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Where and how to learn English?

this question anyway suffer For today a huge number of people. It was “without water both there earlier, and syuda“. Now the situation considerably changed, with water supply everything is all right, but “without English and works for you decent, and in general somehow it feel ill at ease for many reasons“.

The majority of answers to questions can be looked for on the Internet today. And why there and not to learn English?

A third of the globe speaks Shakespeare`s language, at least 1/3 more makes efforts that to learn it. The world is inconceivable today without the Internet where English is the main language of communication. Therefore each person respecting himself who sets before himself the big purposes and plans to reach some vital heights has to be fluent in English.

With what to begin studying of English?

If you are not among unfortunate which at school had German or French, then the base is available. To report, what is your name and where you live, most likely, you can. Like names of primary colors and parts of a body the most inveterate poor student has the minimum lexicon even. And further it is necessary just to cease to be lazy and to begin to develop already available base. Do not spend time for a miracle - techniques “English for 3 months“, and prepare for persistent work.

Self-instruction manuals in a century of general learning of foreign languages began to raise a smile already existence. They will be useful, of course, to those who live far from civilized places and are torn to knowledge. But even in those places the Internet and consequently, and additional opportunities for learning of foreign languages is already available.

In any, even the most small town, there are English language courses and the qualified teachers presently. The best option - small group of students of your level of knowledge and the teacher - the native speaker but speaking and in Russian too. First of all it is real to receive a clear understanding of grammatical rules from courses. Practice of colloquial communication according to the developed scenarios of lessons, unfortunately, does not give the expected results.

The following stage (it is desirable to combine it with training at courses, and then to continue as long as possible) is expansion of a lexical stock, the practician of informal conversation and the practician of understanding of informal conversation of others.

To learn to perceive the speech aurally well educational cartridges and educational movies will help. It is necessary to watch originals art and documentaries. It is simple to buy such movies with subtitlings in Russian. It is necessary to read not adapted books and texts.

And the most important - it is necessary to communicate with native speakers. Complaints about where to find them, in a century of the Internet are simply frivolous. At your service the mass of various programs allowing to talk to representatives of all countries and the people. Virtual communication on the Internet removes fear of communication more simply and quicker than real communication. Everything reminds game. Here you do not know the interlocutor, will not begin to redden in front of the screen and can just “switch off“ if communication does not suit you.

It is the best of all to choose for communication of residents of England and Malta for which classical English is native. It is quite good to talk to Hindus who after an era of colonial domination of England know English in perfection. Australians, Canadians and, of course, Americans can also take part. But it is necessary to understand that it is not absolutely that “English“ English any more. The American English differs from classical English in both a pronunciation, and very free address with grammar a little.

The conducted surveys show that every day English becomes language of the international communication more and more. So let`s communicate, communicate and communicate!