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To find the prince. Or the instruction how to find the promised of

I Devote to Svetlana Century

Let always on your way

those people to whom I am glad meet!

Early morning. Each normal person very much wants to sleep if he at heart “owl“. As quarrystone - that specially calls phone. Svetlana thought: “Well, who it at six o`clock in the morning?! There is nothing to do perhaps“ … Unwillingly takes the call of phone and hears uneasy, it is possible even to tell, the excited voice of the girlfriend:

- Svetka, you sleep?

Svetlana murmured more to herself, than her:

- Thanks to you - no more.

Alina did not pay any attention to what was quietly told by her girlfriend and is vigorous, as if choking with words, confusedly continued:

- You represent! I learned it!!! - On the other side of phone there was so much energy, it is so much pleasure, it is so much enthusiasm that Svetlana solved: it passed something very important. Slowly at the same time to leave a dream:

- You saw what time is it now? People still sleep … and you stick with some news here. - Svetlana slowly stretched, at the same time having pressed a tube of the mobile phone an ear to a shoulder began to understand that Alka as she called the girlfriend, at six o`clock in the morning besides that not in a bed, so also all some excited. At last decided to ask:

- And you generally where in such wound? - Having heard Alyn that the girlfriend began to wake up and laughed:

- Not where and from where - Alina continued to laugh loudly.

- Well if so it is pleasant to you, then, from where more?

- I go to - wash, from a ball of Queens! - By a solemn voice said Alyn.

- What - about? From what ball? You cho there - drunk?

- Make - enno trez - va - I, - the interlocutor continued by a lingering voice conversation.

- Well I will be enough to part - or you tell the news, or I put a pipe.

- Svetlana became angry: - I could sleep even the whole hour!

- Open. In the receiver beeps were heard, and in the same time the on-door speakerphone call was distributed. Svetlana understood that now not to get to with her from the girlfriend anywhere, and curiosity began to inflame inside. It slowly, half-heartedly lifted a tube of the on-door speakerphone and, having convinced that the girlfriend opened a door of an entrance went, on kitchen to make coffee.


Two young girls sat at a table and drank coffee. It was visible that they make such meal not for the first time. Beautiful coffee porcelain cups were poured by nacre. Svetlana sat near a window. The ray of light fell to its cup. Porcelain began to be poured by all flowers of a rainbow. Girls liked to watch this natural phenomenon, but today to them had no time for it: nobody paid any attention to cups.

Svetlana silently drank coffee, having looked down in a cup. Understanding that it is not obligatory to ask Alina about something at all as that only and waits for an opportunity to throw out the full volume of that information of which took control nochyu today on the girlfriend she did not keep itself waiting:

- You represent, yesterday Irka called me and reported that she has a free ticket for training “Wake the Queen in yourself“. I so was delighted! Of course - went. We got up much there - Alina waved a hand so that Svetlana imperceptibly removed her coffee closer to the middle of a table. Alina did not notice manipulations of the girlfriend and confusedly continued:

- And so: we dressed up queens, learned to go as if on a podium. - The girl got up and walked on the room: - Gait from a hip, shoulders back, a crown on the head also went. - Alina sat down on a chair, without interrupting the story:

- And so, I will not tell everything to you and how to find the prince - I will tell, and that you will not find the in any way.

- And who conducted training? - With curiosity Svetlana asked.

- Elena Vitalyevna Terentyeva.

- Yes you that?

And you it from where you know? - with surprise asked Alyn.

- I on individual consultation at it was. Unlike some I am not such talkative. - With pride Svetlana declared. The girlfriend pretended that she took offense, and Alina continued, as if calming the girlfriend:

- Yes, you cho - about! Well then you will tell, and that I and in the second change with work will not be in time.

- And me in general the compensatory holiday was promised, shcha, I will call back for work.


Both girls decided not to go to work. They took time off, and with pleasure that Monday appeared day off, actively continued conversation:

- So, at the beginning give about your training in more detail. - Business tone, Svetlana told.

- Not - e - e. I will not retell all training when you go - you will see everything. I want to give this equipment to you: how to find the prince.

- Well, - Svetlana Agreed, knowing the girlfriend. That will in detail describe equipment in the beginning, and then and all training. Therefore did not argue and did not fuss. Understood that it is only a matter of time. And attentively looked at Alka, to waiting hear something interesting.

