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Stanislav Lem of

Is devoted to memory of the great writer, the thinker, the person whose art belongs to mankind.

Stanislav Lem died on March 27, 2006 on the eighty fifth year of life.



What there is more eternal, than art? The question is rhetorical, something yes is, but, coming back to the novel of the famous Polish writer, it is necessary to see certain parallels with today. And, of course, yesterday`s. And - do not bring, My God!. - with tomorrow.

Stanislav Lem in the tremendous novel “Survey on the Place“ very colourfully pictured all this - in due time. About our time.

Looming the last months, like the escaping tidbit, prospect of elections it is noisy stirred up old Ukraine kind (once) … One party figure forgot about rest, another - the official or the politician - about politeness, the third - that it it seems as already almost civilized European, almost in NATO regimentals. Also shout separately taken for which - that deputies (and also from deputies popyorty) together with the fragments and branches, not to mention fractions, shout, like characters from the novel:

“... The most terribly is what us, guardians for the national benefit, the people hates, without wishing to understand that hanged on a death hook. Therefore, unfortunately, we have to finish off you, the stranger …“

Only at our separately taken mighty of this world similar desire arises not to strangers from time to time, and quite in relation to simple “peres_chny gromadyana“, one may say, to the family, dear … “You forgot to add, they in eager rivalry shouted that the great cause demands the great victim! You pointed historical value of what now will come insufficiently! What? Shkurnichestvo. In the sense that will skin me. The prospect, actually, did not frighten me even more - I prefer concrete threat to the killing hints tickling a backbone. My thinking became aggravated, and I all gathered, estimating possibilities of defense because I did not intend to sell the skin cheap; at the same time I vdatsya in discussion with them, pressing that it is impossible to support sublime idea with murder, BUT IT was DIALOGUE WITH DEAFS“.

Isn`t that so, the picture vividly reminds many “telepre-election“ debate? Where “discussions“ were conducted quite often with voices raised? Precisely, conversation with the deaf or blind person.

One old teacher somehow told that it is impossible to force to learn violently the person something, it is illusion. The person can learn something, HAVING only WANTED!. Therefore it is difficult - in any case, it is just impossible - to prove something to the one who DOES NOT WANT to HEAR. And ancient east wisdom says that you should not waste time for conversation with the fool. It is not simply senseless, it - is dangerous.

“... In them stared such fanaticism burned that it would be easier for a Christmas turkey-cock to convince cooks to refuse the blood-thirsty intentions, than to me to dissuade these enthusiasts who, having killed me, wanted to win goodness knows what it is not known as …“ For example, to make the country prospering and civilized, systematically killing it the industry (in what succeeded notorious oranzhevo - brown scoundrels - “policies“), agriculture, science and education - that is without what blossoming and a civilization in principle are impossible.

“... What I considered as an epilog was only a prolog of the real trial. They in turn demanded the word, the chairman - the theologian or the anti-pastor - made the list of speakers, then the agenda was accepted and the structure of the commission on consideration of offers is approved; listening attentively to their performances, I at last understood the main point. Murder in itself was the business solved - but not its interpretation. Now it was discussed from what positions what had to come true will come true“. It is sure, many of us - especially those who had more - less direct relation to participation in work of election commissions on last elections - will see something painfully familiar in these lines. In a similar way also rather recent (to historical measures) cleanings in various zaorgonizovanno - the would-be-literary organizations and to that similar establishments were carried out.

“... After rough debate to the middle there was a Portraitist - the Extremist, bowed and began to wail:

- the Most venerable Newcomer and you will die from my hand! I consider it duty to explain why I threw a favourite palette for the sake of you. Whether I wanted blood? Never! So for what I was eager? To create. To picture!“ we Will interrupt with

for a minute a monologue of the keen fanatic to remember arts which were created in the country more than a year. Remembered? We go further: “… how here to paint pictures. If also the wall, thanks to the ornament on integrated circuits itself, vividly and dexterously is enough to want, covers with frescos of? Therefore when I the child showed hunting to painting, I was put a nose to a wall. What did I need to do?. But I was a person persistent, I waited, and there was … a suitsidizm. At first there was a bryukhachestvo - the artist went and exposed the stomach varnished and with different thingummies, but also it became boring to public; therefore on an opening day began to leave a naked concrete wall, and the artist … took good running start and the head in a wall that so already and to remain - a still life in suicide style. Though it worked well only one time, there were martyrs of art!.“

Here and politicians often a rod with “miracles“ in the people as if the head with running start in concrete - and nothing, are live. Moreover, count percent and from time to time fly on tropical islands for dinner. Miracles!

Truly, we live in wonderful time and in the Wonderland!. In the country where creators instead of creating, are paved in cozy ministerial chairs, flop with running start in … to the politician, having fairly sworn before it in “derzhavn_y l_teraturn_y a press ³“. And politicians at this time, forgetting in vanity that they business have no right to be engaged “zg_dno z in laws nezalezhno ¿“ from the East, but it is strong “zalezhno ¿“ from the West “Ukra§ni - nenk“, shock public not worse than “minorities from arts“... At “a peres_chny gromadyanin“ the head goes around!.

Hey! Where you, “golden mean“? When we cease to jump aside here and there, on the right to the left and vice versa? Who will tell whether still the hope is live?

“Shche not of a vmerl …“?.

It is a pity that history - here such teacher, she learns nothing. Or pupils such?. It is bad that history often repeats. And most often in the form of the farce.

But to us - that with you is not ridiculous for a long time.


of 2008.