybody! None of heads will allow to close restaurant from - for lack of hot or cold water. And this obligatory requirement SanPiN. Do so: as shutdown is known, as a rule, in advance, gather water in special such plastic tubs and from it cook, wash something; distribute to personnel 20 rubles on visit of the next public toilet; guest toilets close - a pier as you want.

I observed presence of drain ladders for water from mopping only in eatery in Gubkinskom, the bucket pours out at best in a toilet bowl of a personalsky toilet and as he is always busy - directly in a sink with ware (in the first - where dirty, but all the same). Still is very much - very strict requirements to ventilation and illumination of production rooms; they are not observed even close therefore I do not write about it.

“Production process has to exclude counter flows of raw materials, crude semi-finished products and the finished goods used and pure ware, and also oncoming traffic of visitors and personnel“ is a requirement of Rules. In practice “streams“ not just meet - they do not disperse; it is impossible because a production entrance one, and it settles down directly in hot shop, for example. The products brought from the market or the supplier, including the dripping meat and fish hulks, give all the best the forwarding agent in dirty clothes directly on a surface of a table from which release a ready dish already in a plate.

A separate subject - presence of personal belongings in kitchen. The cosmetics bag, a hairbrush, cigarettes, cards, phone, a scarf and tablets - all on number of workers in change - settle down on working surfaces of finishing tables. The special clothes are given incidentally therefore cooks work partly in the; the salad chaser can have it also a mohair jacket with all that it implies.

About cleaning and disinfection: once a month as it is necessary, clear-out is not carried out anywhere. Disinfection in general is excluded because cleaners “do not trust in chlorine“ (one and all!) also are afraid of rubber gloves therefore use just water; by the way, waiters wash tables in the hall only with water too - protect hands. Vocational hygienic training of personnel is not carried out, and the magazine about results of certification nevertheless is filled in.

Medical examinations: preliminary, as a rule, is at all - medical books happen just overdue. And here on a shift basis regarding identification at the working “injuries and pustulous diseases of skin of hands, open parts of a body, and also quinsy, the catarrhal phenomena of the top airways, carious teeth“ are not carried out. And meanwhile, there is a rule that workers of a public catering are obliged even to report about intestinal infections at someone from family members.

Then, all with nails and hair - so they is more beautiful than the cook, and also rings, bracelets and we designate: remove while you watch at them as soon as you turn away - put on joyfully again.

By the way, now while you already long or not really wait for the Mexican salad and a kaypirinya, someone has desperately legal proceedings with founders of this restaurant...