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About Yurka and Leonid of

It is brisk veins far in the north in the lop-sided log hut which was heated by firewood. Firewood It is brisk took directly in the same place, in a log hut why it constantly decreased. It had no electricity, but there was a TV which It is brisk liked to look in the long winter evenings. The TV was similar to a 3-liter jar and showed pickles, well and on holidays tomatoes. It is strange that transfer about tomatoes usually came to an end very quickly and with songs, and about cucumbers went constantly, but without sound. Jyrki had no cattle, even wives, there was a dog by nickname the Dog earlier, but went from such life to a taiga where disappeared on bogs. It is brisk went there, looked for it, called, but found only two mushrooms and many berries which sold at station to the passing trains. The gained money It is brisk spent efficiently - bought vodka, cigarettes, well and there on a trifle - still vodka and cigarettes. Then, having hidden purchases under a bed, It is brisk poured to itself a glass, lit and came to a porch. By there passed the herd of cows, summer, then the neigbour woman Tanya and fall. It was necessary to go to kindle an oven, but It is brisk all did not leave a porch. Something in his life is wrong, thought Is brisk, but that? Perhaps it, his life, already passed by how this herd of cows? And after it there were traces in the form of flat cakes too? Or, maybe, it is still possible to change? Thoughts were carried away in the cold sky, faced the falling stars there and thawed, Is brisk froze, came into a log hut and sat down to watch TV with cucumbers. And then he went to bed.

Leonid lived in Moscow, in London and on days off in Nice. It worked as the owner of oil of some big edge whose names did not learn to utter. The owner of oil Leonid became incidentally - went to a bath with one big person, and that directly there was called, so supposedly and so, found oil and whose it, unclear. To whom to give? And in a sweating room, except Leonid, anybody. And in a waiting room of anybody. In a restroom, however, two masseurs were on duty, but and so well paid them, besides they foreigners were, from Ukraine. The big person looked at Leonid, drank and gave him this oil. Only asked to share sometimes, well and money for any needs state to give. Leonid regularly shared and for it nobody touched him, even very serious people “not - I will tell - from where“. And now Leonid lay on the deck of the yacht, drank expensive wine, looked at stars and if the star fell, made a wish. By there passed “Miss World“ and “Miss Universe“, islands of French Polynesia and 15 years of life. Leonid drank up wine, made the last wish and fell asleep.

Leonid far in the north in the lop-sided Yurkiny log hut woke up. And It is brisk woke up on Leonid`s yacht, in an environment of empty bottles from - under expensive wine. At first everything very much was pleasant to Leonid - the nature, silence, any “Ms.“, is only coldish also the neigbour woman Tanya asks to pokhmelitsya eternally, says what under a bed is. He even in selmag somehow descended, wanted to buy it expensive wine, but upset returned. And especially everything was pleasant to Yurke though he also did not understand anything. He to the bar went down from the deck and began to live together with the bartender there. It is a pity only what the bartender in Russian not really told and the TV at him showed not cucumbers, and some moving pictures. And cucumbers were not at all, about tomatoes It is brisk and did not ask.

There passed time. Leonid stood on a porch of the Yurkiny log hut long ago and looked at the sky. He waited for the falling star, but in the north stars fall less than in the south - are afraid to fall in a bog, to peredavit a cranberry and to drown, without having brought anybody happiness. And It is brisk too long ago stood on the deck of the yacht of Leonid and looked in anywhere. He waited for nothing, he just was frightened that the woman Tanya found its treasure hidden under a bed and pokhmelitsya by it. Around there was an ocean, Is brisk not really understood where its log hut as it came to be on this yacht and as to it to get home. And then “Miss World“ and “Miss Universe“ approached it, began to swear, demand some money in three months and to bring them to Paris. It is brisk with women was it is severe and sent them at once, and not to Paris, and is much closer. He always so talked to women, without it will not live in the north, there women dull, will drink everything at once. But “Miss World“ was even more dull and closed up Yurke in an ear for now he fell to the ocean, scratched the face to “Miss Universe“ and began to call some Ruslan what it would take away it from here. But far in the north the woman Tanya did not swear also money from anybody did not demand. It just took the axe and Leonida on the head slightly tyuknut. Then under a bed climbed and everything drank from there, even some screen wiper.

Leonid on the yacht, near Marseille regained consciousness. The head, of course, hurt a little, but Leonid did not begin to pay attention to it. He paid off “Miss World“ and “Miss Universe“, sent them to Paris, learned the name of the oil region, sent the woman Tang on the North a box of the French cognac and ordered to turn to the captain of the yacht towards Russia. And It is brisk woke up far in the north, in the log hut. He left to the yard, smiled - for the first time for many years! - also went to the woman Tanya, to do her an official proposal. The woman Tanya was morning after therefore agreed and in time the appeared in time box of the French cognac was drunk by all village in twenty minutes under onions, songs and boiled eggs. And after a wedding It is brisk went to a taiga to look for oil. Also found.

There passed many years. Leonid lived in the oil region in the simple house and worked as the simple oil industry worker. He sold the yacht long ago, the oil edge gave back to the state, and houses in Nice and in London from it were bought by grown rich Is brisk. It is brisk, by the way, and the oil edge to itself took away - to the state, it is visible, it was not useful. On the star sky Leonid, It is brisk were not lost in contemplation - Leonid had no desires for a long time, and Yurke just did not need it, he carried out all the desires at once, without the aid of the falling stars. Here only of the wife it could not get rid in any way, of the former woman Tanya whom he, on the trouble, made the celebutante. Yes it already and not the woman Tanya was, and Tanechka, the glamourous person of the country. It here the person at the country appeared, with silicone lips.

And once arrived It is brisk to the oil region on some trifling affairs. Perhaps, to get paid. And Leonid already got paid and, on the contrary, departed somewhere. Most likely in holiday, to Turkey, “three stars“ and “all inclusive“, it is more - that in Russia is no place to have a rest. And the devil pulled Yurka to communicate to the simple oil industry worker. Never communicated and suddenly wanted. There was it from the VIP - the hall to the street, reached the general building, and there at an entrance Leonid costs, smokes. They looked at each other … Long looked, directly eye to eye, and only wanted to look at the sky as here Tanechka came running with Yurkiny security guards. Lifted such shout … Yurka into a limousine was thrust, Leonid to the plane was led without turn … And just two stars rolled down from the sky. Bright - bright, and long fell as if waited for something, but It is brisk, Leonid they were not seen any more. Yes if also saw what would change? It is brisk all the same the oil edge to nobody gave, neither Leonida, nor, especially, to the state, and Leonid at the sight of Tanechki had one desire appeared, but he quickly thought again. Besides Tanechka these stars saw also the desires managed to think. So there will be enough oil for its century. And silicone too. And happiness … And happiness far in the north remained, in bogs with a cranberry, but none of them know about it … And, as it often happens, … Ilya Krishtul never learns