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What to women prevents to agree with men?

When arise problems in communication with men? When active courting comes to an end and joint life begins. There are claims, disputes, quarrels, here it is necessary to talk, solve problems, to agree, and do not hurry to master this way of communication with men of the young lady why?

And why girls need to agree with young people and about what if, as a rule, he at first is interested in the relations. Everything is simple: who wants more, that also turns. What is necessary for the girl that the guy became interested? It is unlikely he is overwhelmed by desire to learn its rich inner sincere world though as the annex to a body the good sincere world will not prevent.

Therefore young ladies for drawing attention expose not positive personal qualities, and what draws man`s attention better - a body. All women`s clothing, cosmetics, fashion, are created obviously for this purpose. It is possible to formulate so: if the girl is good herself, then everything that it is necessary for successful negotiations with the man at the first stage of communication, at her grew.

It is offered to young people, when they are interested in the girl to agree, for example: about appointment, about pastime that we will do specifically, about entertainments, about provozhaniye, etc. The young lady at the same time can be capricious, demand a variety and options that she had an opportunity to choose the best. Such way of communication proceeds, there will be no sex and cohabitation, marriage yet.

If sex not really suited the guy, did not equal hopes, then, as a rule, the young man disappears, and it begins to question hysterically where was gone why does not call, does not write. He received that he wanted, as a result of the negotiations with it, now to him to agree with the young lady there is nothing.

If with sex everything is good and the girl not especially harmful, then cohabitation or a marriage is possible. Here it is harder and harder, the guy already should not agree about sex and if suddenly it is necessary, then such marriage will hardly be long, but there are many problems, since simple household, finishing financial. Now the girl needs to apply skill of negotiating with the man, simple stamping by a leg and the requirement “I want“ does not work any more. And it is impossible as is not present - either abilities, or desires.

There is no ability because nobody ever girls learns to conduct negotiations and to agree with boys. The position is simple: what still I will agree with it, him is stronger, let itself work.

There is no desire because attempts do not lead to desirable result. Rolling up a hysterics, she thinks that she agrees, and actually - just emotionally misbehaves. Then draws a conclusion: a bestolka to agree with it.

What to do? As it is opposite, to begin to be interested in the man. Young ladies seldom do it. Whether the truth that girls are interested in men per se, but not as a source of realization of the romantic desires?

There is a typical situation. The guy approaches and, saying “The most beautiful girl on light“, gives a bouquet of flowers, and then leaves. What will it have in the head? For example, stream of romantic nonsense: and that he wanted, and still will approach as it is romantic, healthy, he, probably …. That is mix of conjectures which have no relation to the young man is started. She composes in hundred times more romantic imaginations, than he could tell in reality. More guy should do nothing, the young lady in the inflamed imagination will try with it everything, beginning from an innocent meeting in cafe, to wild debauchery in full view of the former young man.

If “tsvetodaritel“ does not approach any more, that is chance from the desired man to become the villain, the rascal, the ladies` man. Of course! And why flowers gave, she already imagined everything, was lost in day-dreams, and he decided not to realize her dreams. And maybe, young man at anything? Most likely, indeed, but to admit to itself - the silly woman, it is simply impossible. And if not to dream, and to think of it? What actually wants? His thoughts, aspiration, hobby? How to ask about it what question to ask? It is interesting what will answer? Or it is not interesting?

Girls, ask yourself questions. Whether you show interest in hobbies of the man? How, how? Just you ask, you participate?

You know its business, business? What is engaged in? You understand it? You can advise something efficient and in essence? You can discuss its problems at least?

What views of a family and family life at it? How he thinks what duties at it, the rights?

How he considers that he in your behavior strains him?

Of course, it is more questions, than I wrote, the main thing - desire to set them and ability is quiet, reasoned to talk, discuss, find the general, what unites. Such negotiations pull together and do joint life comfortable and joyful. Try if, of course, it is interesting.