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… And again Trapezundsky empire! Give

for five minutes we will return to that book of Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheyko (Bulychyov) about which spoke in last sketch - “Return from Trebizond“. we will begin

I, naturally, with the quote:

“… Kolchak already was in Petrograd when on April 18 Milyukov published the known note in which begged the western allies to believe that Russia how to put a stomach on an altar of the general war, and can have no other desire.

Objecting the opponents accusing Russia that she planned a separate peace with Germany the prime minister Milyukov assured allies that right now the national aspiration to bring world war to a resolute victory only amplified thanks to consciousness of shared responsibility of all and everyone.

NOBODY felt this responsibility, NOBODY in this country wanted to be at war. Next day demonstrations of soldiers and workers to whom war and unclear bothered them game in democracy … began“

Speak, demonstrations from regions of haves on the way came across to them, but “mighty of this world“ was shamed by proletarians, apparently, in the simple way a pobitiya of muzzles about which still the Master in that novel of Mikhail Bulgakov told that else it is unknown that there the person has a muzzle or all - the person.

“… On April 20 when all city raged already and disorders began to be rolled over the country, at the Minister of War Guchkov the commander-in-chief of army general Alekseev, the commander of Petrograd military district general Kornilov and the commander of the Black Sea fleet vice-the admiral Kolchak gathered on Moika.

Alekseev reported that the army is unreliable, Kornilov confirmed - against the government show parts of capital garrison. Kornilov proposed the only solution - to use force against the reserve parts which stood in the city and stunned by continuous meetings. If to bring them out of the city and to replace with parts more reliable, there is a hope to hold a situation in hands.

Kolchak who reported that the Black Sea fleet remains still normal military unit told that to count on such situation fondly. It is necessary to consider besides growth of Little Russian nationalism and aspiration of certain scoundrels to take Sevastopol and fleet as a symbol of greatness of Ukraine …“

the Minister argued, military grew dark. Soon Guchkov gave the portfolio to the socialist Kerensky (who became history in a women`s dress), and Kornilov began to prepare mutiny. Kolchak started to hurry back, to Sevastopol.

“… He understood that plans of a victory in war are failed by his own chiefs. From this point he as if lost an internal core - a combination of hope and arrogance …“ we Will leave to

without detailed bible comments a mention of one of mortal sins (the arrogance of many brought to a sin, and not only persons of historical scale), and we will go further, towards archeology:

“- … You - please, far away from my group be engaged in a markheologiya in the archeology. My asker will not understand you. For them you either the profaner of graves, or the seeker of a treasure. They will kill the first as the bastard, the second - to take control of his riches. I do not know what type of death is more pleasant to you.

… Andrey obeyed Ahmet and transferred the archeological excavations far away from camp where asker did not come - on the waterless waste ground for Lastochkin a nest. There over the sea it found the base of a small structure and the remains of walls from carefully adjusted plates hidden by a prickly bush …

Despite uncertainty in the future and fragility of today on unusual loneliness in the walks, on the disorder reigning around, Andrey was unusually happy. The FEELING of HAPPINESS came from unusual, but clear feeling of pleasure of the person who found the vital occupation to which touch is necessary as love, as food. Happiness from an opportunity to dig in the shrunk earth, to get rusty pieces of iron and to fade in deep delight before a possibility of transformation of roundish edge of ceramics into the whole, remained vessel is inaccessible to other person.

Both the partner in life find, and a find of own work - the phenomenon, unfortunately, rare.

Exist families which are fastened by custom, a habit, duties, patience. Far less often families in which circumstances and time turned a duty into pleasure, submission to circumstances in the seeming freedom of choice meet. It as if the acquired, earned decades happiness. The same occurs and hardly. In most cases people suffer the work, expecting the pension moment as releases from slavery.

But is absolutely rare - and in the human unions, and concerning the person with work - the parties coincide as halves of the card which is broken off in half …“

Cyrus Bulychyov was the great Master - so zrimo, clear, boldly agree to show the MAIN THING in the most different phenomena and manifestations, it is given only great.

“… Perhaps, there is no other occupation on light which purpose would be in finding Unknown. Any scientist, the practician, can or describe words desirable result, or to represent it visually. But the archeologist dreams of what he does not know. All greatest opening in archeology consist in it.

Digging out tombs of Pharaohs, Carter could not know and did not even dare to dream of how the posthumous mask of Tutankhamun or ornament on its mummy looks. Whether Shliman imagined, moving off in searches of Troy what will find jewelry with which he will decorate the beautiful Elena? A half of the real archeologists would give up the occupation if they know precisely where and that will find.

