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Why to go to Malta?

Here sometimes ask questions! Generally, nobody by force drags anybody anywhere, but anyway all like to travel. And the reasons for a trip to Malta - weight.

First of all, fans of antiquities go to Malta. Statistically, on Malta per unit area it is necessary ancient monuments more, than anywhere. Only ancient megaliths there are 22!

And still there are caves, ancient military forts, monasteries, 365 operating temples, mass of palaces and the museums, couple of shrines to which attribute real miracles. In total it is necessary to manage to oblazit and photograph for few weeks! Even the famous scientist Muldashev did not keep - visited underground labyrinths of Malta. Than all others it is worse?

Malta - the country where English is state. A set of schools of English invite to study of students from around the world. Malta during the summer period turns into the real campus. And where students - there fun, discos, prevesely night life.

Infinite fun is promoted by the festivals which are constantly held on the island accompanied with hours-long fireworks.

Many tourists come to Malta in the winter specially on a carnival. The Maltese carnival on the beauty does not concede to the carnivals which are carried out in much larger countries of Europe.

In the spring, yet not hot, fans of boat races go to Malta. The competitions which are traditionally held on Malta are often called water analog of “Formula 1“.

All this roar of boat motors, a roar of fireworks, other noise and continuous fun, most likely, will not be pleasant to fans of quiet beach rest. And whether there is a sense to pay for a trip to Malta if just it is possible to be fried on a sand much cheaper in Turkey and Egypt?

However, Malta possesses enough comfortable beaches, want to bask in the sun on Malta - please. The majority of beaches here not sandy, but rocky, equipped with short flights of stairs for descent in the sea. Stones well get warm on the sun, will fry even better, than on sand!

Huge plus of the Maltese rocky beaches - sand from anybody after rest does not pour. Perhaps, so the effect of rejuvenation of positive emotions is shown including.

Rocky beaches but very much are pleasant to divers. Magnificent places for immersions, transparent sea water and any sights drowned especially for divers - all this in the underwater world on Malta is a lot of.

As it is strange, but the rocks of Malta do not accustom actively rock-climbers yet. Is what to think to athletes, difficult descents for trainings on islands of - to the top of the bent! Equestrian sport but on islands is popular. Here definitely what comes to nobody to mind!

With children it is worth going to Malta when they grow up to estimate delights of antiquities. But if you go with the small child, then it is necessary to choose hotel very carefully.

It is possible to go also to look after real estate on Malta. Malta - the residence for gourmets. Real estate prices here even after the entry of the country into the European Union are still lower than Moscow.

The wedding can become a reason for a trip to Malta also. To get married on Malta - in the country where divorces are not allowed, - what can be more romantic?