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Whether it is necessary to reduce advertizing during crisis?

As a rule, at approach of crisis at owners of business and a top - managers are noticed three forms of enterprise reaction:

- panic decision-making and “withdrawal pains of firewood“;

- the involuntary catalepsy with loss of logical thinking which is slowing down all business - process;

- sober thinking in a condition of coolness with carrying out the deep analysis of the activity and entering into it of rational amendments.

Unfortunately, the considerable number of businessmen is inclined to use the first form of enterprise reaction.

The panic state pushes them on the cardinal measures connected with reduction of financial costs by dismissal of personnel and considerable reductions of the advertizing budget. And the first under a discharge comb specialists of departments of marketing and advertizing, and even the whole departments get. Practice shows that unreasoned

actions of the businessman, finally, are harmful for the business operated by it.

The involuntary catalepsy makes not less adverse effect on business - process as the type of the confused head weakens collective, and it will be much more difficult to restore further its former working capacity. And besides, after the head`s exit from catalepsy first of all advertizing as nothing any more productive in the head of the businessman is born suffers.

And if first two forms are rather unproductive, in more detail I will stop on the third form of enterprise reaction. In it successful overcoming of crisis consequences and enterprise success is put.

And, all business - process I will not analyze, but I will try to take up questions of advertizing activity.

Any shake-up is useful to the thinking businessman as it forces it to look back and to try to analyse all chain business - process, the including and advertizing activity. And this analysis will help the businessman to answer a number of questions:

1. Whether I rationally spent the advertizing budget? And if not, then

2. Whether the budget in such volume is necessary to me? And if it is not necessary, then

3. What rational budget is necessary for me? And, at last

4. How effectively to use this most advertizing budget?

Most often, the answer to the first question more than is actual as during financial prosperity the advertizing budget at representatives of medium and large business is unreasonably inflated and is spent not always rationally.

Irrationality of use is observed also in the monumental advertizing structures exceeding some high-rise buildings and in sizes of multystoried banners which covered the construction woods, and in the unreasonable number of publications in print media, and in the incredible fees participating in creation of commercials, and in the wrong choice of advertizing media, and in the colourless address to the consumer, and … … by

generally, is that to continue and eat of what to think.

And time came a turn to reflect, on the second question the definite answer follows: “No, I do not need such inflated budget neither today, nor tomorrow“.

And here it is worth concentrating on search of the answer to the third question: “What rational budget is necessary for me“?

To find the answer to this, apparently, simple question to the businessman it is difficult. And whether he should puzzle if specialists of advertizing agency who will answer not only this question are near, but also will provide effective use of the advertizing budget. Efficiency of use of the advertizing budget depends not only on the optimum choice of advertizing media and actions of advance, but also on creation of an advertizing appeal, attractive to the consumer. And here the creative component of advertizing strategy will exert considerable impact on efficiency of an advertizing campaign, and, therefore, and on competent use

of the selected advertizing budget.

And unless not it is necessary for the businessman?

In conclusion, addressing the experience and experience of my colleagues, I want to prove the position as necessary of advertizing activity during crisis.

Historic facts speak for themselves. When in 1998 Pepsiko the holding stopped the advertizing campaign in Russia, becoming more active Kok - Cola took away from her more than 20% of consumers.

At the expense of what with smaller expenses we can subdue the consumer market?

In - the first because during crisis advertizing activity of competitors is considerably reduced, and on this background each ruble invested by the businessman in creative advertizing does it more noticeable, and, therefore, and effective.

In - the second, mediasellers and owners of advertizing media during crisis become more compliant that allows to beat out from them considerable discounts. And the discount is more - expenses less.

In - the third, the consumer begins to look narrowly and listen more actively to advertizing appeals that positively affects sales volumes of the advertized goods and services. For example, during crisis of 1998 TV viewing in comparison with the pre-crisis period considerably increased. Now increase the use Internet is already noticeable.

So crisis to advertizing not a hindrance.

And it is as natural as the fact that the brand continuing communication with the consumer during crisis, always and, and, considerably grows in price is real.