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Whether can rescue Botox from a bruksizm?

Appear BOTOX, well-known to all of us, to women, the elixir of youth and beauty, is applied in Moscow now to treatment of various specific diseases including against a tooth gnash.

Still quite recently nobody could think of any advantage of Botox, besides directly esthetic application. However, today the experimental neurostomatologic laboratory of one of the Moscow clinics, gives new opportunities for treatment of difficult diseases which diagnostics is on a joint of stomatology and neurology.

One of such diseases as it is surprising, is a bruksizm - involuntary gnashing teeth in a dream. Actually, such problem rather often occurs both at children and at adults. The rigid friction of the lower teeth about top does not remain without consequences. Ultraboundary loadings damage enamel of teeth, destroy crowns, beat out implants, the overloaded maxillary muscles change a shape of a face. And sounds which are made suffering from a bruksizm are so unpleasant, as well as night snore. Not to mention that to sleep with the man who is constantly gritting the teeth even not that it is unpleasant, and it is just absolutely intolerable!

In ex-remental neurostomatologic laboratory of Clinic of Cecile + apply Botox and other preparations on the basis of a botulotoksin of type A to treatment of a bruksizm, known as “a youth elixir“. The mechanism of treatment is simple. Botox relaxes chewing muscles, and when the brain sends nervous impulses, the relaxed muscles carry out chewing function without excessive effort. The tooth gnash and consequences following from it leave at least for half a year.

the most intriguing opening in the field of medicine occur Recently on border of several specialties. The integrated approach and systemacity allow to achieve the best results. So, a number of the diseases which are characterized by violations of the neuro motor device of the person, secondary changes of zubochelyustny area, synchronization of a pain syndrome etc. allowed to allocate close cooperation of modern stomatology and neurology. In clinical practice of both neurologists, and stomatologists patients quite often meet the expressed mimic asymmetry, a pain syndrome in front area, motive frustration in front muscles. Diagnostics and treatment of these violations for the ordinary doctor represents a considerable problem.

Long-term close cooperation of neurologists and stomatologists in this Academic clinic allowed to allocate the whole direction - neurostomatology. To doctors of clinic patients with the most various problems come: from the seeming harmless gnashing by teeth (bruksizm) to the expressed painful pains in a face after stomatologic interventions.

And so also turns out that in hands of true professionals our expensive and hotly well-loved by modern women of fashion of BOTOX (on the evil to all critics) not only helps to preen feathers, but health can correct!