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The low budget children`s dowry - whether is possible?

the child`s Birth - are undoubted, the happiest moment in life of any family for which it is necessary to be prepared in advance. In children`s department of shop of an eye run up from abundance of various goods, and hands try to keep step with one, with another... Having come home with a heap of packages, you understand that money is spent, and what really needed to be got, is not bought! Let`s consider the necessary list of what surely will be required to your kid.

1. The bed

First of all, a crib has to be from natural materials - thus, the best choice will be wooden, from deciduous breeds of wood. It is desirable to buy a mattress together with a bed that it approached by the size. He should not be soft, but also not too firm, it is the best of all to use a mattress with a coconut filler.

The bed has to be varnished that the kid did not put a splinter, and the distance between vertical rods of a lattice has to be within 6 - 8 cm. It is very convenient if in a bed there are two levels of height: when the kid begins to get up, it will be possible to lower a bottom of a bed and not to be afraid that the child can drop out. Existence of a suspended cradle or castors on legs considerably will facilitate process of a rocking the child. Also best of all than everything to get and bumpers for beds - it will secure your kid against injuries during active wakefulness.

As we save: at the choice of a bed we are guided first of all by its practicality, the child does not need at all elegant design of a bed or existence of the decorating details which he can tear off and swallow subsequently. Simplicity and safety - such is the motto of a good bed.

2. Carriage

Most often modern parents give preference to acquisition or carriages - cradles and walking, or carriages - a transformer. A carriage - the cradle and a carriage - a transformer differ in big dimensions, considerable weight and cost. However at the same time their design very steady, and wheels of big diameter. Also majority of this sort of carriages can develop that saves the place in the apartment.

The stroller, on the contrary, differs in small dimensions, weight and cost, but has small wheels and a sitting position of a back that complicates the movement on gravel, and also is inconvenient for the child if he wants to have a sleep. In the presence of the car it is necessary to pay attention whether is included in the package with a car carriage - a chair.

As we save: should not pursue production of branded firms, let the producer of a carriage will be little-known, the main thing that its product was reliable, maneuverable and, it is desirable, not too heavy. Consider options of purchase of already used carriage, quite often carriages offer for sale in very good shape with the price from 30 to 50% below of a new carriage.

3. Clothes

should Get things for the baby from natural fabrics not to irritate gentle skin of the kid. If you want to swaddle at first the child, then you will need 20 diapers from fine and dense fabric. Children`s things have to be convenient, it is easy to act and put on therefore it is better if the clothes are on buttons, but not on buttons. It is the best of all not to buy the clothes dressed through the head, it is not pleasant to many kids, besides, when clothing the child it will be necessary to raise.

Slipa and baud are good the fact that only one element of clothes puts on, existence of buttons on all length allows to change clothes quickly of the kid, unlike shirts and T-shirts. Also in slipa and in baud nothing is lifted up, disturbs and holds down the movement. Shortcomings is what is lasted not for long by slip and baud as the child quickly grows up from them, and if it not in a diaper, then at “accident“ it is necessary to change not part, but all clothes.

As we save: should not acquire a lot of clothes at once, believe, in the presence of friends and relatives the clothes of your kid very will be replenished. Therefore we buy the most necessary: to steam baud (warm and easy), to steam of slip (warm and easy), to steam of caps (but it is better than hats), socks (warm and easy), couple of baby`s undershirts and a romper suit to them with buttons on shoulders.

4. Diapers

Can be reusable and disposable. Reusable diapers are made of fabric or a gauze, they are economic at cost, but they should be erased and dried constantly, and also to change much more often, than disposable, in order to avoid development of diaper dermatitis.

The cost of disposable diapers considerably surpasses reusable, but their use saves time and forces spent for care of the kid. Disposable diapers have to be convenient in carrying, should not press or rub, but also should not dangle. It is the best of all to get at first a small pack of diapers to estimate as far as they suit your kid and whether will be at their use of irritation on skin.

As we save: the laundry detergent and soap, electricity and water spent at a machine wash or your time and forces which could be spent for rest or time spent with your kid or purchase of disposable diapers? To solve to you, on expenses reusable and disposable diapers not strongly differ.

5. Small bottles

Cannot be foreseen in advance, there will be a child on breastfeeding or on artificial therefore it is necessary to take care also of acquisition of small bottles for feeding.

So, main requirements to a small bottle: the small bottle has to be made of environmentally friendly material with accurate graduation and not have defects, and also it is desirable that it was supplied with the valve which does not allow the child to swallow air, that preventing developing of gripes. Before use of a small bottle it should be sterilized in a pan or in a sterilizer and to store separately from other ware in the place protected from dust.

As we save: at the choice of small bottles should consider production of the firms which perfectly proved in production of children`s ware. Let the small bottle will be more expensive, but and it will serve to you longer!

6. The children`s first-aid kit

should belong To the choice of structure of the children`s first-aid kit very responsibly as that can depend on it, how fast if something happens you will manage to prevent adverse effects for health of the child! In the first-aid kit surely there has to be a thermometer, it is more convenient to use electronic, it in use is much safer and more convenient mercury. It is also necessary to have febrifugal candles and syrups which not only reduce the increased body temperature of the kid, but also remove head and a toothache.

And still means which will fight against the increased gas generation and gripes at the child by all means will be necessary for you, they can be both in the form of drops, and in the form of syrup, teas. The enema and an exhaust tubule will also help to relieve pain at the kid, removing excess gases and promoting a defekation. Well and of course, each first-aid kit has to contain iodine, greens diamond, sterile vatu and bandage.

As we save:

it is better for b not to save on structure of the children`s first-aid kit! Before purchase surely get acquainted with an expiration date and integrity of each medicine acquired by you.

Here and all simple list of the most necessary that will be required to your kid. And still is still which - that that also to it will be very much and it is very necessary - it is your love and care!