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What it to see the lock in the distance? And if it is a computer game?

Are one image, the acquaintance and darling all admirers of mysticism and adventures. It is the lock standing on the hill.

How many it casts thoughts. When you see the similar image, apparently, it is ready to break and come to be immediately in this place, in front of gate of an ancient castle...

Seems that it it is close - to give a hand - but to it the whole day of traveling. What we should pass through until we reach it. At someone the road will pass on solar avenues. And someone will come on ruins of ancient abbey; who knows what occurs among them in moonlight nights. Other satellite will bring on cemeterial lands as it was in the game “Super Ghouls ` n Ghosts“.

The lock - the traditional hero of Gothic works. “Dracula“ of Bram Stoker and “Vampires“ of the Baron Olshevri... As fine scenery serves the lock and for solving of various secrets. For example, “The Secret of Chimneys“ of Agatha Christie (it, by the way, had yesterday a Birthday, anniversary - 120 years).

With development of the industry of virtual entertainments the image of the lock was fallen in love also to creators of games.

Let`s admire a beautiful view, it foretells surprising adventures.

A series of the games “Ninja Gaiden“ became the inspirer of a subject. The legendary ninjia of Riu Hayabus peers at the horizon on which the illusive lock looms (in the third speak rapidly it already plant with germs - cyborgs). Whom he will meet on the way on what walls he will clamber and in whom to throw the syurikena - about it you it is necessary to learn. Let what on the horizon attracts you also strongly, as well as me.

Cult game of the end 80 - x by right is considered the most balanced arcade. Add to it remarkable music and the animated inserts. Millions of fans, a heap of imitators, remakes for XBOX - here it, the key to success.

Know many about the following game. Thanks to it the brave fellow in a green cap entered lives of people. A book from “A Link to the Past“ personally I jammed to holes. Through the user`s guide which went complete with game the image of the lock on the horizon got into my consciousness.

In the north of Hyrule, in the field of the Deadly mountain (Death Mountain), Hera`s (Tower of Hera) tower is located. This look captivated me in the childhood. The isometric graphics did not give the volume picture, but my imagination by means of the picture from the booklet worked wonders. The picture came to life and in we wash imagination was so realistic that even being an adult and having appeared on a hill slope in front of the majestic European castle - I was only convinced that many years ago in my consciousness very realistic image was drawn.

The third game about which I will tell you presented us the lock of the Count Dracula for several years before Francis Ford Coppola who shot the legendary movie in 1992 - m to year. The soldier from clan Belmontov armed with a whip goes to the lock of the old vampire. at

Here it, on the horizon - look on it. Unlike the previous games, here we accurately know against whom we should battle. Meet - Castlevania.