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...... freak...... beauty.....

Morning, call an alarm clock......... I will have a sleep 10 more minutes...... again calls....... I will have a sleep 10 more....... again this melody.......... I get up. I go to a bathroom. One eye I try to make out myself in a mirror, a show not impressive...... There is a question: yesterday laid down the beauty, and for the morning rose a monster! What fast transformation and what unfair!

Perfectly if after the first cup of the invigorating morning drink you find yourself already absolutely in other image! Cheerful, beautiful, successful. But...... always there are days beginning with BUT. But today even not a cup of tea not of coffee did not turn a monster into the beauty!

Yes there is no mood. But it is necessary to go, work work! You open a case and as on knurled you dress some silly things! And how they only gather in a single whole? It is impossible to look at it, but you understand it oooochen late when you go along the cold dank street and the making laugh pedestrians continually will push you with a shoulder, it seems, not in znachay, but the fuck-up as it touches to the smallest sprouts of nerves! In transport to you will surely surround all legs. And this the most obligatory when you leave the house “freak“ you meet absolutely by chance the old acquaintances whom does not see one thousand years. Yes this day in such state of mind!

You reach work and you begin day with a request supreme that this day came to an end quicker. you dream to arrive home, to get into a shower to wash away all this dirt..... and to climb on a warm blanket..... to hide.... to hide that nobody found nobody you! You hear NOBODY!

But no, I was not heard! Without having been in time the derganye begins to think of it about everything. In total and at once the chief, the subchief all everything want to see you your presence is necessary, all need to discuss with you some details!

A metal plate, all to all this need to know why I so look today as not really as was tired!

Yes was not tired, and and you say that S..... and you are “FREAK“ today.

Well nothing the ugly duckling will show you yet! You will open for Roth and awake to have a shower bath saliva when I come to you a swan!!!!! Each duckling turns into LEBED, only it it is necessary to want and work on it!!!!

About myself I can tell only, the fact that my duckling and a swan were not defined among themselves who takes the main position since both that and another slip in me! But I do not see in it anything terrible, with it it is possible to live. Not to happen to me a swan without having visited a duckling!