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“Fairy tales from a dark side“: what the American version “On a Visit at the Fairy Tale“ will tell about?

It is known that in the eightieth the genre of horror films in Hollywood blossomed and eared. Here to you and a slasher “Friday, 13 - e“, and the well-known franchize of Wes Craven “A nightmare on Vyazov Street“, and uncountable crowd of admirers, successors and imitators. The television, as usual, away from a fashionable tendency was not going to remain, and soon on the American TV the real boom a horror - series began.

The foundation, however, was laid even earlier. In 70 - x there were first telezhutik in which the leader over and over again told impressionable audience the next terrifying story about aliens, ghosts, the vampires, the zombie or monsters living in the sewerage (series “Night Gallery“, 1970 - 1973). In 1985 the first season of the most popular show “Twilight Zone“ (1985 - 1989) based on the film collection of the same name of Spielberg, Dante and Landis of 1983 started. In 1989 America came out “Baizes from a crypt“ with a charismatic skeleton as the leader; this long-liver held on even longer, having published the whole 7 seasons from 1989 for 1996. And in 1995 there was youth, even children`s, an option of a television horror - the Canadian series “Goosebumps“ (1995 - 1998) where the main characters were children, and stories, as a rule, came to an end hepp - endy.

The TV series of “The fairy tale from a dark side“ outstripped all above-stated tapes because aired in 1984 on time and stayed four years there. It is known that the American series, especially those that have no general through plot, are removed the whole crowd of people, and popular actors and screenwriters to whom they allow “to drive“ can act as directors of separate episodes. In this case as directors the cinematographer Tom Savini and the actor Bob Balaban managed to be lit, and among coauthors of the scenario it is easy to make out George Romero and Stephen King`s names.

In our country “Fairy tales of a dark side“ are almost unknown because they were not broadcast on our television, unlike same “Baizes“ or “A twilight zone“. And here the feature film which appeared in 1990 the domestic viewer saw under the decline of an era of video salons in the forefront. The chief director of the full-length version which, without thinking twice, and was called “By fairy tales from a dark side: The movie“, appointed John Harrison who sweat over creation of series most. The picture was broken on duration by three short stories approximately minutes 25 everyone, having connected them by the general plot about the wicked witch (Deborah Harry is a soloist of Blondie group), who intends to eat the little boy. To delay “party“ at which it will be given with a garnish and in spices the boy reads to the witch stories from the fat “Book of fairy tales from a dark side“.

The author of the first short story under the name “Lot Number 249“ Michael Macdowell to the actor Malkolm) according to the short story of sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the same name began (not to confuse. Students of college Andy (Christian Slater) and Li lead a carefree life. Their rich parents pay with it practically everything that the dear will wish, and she, the infection, likes to spend summer in Europe, to play big tennis and to ride Maserati. Li already so became impudent that he asks the sister Suzann to write (Julian Moore) for him the essay on a competition which winner will get an additional grant. And this money is so necessary to poor, but intellectual Bellingham (Steve Buscemi) which besides secretly is lovesick according to Suzann. Alas, the red-haired bitch not only does not reciprocate to it (and that the truth, Buscemi was never a handsome), but also, helping the hitrozady brother, steals a certain Indian totem from the local museum to shift the blame on the lover of the botanist in it.

The botanist, however, was not only clever, but also extremely artful. Even cruel. Having thought that his fellow students impudently carried out a contest committee around a finger, Billingem conceived a fearful vengeance. Having redeemed an ancient Egyptian mummy at auction, he received by mail a box with the inscription “Lot No. 249“. A mummy as a mummy, only a piece of the withered flesh of thousand-year prescription. As if not so! The roll with a spell, having read which aloud is applied to a mummy, the poor student can not only recover a monster, but also operate of Sami understand, bad news to his offenders because the monster will not deliver pizza to the house, and is only capable to kill...

The short story at number two belongs to a feather of two classics of a genre: “The cat from an underworld“ adapted Stephen King`s story for cinema George Romero. If it is honest, not the best story of King and not the best film adaptation. However we will leave selection of material on conscience of authors of the movie. Perhaps for other, more considerable works of the writer they simply lacked financial resources?

This episode of the movie narrates about the old man Drogana (the veteran of Hollywood William Hikki) who lives the days in own enormous mansion. First Drogan was not so lonely, together with him his sister, her girlfriend and the servant Gage lived in the house. However the situation exchanged with the advent of a black cat to whom Drogan took a dislike from first minutes. And not for nothing, since the cat was still that scoundrel. Thanks to it the population of the rich house became soon prompt to be reduced. At first the sister broke to herself a neck, having “unintentionally“ stepped on a cat on a ladder, then her girlfriend died in a dream of asthma. And even the faithful servant Gage could not execute the last order of the owner and destroy a cat, having got on the way to road accident.

A tomcat, having used one of the nine lives, safely returned to Drogan and, judging by a cunning muzzle, is still aimed to remain in proud loneliness. Drogan, being a staunch old man, makes up the mind to the step which in other situation seemed to strange. He employs for an infernal cat of the professional killer (David Johansen). And if the cat was ordinary Murzik, this short story could end easily and simply. But this “ìóðçèê“ was also not going to give up so easily...

The last short story is called “A love oath“ and tells about the artist Preston (James Remar). Preston is the typical intellectual - the loser who is drawing canvases for sale and spending on drink poor revenue in the bar, neighboring to the house. His agent was tired to wait for creative rushes of Preston, and the artist was tired to squeeze out them from himself. One night Preston, as usual, having waited for closing of bar, together with the bartender left through a rear entrance and it was unpleasantly surprised with emergence of an enormous spiteful gargoyley from nowhere. Especially this meeting struck the bartender to whom the monster right there tore off the head. Preston closed eyes, watched a short video about the life and when opened, understood that his head still on the place. The gargoyley promised not to kill the useless draftsman, but under one condition: Preston under no circumstances and has to tell nobody about a monster.

And then in life of the artist the real muse in the form of black Kerola appears (Ray Don Chong). Ten years later it has everything: beauty wife, dear children, successful business and sea of inspiration. However in one place at Preston still itches, he did not tell the half about that evening when they got acquainted...

As you can see, syuzhetik at short stories rather unpretentious, without delicacy. As well as the majority of film adaptations of series, “Tales of a dark side“ suffer from “televizionnost“, both in visual, and in the semantic plan. Nevertheless, in America the picture was accepted favourably, and it even managed to provide to the creators profit.

From the point of view of actor`s works, in a tape there is nothing remarkable. Unless it is interesting to see absolutely young and little-known then Buscemi and charming Julian Moore.