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Seven enemies who are growing thin. Who are they?

demand Weight loss not only a good spirit and careful attitude to itself, but also sensibleness. Therefore I would like to tell you about seven enemies who are growing thin who artfully build to us traps on the way to symmetry, take away our energy and reduce our motivation.

the Sleep debt

“Sleep is better than medicine“ - says popular wisdom, and especially it concerns the people suffering from completeness. Statistically every third woman spends for a dream of less put 8 hours. And an organism tries to fill shortage of a dream through food and, as a rule, through fast calories. Therefore at a sleep debt it is very easy to tempt us with something sweet or fat.

Lack of a breakfast

to you happened to hear More than once a saying: “Eat a breakfast itself, the lunch is divided with the friend...! “ Having gone to work without breakfast, we cannot long concentrate and we go in the afternoon broken . And the breakfast loads us with energy and good mood for half a day. Till a lunch still far, and our thoughts turn around food therefore the chocolate sprained under a hand or cookie will be thoughtlessly eaten and not once. Besides, at breakfast it is necessary to eat about a third of day norm of calories, and tightening with the first meal, we increase risk of an overeating in the second half of day .


Starvation and a transmission of meal mistakenly are considered as allies of growing thin. Actually such course not only causes a headache or even dizziness, but also is fraught that you by all means will overeat at the following meal . Besides, long starvation slows down a metabolism as at deficiency of nutrients the organism automatically passes into power saving mode.

Intensive trainings

Intensive, and in particular sudorific, trainings are considered as the indispensable satellite of weight loss. However, in - the first, sweating, we lose not fat as it is accepted to think, and excessive water which soon is after classes restored. In - the second, intensive trainings, are simply dangerous to unprepared people with an excess weight as an organism in response to an overload quickly gets tired and slows down a metabolism . While we expect from trainings just cheerfulness and acceleration of a metabolism.


Though scales are the device for measurement of weight that for growing thin is topical issue, they cannot be trusted recklessly. We happened to hear the complaint more than once that weight fell - fell, and then and “rose“. It really takes place to be because at sports activities not only combustion of fat, but also growth of muscle bulk which weighs more than the fat is observed. And for this reason decrease in weight can stop. And this result can upset us that will cause loss of motivation. Besides, weight within a day fluctuates within 1 - 2 kg depending on that how many liquid the organism detains, and also weight has to a tendency to increase during critical days. But any of the listed phenomena does not illustrate dynamics of weight loss.


One and all growing thin ever told

to themselves “NEVER I will eat chocolate!“, well or other delicacy which is conventional is an enemy of a figure. Actually such a categorical ban is almost impracticable and, on the contrary, forces us to think of a forbidden fruit hourly, and inevitably involves failure. Such is feature of human mentality which does not accept rigid bans and restrictions.

Unloved work

If our work does not bring us pleasure long ago and we go every day there, as if carrying out a heavy labor duty, then we constantly stay in a stress. And in such situations come to the rescue of of a candy - baranochka and chocolate plitochka which are always ready to brighten up long and painful hours of expectation of the termination of the working day and let for a while to lighten us mood, instantly increasing sugar level in blood.

I hope that this information will be useful to you, and you continue to grow thin and consolidate the results with pleasure.