- So, I will begin one after another: The first and one of the main conditions: to understand it that such man as you want to eat already, and you needed only to meet.

- What means only will meet? - without understanding Alina Svetlana asked again.

- Here, here, I and knew that you will ask it! - with easy indignation Alina told. Also continued: - For some I repeat once again: you understand what man you have to meet?

- I understand.

- Here, now present that it already where - that is and you it was necessary to meet it. Presented? - Alina looked in eyes to the girlfriend, as if looking for confirmation to the words. After a while Svetlana told:

- Presented.

- And now, it is necessary to understand that it is real! If you do not convince yourself of they are everything were gone. I understand now that we will meet soon!!! Very much! Very much! - And Alina pensively put on a hand breast, looked afar, but somehow sharply came round and returned to the room to the interlocutor:

- Further it is necessary to find more than 10 ways to draw attention of the man. - And here Svetlana did not sustain and told very quickly:

- And how I will approach the man and I will tell hi?! Men even on the Internet do not digest “hi“, and here will think: or the silly woman, or acts … - do not endure

, we and spoke today about it. It is necessary to think up something on what they will be moved.

- For example?

- Well, for example, to ask to find bluetooth in phone, or to look for Wi-Fi, type you were told that it catches here.

- What catches? - Without understanding the girlfriend Svetlana asked again.

- That that. “From the Urals, perhaps“ - having remembered the quote from the movie, Alina continued. -

- The wireless Internet, Wi-Fi is called.

- And what, it will be moved? No … I do not know … Though, can be … - the girlfriend continued already more doubtfully.

- And still it is possible to ask for it phone, on couple to pass, well, like urgently it is necessary to call, mine sat down. To strike up conversation. - bring down Tralee …

- About - oh, is not present! I how many got acquainted, everything is good: nice, perspective, makes good money …

- And what?

- Yes he only opens a mouth, and begins to speak … I it do not want …

any more - Here therefore and it is necessary on them “hunting to open“.

- What means “hunting to open“?

- It means that your potential man will be one on 500 people, statistics such, Americans saw off. Therefore it is also necessary to stick, watch to them mine - not mine: type to eliminate. Opened a mouth - I do not want! It Poulybatsya and you do not give the phone! You look who to you still it will be pleasant.

- My God, what nonsense! Would hear mine prynts as to me it is suggested to be found!

- And what? Very much it is even good if he heard, then would understand that you are ready to look for him and to meet him, but not to be idle, wiping tears and to wait: “Well, when IT will come“ - Alyn`s perekrivlyala Svetlana - possibly, the girlfriend quite often spoke: “My God! Well when it will come“!

- Oh, it is fine to you - carelessly Svetlana waved a hand. - You as always in the repertoire! - Also continued: - Let`s say I found ways, approached it, asked. He will understand that I it is strummed I do.

- Of course, - Alina indignantly answered. - If you play, then will understand. Therefore training in front of the mirror has to be the following step - it.

- Yes, I already heard about it.

- You represent in front of the mirror that before you the young man and you begin it to ask about something as - accidentally. It is necessary to train not less than 20 minutes every day.

- And when I understand what will already be enough to train?

When there is a confidence that you can make it and you will try the method in practice. Yes, here yet, nearly forgot, it is necessary to meet some conditions.

- What?

- To feel like the Queen! To understand that my beauty goes from within. I am rather clever, rather good, rather sexual, rather attractive and is rather beautiful to be a woman of this man. Well: you have to feel that you are worthy that man of whom you dream.

And Alina, walked on the room, pronouncing these words as quarrystone - that it went on a podium: young, beautiful, with it is proud of the raised head.

- Well. I all this a stele - ayu. And what, I will go outside and how the Gipsy I will stick to prokho - ozhy???

- The guy was pleasant why and not on - to stick? However the main task consists in finding out places which they visit. And to appear there.

- Well you skazanut!!! I want to get acquainted with the wealthy man. He visits the most expensive casinos and restaurants in the city. I am able to afford to have dinner every day for dollars??? - indignantly Svetlana said.

- Why at you as at a zebra: either white strip, or black? - Alina threw up the hands. - Life as rainbow: color! Such men visit hairdressing salons, are engaged in health: morning jog, for example, or visit of the pool, stadiums, theater, concerts, park cars, eventually. Well: It is necessary to present completely the promised, and the place where you can meet it... (to be continued)...

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