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Outcome. Where Jews leave?

I He enjoined to Moisey:

“10. So, go: I will send you to the Pharaoh; bring out of Egypt my people, sons Israel“ (hl. 3).

In the book the Outcome is the instruction that there were six hundred thousand men. If to consider that the man had only one wife and only two children - Egypt left two and a half million people!

(It is impossible to imagine such crowd. Let`s say what we constructed all these people in columns on 100 people in a rank. Divided them into divisions (the name conditional) on 100 ranks - 10 000 people in a division. Distance from the person to the person - one and a half meters. One division - 150 meters. Length of all column - 36 kilometers! And it is only people! And cattle, vehicles?

The pedestrian`s speed - 4 kilometers per hour. In such weight - 3, and even 2 kilometers per hour. So if the head of a column leaves Egypt, then the tail will pass through the Egyptian border in 18 hours. It if to go without interruption. With breaks - days. Moisey asked three days for an exit from Egypt (5,3)).

Jews had some ware, clothes, cattle. But the Lord disposed to take everything that is possible from Egyptians:

“21. Also I will give to these people favor in the opinion of Egyptians; and when you will go, you will go not empty-handed:

22. each woman will elicit at the neigbour and at living in the house of her things silver both things gold, and clothes, and you dress up them and your sons and your daughters, and will gather Egyptians.“ (hl. 3)

So, God enjoined to be to Moisey to the Pharaoh and to convince him to release Jews. The Pharaoh turned obstinate. Some efforts were necessary for god to convince the Pharaoh that with him (God) you should not joke, it is necessary to do that order. These efforts - ten Egyptian executions.

And the Pharaoh did not sustain, gave up after in Egypt all male babies died.

“30. Also there was a Pharaoh himself at night both all slaves him and all Egypt; also the great cry in [earth] Egyptian because was not at home where there would be no dead person became.

31. Also Moisey and Aaron`s [Pharaoh] called at night and told: get up, leave the environment of my people as you, and sons Izrailev...“

I here came true - Jews leave!

“37. Also sons Izrailev from Raamses went to Sokhof to six hundred thousand pedestrian men, except children;

38. and a great number of different races people left with them, both small and cattle, herd very big.

41. After four hundred thirty years, this day there was all Lord`s militia the earth at the Egyptian night“. (hl. 12)“

Jews had a suspicion that the Pharaoh will want to return all and if it is not possible - that simply to interrupt. Therefore Moisey conducted crowd day and night. But also the Lord did not leave the people:

“21. The Lord went before them in the afternoon in a pillar cloudy, showing them a way, and at night in a pillar fiery, shining them to go them and day and night.

22. The pillar cloudy in the afternoon and a pillar fiery at night on behalf of the people did not leave.“ (hl. 13)

When Moisey learned that Egyptians overtake a column, it rose to a foreground and gave a signal to all to accelerate the movement. It led to desirable result: the sea began to be closed after an exit of Jews to the land. In total! Victory! Left!

The bible story was illustrated incalculable number of times. Artists did it and by request, and on inspiration. Someone disasters of Jews in Egypt attracted, someone Moisey`s life, someone - transition through the sea. Someone tried to give an outcome, to represent crowd of the people going to uncertainty.

The English artist David Roberts (1796 - 1864) imprinted the most initial moment of an outcome: a flow of the Jews leaving the city. Roberts in 1838 - 1840 was in Egypt, in Palestine, in Jordan, in Lebanon, sketching ruins. The city represented by it - as if reconstruction of the city of times of Pharaohs. The huge, magnificent constructions built by hands of those who leave Egypt.

The greatest schedule of all times and the people Gustave Dora represented death of faraonets: chaos, crowds of pedestrian and horse soldiers covered by waves, a heap of bodies and waves. The last Jews already on the mountain, on the right and at the left in the distance behind the mountain are visible columns of the refugees who left forward. Those who the last climbed up the mountain look at the sinking persecutors. And over the mountain - Moisey with the hands stretched up and Lord`s shine.

Ivan Konstantinovich Ayvazovsky drew transition through the sea, the final too: Egyptians sink, Moisey as if sends them a sign that to them any more not to escape, and on the right - the left persecutors, free Jews behind whom the divine pillar of light is visible. Light breaks through clouds, lighting the waves licking the coast and the Pharaoh`s soldiers which any more will never get out to the land.

The modern Israeli artist Arkady Ostritsky is the author of the picture “Night of an Outcome“ - says about the work:

“I prepared for this picture of nearly 20 years. In general the cloth such begins with historical base. And further - a little bit imaginations, a little bit an associative array … It is impossible to reflect real events in any picture. And the more so - events of two - or three-thousand-year prescription. I had to get used to that atmosphere: life, state system, dynasties, movement of human masses, wars … Also it was necessary also to imagine all process of movement of this enormous crowd both in space, and in time.

People go a never-ending stream over which dust is kicked up. It is visible in a picture - as if a dust veil. And light from above! Any torch - and everything is filled in with light! Heavenly lighting - it defined color scale of a picture.

There is a color scale, composition, approximate representation whom and where to put. And how to dress them? How to brush? With what attributes to supply them? Clothes, footwear, arms, hairdresses … The mass of details which the viewer has to accept as real, real: vehicles, utensils, the weapon, a surrounding situation …

A what to do with persons? I decided to follow masters of the Renaissance: on a historical background to write portraits of contemporaries. And not only family, but also colleagues in shop, both friends, and adherents.

Jews leave. Remained behind a pyramid. The crowd goes on Moisey - he in a red attire, in his hand - a staff. Behind it there is Aaron who distinctly repeats told by Moisey. About pleasure of freedom musicians sing. Almost against Moisey - young couple with the baby: this is the first Jew born free, not in slavery.

Three healthy guys push the cart. On the cart not the, not taken from Egyptians... Ahead a bull who pulls this cart. And they help to push out it on the mountain. The one that in the center of this group - is happy to tears that it is free and rich now. In one day. To the left of it - the cynic: “Calm down, do not take everything very much to heart. Tomorrow everything will be differently.“ And on the right - the gloomy athlete. All is equal to it: in prison to work, in slavery to work, at freedom to work...“

the Outcome came to the end: The Lord brought Jews out of Egypt. Took away to the desert on which they wandered 40 years, did not reach the earth commanded by the Lord yet. But it - in 40 years. For now - people go, go to uncertainty. They do not know what waits for them. But they know from what they leave - from slavery.