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What it, Malta?

Malta - the tiny rocky archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea which inhabitants it is proud call it the state. The biggest island of the archipelago - directly Malta, following in size - the island - the sister Gozo, conditionally Inhabited Island of Komino and several desert islands - Filfla, Kominotto and Saint Pavel`s island.

Speak when mood at God good, he draws the world three paints - blue, yellow and green. It seems that when Malta was drawn, the Lord had an excellent mood, and here green paint almost reached a limit. But yellow he did not regret, and blue just filled in everything around. Also the island from the fairy tale which entirely is built up with buildings from yellow sandstone, unusual color the blue sky and the azure sea turned out. And God spent the remains of green paint for palm trees on the embankment in Slim and on a thicket of cactuses in internal towns.

Malta is often called the state - a toy, by any criteria the country was not included in the list of the states - babies. The capital of Malta Valletta - the magnificent ancient city of palaces and the museums. Landscapes with views of Valletta - the hallmark of the state.

The population of Malta - about 415000 people. The country takes the third place in the world on population density, but there is no feeling of overpopulation on islands. There are a lot of places leaving feeling of a scope.

On Malta there is practically no crime, but a huge number of police officers who, apparently, just watch order which reigns around. By the way, on islands the prison is available - the state all-!

Everyday life on Malta - not resort paradise as can seem. On the island there are no sources of fresh water at all, all water for domestic needs turns out through desalination installations. There are no rivers, so there are also no power plants making the cheap electric power. Two thermal stations work at the brought fuel. Interruptions in power supply when shops count losses from the products which thawed in refrigerators are frequent. It is necessary to pay tribute to Maltese who, despite everything, very much love the island, are always smiling and friendly.

Difficulties of everyday life on Malta are quite compensated by the improbable number of entertainments.

Never-ending festivals, festivals, carnivals and fireworks wait for you on the wonderful island.

On Malta two state languages - Maltese and English, got in inheritance since the British colonization. Annually Malta accepts up to one million tourists, the majority of whom come to numerous schools of English. Maltese by right are proud of the hospitality.

Malta is full of the inexplicable charm which is covered in narrow medieval small streets, very tall rocks, ancient monuments and in general in the atmosphere of the island.

Speak, at visited Malta the incurable disease begins - maltit at which simplification comes only when you get into the plane of Ayrmalta airline going to Loit`s airport.

At once at the airport of Malta arriving are met by the model of an ancient megalith, reminding that quantity of ancient monuments per unit area in this country - the biggest in the world and, respectively, what to look on Malta at is available much. But for once everything will not manage to be seen, and therefore pulls to Malta again and again.