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To Bulgaria by train. Extreme or mass of impressions?

As they went to ancient times by carts? You want to try in our century of high technologies? Go to Bulgaria by train. Besides pleasure from a roar of ungreased wheels, receive a weight more of impressions of a trip. Not the worst, it is necessary to admit.

Impressions begin in railway cash desk when you understand that there are no SV cars in the train “Moscow - Varna“. And the train - at all not the train, but a set of cars which periodically fasten to different trains. But at least, a native Russian compartment, but not an European standard like teplushka with three regiments. The toilet appeared an old Russian railway sample too.

The train to Bulgaria at half past twelve in the night leaves therefore pleasures to see Russia from a window does not happen. At half past four a.m. already awake in Bryansk for passing of official procedure of departure abroad. Everything passed in our case very quickly. Frontier guards put stamps in passports about departure abroad, inertly took an interest about purposes of visit and availability of drugs and left. Quickly passed the well-known Bryansk woods which looked enough oblezlo. All remembered Chernobyl, and soon behind a window Ukraine started gleaming.

Ukraine left some sad impression the thrown enterprises and not well-groomed kitchen gardens. Though places types of the Ukrainian villages were very picturesque.

Most of passengers slept because to look in windows of the train was there is nothing at all. Overslept even arrival to Kiev. Possibly, in a clear weather the view of Monastery and a statue of Vladimir is fine. But the sprosonok and in clouds, a photo was sent so-so...

The station in Vinnytsia reminded the famous movie “Carnival“. Only was not enough on the platform twisted as Vorobyova`s poodle and the inscriptions “Okhansk“.

All the time of the movement on Ukraine the train for some reason terribly roared. As - as if someone a sledge hammer thrashed on a car bottom from below. And wheels gnashed as if they were not greased from Soviet period. It was almost impossible to sleep at night therefore examined the flashing in the dark behind a window of the farm of absolutely “blizdikankovsky“ look and some ruins.

Probably to compensate so boring impression about the country, next day since morning a bit earlier Ukraine arranged on departure in Vadul - Siret razvlekalovo in the form of lifting cars on jacks and change of wheels.

Customs officers, using more than two-hour parking, too offered the option of entertainments in the form of filling of declarations for some passengers. In the state suspended on jacks it was necessary to recalculate mobile phones, gold jewelry, laptops, money. As especially valuable freight the books on painting and photodesign presented to me by the girlfriend Svetlana Kosyreva were considered.

The passengers woken thus stared in all windows waiting for boundary columns. The majority going by the train in Romania were not and did not plan to visit the country in the near future, and therefore there was a wish to receive some portion of impressions at least in transit. The conductor reacted at least strange - passed along all car and under the pretext of what in Romania will be very hot, carefully battened down all windows and advised to make the same in a compartment. All with insult left a corridor, in a compartment nobody, naturally, began to close anything. Gradually all windows in a corridor pootkryvat again, but any remarks about it did not arrive any more.

The first impression about Romania was roast. Hot became somehow right after crossing of border. The conductor pleased all, having told that in other cars conditioners already broke. Inexpressibly pleased also the fact that the car on new wheels went almost silently.

Very friendly Romanian frontier guards well spoke in Russian and told what the day before was 37, and today is quite tolerant. Passport control took place very quickly, customs officers symbolically ran on cars, having wished all pleasant travel.

Travel across Romania really was pleasant. Went quickly enough, and it is a pity. Types were tremendous.

The foothills of the Carpathians, the field poppies carpeting unusually well-groomed boundless fields in which peasants in traditional Romanian caps worked. Surprisingly, these people constantly waved after the passing train. Whether trains seldom go, whether this only local entertainment...

Hay carts on carts, herds of rams (as without them anywhere - nibud!), the woman in traditional Gipsy clothes on a threshold of an accurate lodge, a huge number... tanks (!) the Soviet look in one of villages.

The cities of Romania were shown round some very gray and ragged, even Bucharest.

The Romanian remote place looked much more nicely, the lodges which are especially painted in bright colors. In Bucharest local were remembered it is white - blue two-storeyed electric trains.

An unusual look temples in Romania. Christian, but on appearance from a train window absolutely unclear, Catholic or orthodox. It will be necessary - to reconsider all plans and to visit Romania. General impression from a window of the train remained very pleasant.

Left Romania late at night, and all stared again in windows because it was necessary to cross Danube. A show of the port shining fires on the Bulgarian side, it is necessary to tell, magnificent, but, alas, inexpressible the amateur camera...

In a border check-point of Bulgaria control went at the highest technological level. Passports did not carry away anywhere, the officer on a handheld transceiver told someone numbers of passports, names and year of birth. On surnames Bulgaria for some reason did not identify us. Customs officers did not appear, and nobody disturbed the falling asleep passengers.

The most curious in Ruse went outside to feel the earth of Bulgaria under legs. (It is necessary to tell what after 2 days of a trip of all fairly shook.) On the street on passengers right there clouds inhospitable Bulgarian mosquitoes snatched and drove back into cars.

In the morning behind a window there was tremendous dawn in a foggy haze and traditional Bulgarian lodges with tile roofs flashed. In an hour already arrived to Varna, so plainly and without having woken up.

In general, travel took place quickly. But everything is better - to fly by planes!