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Chief, director, head, boss? As it is correct to elect the chief of

From - for the fact that at the very beginning of labor life I was wildly lucky with the chief, I could never understand those who complained of the chief.

As it is possible to suffer the wicked creature who operates you if the bigger half of life passes at work! And even when you houses to disconnect thoughts from work as a time, well, it is impossible in any way.

The director of our foreign trade company at one of the enterprises of Belarus, most known in the world, already then was a person elderly. As he was one of organizers of the enterprise, matter of course, that it is the person and with brains uncommon, and with “motor“ in the put place.

He was constantly improved itself, constantly learned to study and improve us skills.

Did not know English - went, learned. Learned that abroad for a long time each engineer on a table has the personal computer - and at us the typing pool with aunts - typists and the ancient units knocking on all plant writing with pre-revolutionary machines disappeared. And all a miracle - equipment (the fax, the copy machine and so forth) on our foreign trade company appeared before all.

Well and when Internet rushed into this world, in the territory of Belarus its first registration was at our enterprise too.

To work with it was and it is very difficult, and it is very easy. For work as for a holiday, is about us and our chief. Abused for delay so that it is never more any more for a minute nobody was late.

“Show the handbag! Aha, everything is clear …“ It sometimes nonplused the extraordinary behavior. He tried us, youth, not only on a workplace to accustom to an order, but also to bring order to our brains. Was aware of private life, all problems, helped with housing and purchase of the car, with additional earnings, arranged our children in kindergartens, was a host at weddings.

At work - any familiarity, only strictly and only by name - to a middle name. And on days off sometimes brought together all collective at the dacha, and here it was possible to relax here because not prudish hospitality was, everyone felt on a visit at the careful uncle. The chief prepared shish kebabs, laid the table, heated a bath. And for the next day at office - everything is forgotten, all slobber, songs - dances and revelations remained behind a checkpoint revolving object.

I do not know that from me would turn out, do not meet I such chief in the life - from him I and life learned to love, probably.

Well, we were also afraid of its times in hundred more own parents or spouses, and respected not less.

His education by democracy and a personal example can be compared to education of the child in a healthy and successful family of workaholics. He also thought gracefully and inventively at the solution of difficult questions, and taught us to it. At first there was shock, will honestly tell … Causes

, for example, on Monday and says that supposedly these eight people on Thursday go to business trip to Germany. And you supposedly take care - documents, passports, prepare visas, order hotel in some Cologne or Dusseldorf, tell Germans on what number bought tickets aboard the plane - the train …

Ya I listen and quietly already I die … What passports?! What tickets?! Where I will find hotel on eight in three days?! Passports are handed to me a sample old still, with them for a cordon any fool will not let out, tickets are vashchshche … not ridiculously.

And it: “The task is received! Carry out! Difficult? So it is well, study! It would be easy, I and did everything! Ways by which you will do it do not interest me! Everything that is required from me for an umaslivaniye of the necessary offices and chairs, I will give! Carry out, the darling …“

I what you think?! On Thursday by the evening eight technologists or designers and others already tell “Guten Tag, Frau Widmann“, for example, pleasing it with the goodwill visit!

It is necessary to write about such person not of a miniatyurka, here on the novel good enough material.

Main that we took from such acquaintance - the chief, the boss, the director is the most important assistant in your work, in your career, so, and in your life, in its most part. Almost family member.

I if you want to go to work every morning, the same as then there is a wish to go home, - you are absolutely happy person, it is interesting to you to live.

The chief learned in any business which you undertook, to be the first. At least to aspire to it.

At the device for new work the most important - to study the chief , to present what you can reach under its management as leadership of this person will be reflected in your private life as will help with career realization, with self-improvement. And if you do not see the future if it is clear that near it it is categorically undesirable to you to be if eyes you do not meet - run immediately not to catch complexes some even if long ago dreamed of this work and a salary! It is possible to find the always, and it is possible to lose a lot of things.

Since then many chiefs were endured, endured hardly or easily. The majority of them could be characterized in a word - “normally“. But were and - and - and - e … Oh, no! It is better not to remember. To run, run! And others - nothing, suffer … And for the sake of what - it is simple not to understand.

She does not enter, and runs in office the sure evil, angry gait. She shortly throws all “Hello!“ so what clear - she absolutely it does not want to do.

She talks equally badly, equally to superiority, is equally haughty and angry both with subordinates, and with chiefs, and with clients, and with own daughter - the teenager. She so speaks to the management “Yes, understood!“ what becomes clear at once that she understood, and it is better not to ask questions.

The subordinate she so speaks “To you clearly?!“ what becomes clear and disgusting at once. She asks the daughter “As it, the three?!“ so what you begin to suspect - the little girl or will run away from the house today, or tomorrow to her six lessons at school will be sick to sit on a bottom.

She does not order in a separate office, she isolates the throne glass partitions on which perimeter employees - monkeys nestle on walls.

For delay on meeting you will be fined dollars ten and to spit that it is wrong, illegal and somehow smells of shit.

To the one who brought the application for dismissal at own will, it is right there reported that he and so was dismissed tomorrow so... Fi … It is well-groomed, dressed by

well, without call, strictly and expensively. It has an elegant hairstyle of a caret. But on the bitch it does not pull (as if she wanted it) - and men are afraid of it as fire, and the hair color, though dark, to a wing of a raven did not ripen.

On a face of her deputy it is visible that he wants to leave, but he will suffer to a heart attack, and there … as it will turn out. He leaves, having shrunk, having decreased in the weight and the sizes, takes a cigarette from a table box and goes to a toilet to feel sorry for himself.

It wants to be strangled, drowned, pinched a door, to exhale a sigarette smoke in her face …

She is a power vampire, she eats you for days on end. She all and all hates. And you do not manage to thumb through textbooks on the fan - Shui and “to put walls - barriers“ against her.

To leave, forget cheaper, to address God with a candle for its health … And not to fray nerves. To go to work, as to penal servitude, nizzya!!! It is possible to die.

We often complain that there is no work “in our small town …“ that “here very small salaries“ and other, other.

Actually in one civilized country, whether European whether New Sveta, people, in particular young people, do not become attached so to walls of the apartment or house to find decent work.

Units can dream of interesting work. We are not mobile, we so are afraid to be left without the native registration! And we do not have enough spirit, determination and creative approach to “carrying“ the apartment behind work, and not vice versa.

So also the chief, any whom “God sent you“ the thicket should suffer. But every day to come back to the place of the registration - with bad mood - and to splash out emotions on members of household.