Earlier work of the archeologist was hardly noticeable and close to a crime because archeologists were robbers of graves by orders of the grandees who are fond of antiquity. Now there are enormous institutes and expeditions, mass of the reference books and rules defining work of the archeologist … there is no

, not money and not monetary cost of objects concern the archeologist. Certainly, he is not deprived of a certain vanity and with interest reads in the newspaper the brisk reporting on a find in which it is reported that the vase found it and does not have the price, and something similar was sold at the Sotheby`s auction for two million dollars. But this secondary. The main moment in life - the culmination of his love to archeology passed far earlier - while Something else Unknown, but Improbable seemed from - under lands …“ we Will hold back

about which - what details. Further we, have friends a fatal meeting with professor Avdeev from the Moscow university:

“… It appears, professor stopped in Yalta on the way to excavation to Trebizond. He was invited on a visit by the empress Maria Fyodorovna knowing about it on pre-war times,

missing under house arrest on a country house Dyulber … Combining pleasant with useful, professor led the high-ranking acquaintances on excursion on vicinities of their manor to show the monuments to antiquity some forgotten, concealed in thickets and the Middle Ages for which the Crimea is so nice. Also it was necessary to meet the student Berestov on ruins! This meeting was to pleasant professor - means, it could put something important in soul of this young man if that even in such time continues to do favorite thing …“

We pass an episode on a country house - we remain only witnesses of its final:

“… The car of the empress was requisitioned by revolution so back to Yalta went on the carrier …

On a lap at Andrey the voluminous parcel which was brought to departure by the charming full-chested maid Natasha lay. As Maria Fyodorovna told at parting, these things remained after the Grand duke Gabriel Konstantinovich who here once lived. Andrey began to refuse, but nobody talked to him - to him ordered to consider a gift no more as friendly aid to the good person in hard times.

- I Hope, as we, weak women, we can count on your help, - the empress told, giving at parting a hand.

Andrey kissed dry cool fingers of the widow empress - nowadays disgraced, captivated woman without the rights and property, and said:

- I will be happy to give life for your majesty.

It did not mean at all that Andrey in an odnochastya became a monarchist. He remained the socialist and the supporter of equality of all people. But in one concrete case, so far as concerned Maria Fyodorovna, it receded from socialist positions and as the honest person felt as the knight Lancelot …“

in the Evening to a professorial couple Andrey came in a suit of the Grand duke. The suit was tight, and sleeves are longish.

“Having seen the guest, the princess Olga right there dragged it in number, there ordered to remove a frock coat and to read the last number of “The Russian old times“. Meanwhile she began to unstitch something and to alter because was the real wife of the archeologist - was able to sew, prepare, to tie up wounds, to bargain with suppliers and to swear at workers.

- to me needs the assistant clever, devoted to business, - professor Avdeev told and looked at the wife as if having dissuaded the text rehearsed in advance and forgot words further.

- But I do not know where you intend to go.

is the case second, - Avdeev hooted. - We go to Turkey to dig Trebizond. Trapezundsky empire. Something tells it to you?

- is A little. Byzantium, Middle Ages, queen Tamara...

- is Enough, - Olga told. - You passed examination“.

Now we “slip“ part of conversation in which the former student states local Robin to Goode - Oglou, that is friend Ahmet, about doubts - whether it is worth going?.

Ahmet understands that a certain enormous force pulls his companion on ancient excavation.

“- I you understand, - Ahmet told. - It is Turkey, the real country, great power - you should go there because any day you will be thrown out from there.

- You is serious?

- Is absolutely serious. After a cabinet crisis in Petrograd to any child, except you, it is clear that Russia cannot be at war any more. And finally revolution will be won by the one who will be able distinctly to prove to all country that it is not NECESSARY to be AT WAR. Now all this is understood, and nobody plainly can tell.

- Frankly speaking, Ahmet, all this is not really interesting to me.

- Then go to Trebizond. If only you do not intend to profane Islam graves. the Last phrase Ahmet told

quite seriously.

- Sorry, I did not tell you, - Andrey bethought. - All at all not as you think. When in 16 - m to year our troops took northern Turkey, there went professor Uspensky, he is a specialist in Byzantium, on Christianity. We look for the remains of the Trapezundsky empire. It was created by Georgians. Heard about the queen Tamara?

- Of course. It as the demon, it is artful and evil.

- I Promise you that we will not touch any Muslim shrine.

- Then go.